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  • Tanzania: 128 poachers arrested in one year

    TANZANIA, 2017/10/15 Tanzanian anti-poaching unit has arrested 128 poachers in central parts of the east African country for the completed one year, an official said on Saturday. Keneth Sanga, chief of central Tanzania’s anti-poaching unit, said that the suspected poachers were arrested in different parts of central Tanzania’s regions of Singida and Dodoma between 2016 and this year, according to Xinhua News agency.
  • 'If the land isn't worked, it decays': Tunisia's battle to keep the desert at bay

    TUNISIA, 2017/10/14 The dusty Peugeot rumbles along the road, parallel to the ancient aqueduct that once delivered water from the springs of Zaghouan in Tunisia’s Dorsal mountains to ancient Carthage, about 57km north. However, the waters around Zaghouan have long run dry and, if action is not taken any minute at this time, so may much of the land around it. It is not just Zaghouan. “Ninety-five % of the [arable] land is in the process of desertification,” explains Sarah Toumi, president and founder of Acacias for All, a social enterprise aimed at checking the descent of Tunisia’s countryside into arid desert. “There is less than 1% of fertile organic material left in the soil, meaning it’s really poor and can easily become desert. By 2030, it will all become a desert if we do nothing.”
  • Antigua and Barbuda PM Pleads for Debt Forgiveness To Help Hurricane Recovery Process

    ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, 2017/10/12 Faced with a bill expected to run into the millions to rebuild Barbuda which was rendered “uninhabitable” by Hurricane Irma before this month, Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made a strong case for deficit relief for the island. He painted a grim picture as he captured the attention of world leaders and officials at the UN General Assembly yesterday with a reminder that “for the initial time in over 300 years, there is no permanent resident of Barbuda.”
  • Controversial Tax Sapping Life Out of Barbados’ Renewable Energy Sector

    BARBADOS, 2017/10/12 The Barbados Government’s controversial hike in the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) has had the result of sapping vital energy out of this island’s renewable sector, a top official has reported. Vice President of Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA) Jerry Franklin told reporters during a BREA news conference that with the increase in the tax from two % to ten % on July 1, private sector investment in renewable energy systems had slowed noticeably over the completed two months.
  • Hurricanes Hit Sandals’ Tobago Plans

    TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, 2017/10/12 Hurricanes Irma and Maria have wreaked havoc on the planned construction of a mega Sandals resort in Tobago. The 750-room hotel project has been put on hold, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley confirmed at a press conference yesterday next holding talks with the business community on the country’s financial situation. He told reporters that negotiations for the project were well advanced and Sandals Chairman Gordon Butch Stewart was all set to wrap up the talks and sign a memorandum of considerate before this month at the same time as Hurricane Irma struck.
  • Rwanda: RDB's Good Problem - More Gorillas, Less Habitat

    RWANDA, 2017/09/11 Next a decade of conservation efforts, the people of the endangered rare mountain gorillas has grown by 26.6 %. But the size of their abode has at best remained the same with growing concerns that their habitat is actually getting smaller and smaller due to destructive human activity. Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the agency that leads the conservation efforts, is presently looking for sufficient accommodation for the mighty primates.
  • Mandatory evacuation order in Florida

    UNITED STATES, 2017/09/09 St. Petersburg, Florida, has been voted to have the nicest white sandy beaches in the United States, and along with the rest of Florida, this thriving tourism destination on Tampa Bay is in for a nightmare at the same time as Hurricane Irma hits at category 3 or 4 strength. The massive hurricane that has been barreling through the Caribbean, is expected to run up the east coast of Florida, which would mean tropical storm conditions along the west coast on Sunday. However, the bay area remains just inside the cone of uncertainty.
  • Pray for my island. Irma is hitting Cuba hard !

    CUBA, 2017/09/09 Pray for my island. Irma is hitting Cuba hard. I’m very protective of Cuba.The place I was born in, the place I love most, and my country. I hope everyone stays safe. These are some of tweets seen online while Hurricane Irma is lashing Cuba with strong winds and heavy rain next devastating several Caribbean islands. Upgraded from category 4 to category 5 Irma has no regret hitting the Caribbean Country. Irma hit the Camaguey Archipelago late on Friday, threatening nearby coastal towns and villages.
  • Why electric vehicles are closer than they appear

    WORLD, 2017/08/22 Tesla may have attracted the lion's share of media coverage at the same time as it started rolling out the Model 3 this month, but the revolution in cars had by presently begun part the world's major automakers. The transition to electric vehicles is well underway, and market saturation could come much sooner. Here's why. We are in the early stages of a revolution in automobiles. The widespread adoption of all-electric vehicles and of driverless, or autonomous cars, is much closer on the horizon than it appears.
  • Why Flooding in Nigeria Is an Increasingly Serious Problem in Nigeria

    NIGERIA, 2017/08/18 Before this year heavy rains and thunderstorms caused havoc in Lagos, Nigeria's economic nerve centre and one of Africa's most populous cities. Residents woke up in a lot of parts of the city to find their streets and homes flooded and their property, inclunding cars and other valuables, submerged. Pictures and videos later posted online showed dramatic and even bizarre scenes of flooding in the city, inclunding the capture of a crocodile in the floodwater. An extra video, which went viral, was one of a man kayaking in floodwater on one of the streets.