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  • Revealed: where are rents dropping fastest in Dubai?

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 2017/10/21 Average apartment rents fell 4 % during the third quarter of 2017, while annual comparisons showed a 12 % slump, according to a new statement. The Q3 Dubai Real Estate Statement from real estate consultancy Asteco showed that Dubai Marina posted the highest decline in rental rates at 19 %, compared to Q3 2016, followed by Downtown Dubai (18 %), Dubai Sports City (16 %) and Bur Dubai (16 %). It as well showed that average property prices in Dubai dropped by 4 % over the completed year, with Business Bay and Dubai Marina prices falling most. Asteco report shows average Dubai rents fall 4% in Q3 while property sales prices hold steady.
  • UAE firm inks JV to develop affordable homes in Bahrain

    BAHRAIN, 2017/10/21 UAE-based Nshmi International has signed a 50:50 joint venture agreement with a local private investment company to develop Bahrain’s initial integrated community that focuses on middle-gain living. The joint venture has announced the launch of Al Raffah Bahrain, which is set on an area of one square kilometre. Nshmi International signs joint venture to build homes targeting middle income living.
  • Sagicor Unveils Plans to Build its Biggest Ever Luxury Property

    JAMAICA, 2017/10/12 Financial powerhouse Sagicor Group Jamaica has rolled out plans to construct a mega luxury property – its biggest from presently on under the company’s hotel brand Jewel. The proposed US$200 million investment in an 800-room hotel on 26 acres of land in Montego Bay is the major to be developed by a local company.
  • Finance Ministry: Housing market slower in July

    ISRAEL, 2017/09/12 According to the chief economist, there were 16% fewer deals than in June and 9% fewer than in July 2016. The downtrend in residential real estate deals is continuing. Central Bureau of Statistics figures published yesterday showed a fall in the number of new housing units sold by contractors, and Ministry of Finance chief economist Yoel Naveh has published new figures today showing a further drop in deals in the sector.
  • 德国取代中国成为全球最大过剩经济体

    德国, 2017/08/23 根据国际货币基金组织(IMF)本周五发布的数据,2016年德国经常账户顺差为2890亿美元,占GDP比例8.3%,中国顺差降至1964亿美元,占GDP比例1.7%,德国取代中国成为全球储蓄第一大国,同时美国仍是全球经常账户逆差第一大国,其次是英国和加拿大。 IMF谈到,现时数据指出全球经常账户逆差越来越集中在几个全球重要的经济体,虽然现时失衡程度不如2008年金融危机前严峻,但有催生更多保护主义做法的危及。  
  • 越南房地产业已吸引外资超500亿美元

    越南, 2017/08/23 国际房地产咨询公司普遍认为,越南政治稳定、经济快速发展,使其房地产业对外来投资具有相当吸引力。 据计划投资部外资局统计,截至7月底,越南房地产业已吸引外资516.7亿美元,位居加工制造业之后。投入房地产的外资,首要是通过并购、参股实现,以外商雄厚资本和管理经验综合本土房地产企业拥有一手土地资源的形式展开合作。据观察,来自日本、韩国、新加坡、中国的大量外资正等待投入越南房地产业。
  • 阿曼星级酒店入住情况良好

    阿曼, 2017/08/22 根据阿曼国家信息与统计中心发布的数据,2017年1-6月,阿曼3-5星级酒店入住客人总计758601人,较2016年同期增长7%;酒店总收入增长3.3%,达到9724万阿曼里亚尔(1里亚尔约合2.6美元);酒店房间入住率从2016年同期的56.8%增长至57.5%。 欧洲客人为最大客源,达332505人,大幅增长36.1%;阿曼本国客人居次,达190737人;第三为其他海湾国家客人,总计78250人;亚洲国家、非海湾地区的阿拉伯国家、美国、东南亚国家依次列4-7位。
  • Improved liquidity, currency volatility can give Sub-Saharan Africa real estate markets a Boost

    KENYA, 2017/08/20 Real estate markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are seeing record levels of international capital inflow while a lot of markets in Sub-Saharan Africa are lagging behind. The new JLL Capital Markets research has identified liquidity and foreign exchange volatility as two key reasons impacting real estate capital flows into Sub-Saharan Africa real estate markets. A two-speed cycle appears to have evolved in emerging economies with some racing ahead and others lagging behind.
  • African real estate market still standing after tough 2016

    CASABLANCA, 2017/08/20 African real estate has had a tough year navigating diffcult economic conditions. Most investors on the continent remain private equity groups as opposed to long term investors or Real Estate Investment Trust ( Reit) investors. There have as well been currency problems in the likes of Nigeria and Zimbabwe. But 2017 could be better if commodity prices rise globally. "The continent gained traction last year, notably in the Hotel, Retail and Residential sectors. One hopes that, in 2017, there will be fewer economic and structural difficulties for African real estate," said Ortneil Kutama, Africa Property News Media Director.
  • Investors spooked by Property Regulations in Africa

    CZECH, 2017/08/20 The African real estate market needs stronger regulations and a additional reliable policy of law in order to attract investment in the continent — Africa Property has learned. Various large Listed South African funds feel African real estate is a long term game hindered by weak laws. They need recourse if something goes wrong.