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  • Innoson Motors To Export 400 Nigerian Made Vehicles To Mali

    MALI, 2017/10/19 According to Yara Abdulsalam, the Charge‘d Affair of Nigeria in Mali, a Nigerian motor manufacturing company, Innoson Motors, has signed MoU with a Malian firm to export 400 locally made vehicles to Mali. Speaking on Friday in Abuja, Abdulsalam made the announcement at the same time as he led a delegation of businessmen from Mali to visit the Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama. Abdulsalam pointed that during the week, Innoson Motors signed Memorandum of Considerate with Taxi Plus VIP, a Mali based transport company for the expansion of transport business in that country.
  • 罗IT公司为留住人才奇招频出

    罗马尼亚, 2017/10/18 罗高科技行业的人才危机渐渐凸显,很多IT公司为留住人才可谓绞尽脑汁,频出奇招,如为向引入新人的员工提供3000欧元的奖金等,但新员工必须通过公司的遴选程序。IT领域企业不仅依靠改良工资拼抢顶尖人才,还包含提供各种奖金等,某些公司甚至向高级管理人员和市场营销等员工提供宝马和Mini专车。 今年7月,罗信息和通讯领域的平均净工资为4690列伊(1031欧元),是平均工资水准2391列伊(525)的近两倍,但罗IT领域员工的工资比西欧国家低3-5倍。近年来IT从业者的需求越来越难以满足,公司如没有可观的奖励举措很难招聘到合适员工。 
  • 沙特保险代理人将实行100%沙特化

    沙特阿拉伯, 2017/10/18 近期沙特货币管理总局(SAMA)做出决议,要求保险公司于2018年2月1日之前在向个人销售保险产品领域实现100%沙特化,即雇佣沙特籍员工的比例必须达到100%,禁止非沙特人从事向个人出售、营销各种保险产品。   为有效降低失业率,沙特劳工部不断出台新的“沙特化”就业方案,通讯和汽车等领域已经相继实现100%沙特化,零售店女性配饰的销售领域还将逐步实现女性化。
  • 美国服务业9月份增长强劲,达12年来最好水平

    美洲, 2017/10/17 根据美国供应管理协会(ISM)当天发布的数据,美国9月份的服务业指数从上月的55.3大幅增至59.8,月度增幅为近12年来最好水准。服务业企业新增订单和商业活动有明显增加,就业有轻微改良,相关行业中的零售、房地产、医疗保健和社会救助、住宿和饮食服务等都实现增长,但采矿业和娱乐业出现下滑。 这一指数大幅增长意味着更好的经济增长潜力还有提供更多的就业岗位和薪酬,同时也指出出此前的飓风灾害并未影响美国经济稳定但迟缓的复苏。如果遵守9月份服务业指数进行换算,相当于当月的年化经济增长率可达4.2%,几乎是此前经济复苏阶段平均增幅的两倍。
  • Tesla Fires Underperforming Workers After Annual Evaluations

    UNITED STATES, 2017/10/16 Tesla Inc. has fired an undetermined number of employees following a series of performance evaluations next the company significantly boosted its workforce with the purchase of solar panel maker SolarCity Corp. The departures are part of an annual review, the Palo Alto, California-based company said in an email, without providing a number of people affected. The maker of the Model S this week dismissed between 400 and 700 employees, inclunding engineers, managers and factory workers, the San Jose Mercury News reported on Oct. 13, citing unidentified current and former workers.
  • Hyundai reveals next generation green vehicle

    SOUTH KOREA, 2017/10/15 Hyundai Motor Group unveiled its next generation fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) on Aug. 17 at a clean energy concept home built on the banks of Seoul's Hangang River. This new electric vehicle technology uses compressed hydrogen and a fuel cell to produce electricity that powers an onboard motor. Most of these vehicles are classified as zero emission cars that only emit water and heat. As such, they are seen as the next generation of environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • 南非金属工人协会呼吁将古普塔家族企业国有化

    南非, 2017/10/15
  • Novelis Sustainability Report Shows Firm is Well Ahead of Targets

    UNITED STATES, 2017/10/06 Aluminium rolled and recycling firm Novelis, Inc. released its 2017 Sustainability Statement yesterday. The firm boasted the succcess of several sustainability targets up to two years ahead of schedule. According to the statement, Novelis increased the use of high-recycled metal content inputs by 55 % and reduced water usage to 2.7 cubic meters per metric ton of aluminium produced, both of which were targeted for completion by the year 2020. Novelis credits the accomplishment to a financially-stout year inclunding the implementation of increased operational efficiency and technical innovation across the company’s two dozen plants worldwide.
  • Global Chemicals Production Continues On Solid Pace

    UNITED STATES, 2017/10/06 The American Chemistry Council’s World Chemical Production Regional Index (World CPRI) shows that increase in world chemistry during August continued on a solid pace but was weighed down by effects of Hurricane Harvey. World chemicals production rose 0.4 % in August, easing from a 0.5 % gain in July, as measured on a three-month moving average (3MMA) basis. During August, production increased in Western Europe, Africa & the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region but was soft elsewhere. The World CPRI was up 3.1 % year-over-time(Y/Y) on a 3MMA basis and stood at 111.5 % of its average 2012 levels in August.
  • Michigan Aluminium Firm Invests US$10.5 Million In New 2,000T Extrusion Press

    UNITED STATES, 2017/10/06 Michigan aluminium firm Superior Extrusion, Inc. announced before this week that it will be installing a third aluminium extrusion press at its plant in the Upper Peninsula. Superior’s CEO Brad Couture told local media on Monday that a new 75,000ft2 expansion of the plant’s existing building will hold the third press. The firm currently boasts a 1,650-short-ton 7” Farrel press and a 2,500-short-ton Youngstown press. All in, the project is expected to require an investment of US$10.5 million and is expected to be complete by November 2018.