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  • Scientists rescue ice from melting Bolivian glacier – before it disappears

    BOLIVIA, 2017/11/29 A team of international scientists are transporting samples of ice from a melting glacier in Bolivia to Antarctica, for study and preservation before the glacier disappears. The international “Ice Memory” expedition of 15 scientists took samples from the glacier on Illimani mountain in the Andes and will store them in Antarctica at the French-Italian base of Concordia.
  • Green Court Tells Delhi Authorities To Discourage Roadside Parking

    INDIA, 2017/11/13 The National Green Tribunal has directed the Delhi government and the municipal corporations to ensure availability of appropriate parking facilities for cars and discourage road-side parking. A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar slammed authorities for not complying with its before orders to de-congest traffic and asked them to take steps in a holistic manner. "Why have you not created appropriate parking place for cars? You people are responsible for creating mess on roads by creating two-three lanes of parking. Why don't you cancel the agreement with contractors who abuse their terms. These parking people become officers and traffic police just watch them," the bench said.
  • Developing world says rich nations shirking on climate

    WORLD, 2017/11/13 The failure of wealthy nations to deliver on short-term climate commitments could hinder the rollout of a landmark treaty, a bloc of 134 developing nations, inclunding India and China, warned Thursday, November 9, at UN negotiations in Bonn. The diplomatic spat has underscored the difficulty of reaching a consensus at the 196-country talks.The diplomatic spat underscores the difficulty of reaching a consensus at the 196-country talks.
  • 几内亚比绍环境部长重申政府对垃圾回收的决心

    几内亚比绍, 2017/11/02 环境与可持续发展部长安东尼奥·塞里福·恩巴洛表示,政府正与相关公司合作,从德若格罗垃圾场回收垃圾,他认为垃圾解决将会给国家财政带来一定收入,而随意焚烧垃圾所形成的烟雾会引发哮喘、支气管炎和肺炎等疾病,严峻危害周围人群的健康。   位于比绍西部德若格罗垃圾场长年散发污染有毒气体,对周围居民生活造成严峻影响。
  • India’s Wildlife Trafficking Epidemic

    INDIA, 2017/11/02 No sooner had India wrapped up celebrations of its annual “Wildlife Week” (October 2-8) — spotlighting the richness and diversity of its flora and fauna — than the sensational conviction of a notorious group of Indian wildlife traffickers grabbed headlines. The gang was involved in smuggling the body parts of 125 tigers and 1,200 leopards. But what had animal activists up in arms was the disproportionately small punishment (four years in jail) meted out to the criminals compared to the magnitude of the crime they had committed.
  • Aluminium Capacity Cuts Announced in China’s Shanxi Province

    CHINA, 2017/10/26 The world aluminium market continues to be cautiously optimistic in the face of news from the People’s Republic of China that capacity cuts have been announced for cities outside the country’s 26+2 program. According to a notice posted Sunday on a local government website, administrators in the western Shanxi province city of Lüliang will any minute at this time be initiating mandatory seasonal alumina production cuts.
  • California fires cause $1B in damage, burn 7,000 buildings

    UNITED STATES, 2017/10/21 The wildfires that have devastated Northern California this month caused at least $1 billion in damage to insured property, officials said Thursday, as authorities increased the count of homes and other buildings destroyed to nearly 7,000. Both numbers were expected to rise as crews continued assessing areas scorched by the blazes that killed 42 people, a total that makes it the deadliest series of fires in national history.
  • Tanzania: 128 poachers arrested in one year

    TANZANIA, 2017/10/15 Tanzanian anti-poaching unit has arrested 128 poachers in central parts of the east African country for the completed one year, an official said on Saturday. Keneth Sanga, chief of central Tanzania’s anti-poaching unit, said that the suspected poachers were arrested in different parts of central Tanzania’s regions of Singida and Dodoma between 2016 and this year, according to Xinhua News agency.
  • 'If the land isn't worked, it decays': Tunisia's battle to keep the desert at bay

    TUNISIA, 2017/10/14 The dusty Peugeot rumbles along the road, parallel to the ancient aqueduct that once delivered water from the springs of Zaghouan in Tunisia’s Dorsal mountains to ancient Carthage, about 57km north. However, the waters around Zaghouan have long run dry and, if action is not taken any minute at this time, so may much of the land around it. It is not just Zaghouan. “Ninety-five % of the [arable] land is in the process of desertification,” explains Sarah Toumi, president and founder of Acacias for All, a social enterprise aimed at checking the descent of Tunisia’s countryside into arid desert. “There is less than 1% of fertile organic material left in the soil, meaning it’s really poor and can easily become desert. By 2030, it will all become a desert if we do nothing.”
  • Antigua and Barbuda PM Pleads for Debt Forgiveness To Help Hurricane Recovery Process

    ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, 2017/10/12 Faced with a bill expected to run into the millions to rebuild Barbuda which was rendered “uninhabitable” by Hurricane Irma before this month, Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made a strong case for deficit relief for the island. He painted a grim picture as he captured the attention of world leaders and officials at the UN General Assembly yesterday with a reminder that “for the initial time in over 300 years, there is no permanent resident of Barbuda.”