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  • 'Europe failed to give Africa the attention it deserves'

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2017/11/30 EU recently launched the European External Investment Plan, aimed at raising at least 44b Euros in private equity by 2020, the major ever investment scheme for Africa. The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has delivered a fairly devastating critique of the union’s policies towards Africa, saying Brussels had failed to give the world’s poorest continent the attention it deserved. “Often we looked the other way, heedless of the emergencies – humanitarian or linked to climate, security or stability – which Africans have to transaction with each day,” said Tajani.
  • Dubai positions self as hub for Africa investment

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 2017/11/29 Experts at the opening of Dubai's fourth World Business Forum on Africa said the continent's 54 nations require tens of billions of dollars in investment . African officials, inclunding four heads of national, convened with international CEOs at a summit Wednesday in Dubai, part of its push to position itself as a link for huge potential investments on the continent. "We are looking at the fastest growing economy of the world ... Six out of the top 10 fastest growing economies are just next to us in Africa," said the president and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hamad Buamim.
  • UK could pay £50bn Brexit divorce bill after bowing to EU pressure

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2017/11/29 Senior European official says that Britain ‘wants approaching along with the money’ but the EU needs to see the fine print. The UK has bowed to EU demands on the Brexit divorce bill in a move that could result in the UK paying £50bn to Brussels, in an attempt to get France and Germany to acknowledge to move negotiations to trade. Non-stop behind-the-scenes negotiations have led to a broad agreement by the UK to a gross financial settlement of £89bn on leaving the bloc, although the British expect the final net bill to be half as much.
  • France's Macron outlines new approach to African policy

    FRANCE, 2017/11/29 French President Emmanuel Macron has outlined a new approach to relations with Africa as he begins a regional trip starting with Burkina Faso. He said he was "from a generation that would not tell Africans what to do". He as well said he would declassify secret French files on the former colony's assassinated leader, Thomas Sankara. Mr Macron is on a three-day trip in West Africa, taking in Burkina Faso, a European-African summit in Ivory Coast and Ghana.
  • Why Brexit could be Europe’s last chance to build a stronger union

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2017/11/25 Current political discourse suggests that the European Union’s negotiating position is so strong that the UK will be forced into making painful and embarrassing concessions. But European over-confidence is misplaced, and the political and economic consequences of a “No transaction” are additional harmful to Europe than is commonly imagined. In this guest post, Christopher Jackson warns that a failure to use Brexit to reform the EU, would be a wasted opportunity and a critical threat to the union’s longevity.
  • How the drive for North American energy independence could save NAFTA

    CANADA, 2017/11/25 The original 1993 agreement excluded rules and regulations for the energy sector largely because Mexico still had a nationalized energy industry. However, current President Enrique Peña Nieto enacted in 2014 that opened up the industry to private and foreign investment . The renegotiation of NAFTA therefore presents an opportune time to harmonize the three nations’ large and diversified energy industries. Theoretically, this would create an entire region of energy independence and affordable and reliable access to fuel.
  • Chinese official expresses concern over political unrest in Pakistan

    CHINA, 2017/11/22 A top Chinese official has expressed concern over the prevailing political instability in Pakistan that could negatively impact the pace of the projects started under the ambitious USD 50 billion CPECBSE -4.45 % initiative, according to a media statement today. The Chinese delegation expressed weariness during the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) conference held here yesterday.
  • U.S. Israel-India Business Forum: Dialogue of Equals

    INDIA, 2017/11/22 Not five months have passed since India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Israel. But that trip appears to not only have pumped new lifeblood into the flagging flow of trade and data between the two nations but as well in their nationals elsewhere in the world. Though there cannot be a comparison between India and Israel in terms of size and people. There is immense scope in terms of working together as India is emerging as an economic powerhouse with a large market and on the other hand Israel has reckoned for its technological advancements, innovation and startup ecosystem.
  • 2018年老挝宏观经济增长不低于7%

    老挝, 2017/11/22 老挝国会通过政府2018年经济社会发展计划,2018年经济增长不低于7%,将实现出口50.15亿美元,进口49.78亿美元,人均年收入2536美元。农林业将增长2.8%,工业增长9.1%,服务业增长6.4%,进口关税增长9%,分别占GDP的15.73%,30.79%,41.83%和11.65%。 2018年将使4833户家庭脱贫,占全国贫困家庭的5.67%(全国还剩66139户家庭未脱贫)。2018年老挝政府果断不同意将计划外的、未进行评估的和已通过评估但效益低的项目列入政府投资计划。
  • 日本单月对华出口额创出新高

    日本, 2017/11/22 阿拉斯加航空公司(Alaska Airlines)发布将于2018年1月22日停运从洛杉矶至哈瓦那的每日直飞航班。该航线于2017年1月5日开通,是第一条直接连接美国西海岸和古巴的航线。    该公司代表透露,上述航线80%的乘客均以教育类意图采取“个人自由行”方式访问古巴。然而上周美国政府紧缩对古政策,取消了该类别的出行许可。鉴此,阿拉斯加航空公司认为,以后已无必要保留现行航线。这同时也意味着今后在美国加利福尼亚州与古巴之间将不存在直飞航线。   至此,阿拉斯加航空成为第四家官方发布取消赴古航线的美国航空公司。此前,银色航空公司(Silver Airways) , 边疆航空(Frontier Airlines), 精神航空(Spirit Airlines)三家公司陆续发布退出古巴市场,其它多家公司亦纷纷缩减对古业务,而美联航(American Airlines)、捷蓝航空(JetBlue)也为减少航班空座率而改用较小机型。