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  • In pictures: Kenyatta sworn in for a second term

    KENYA, 2017/11/30 Kenyatta's calls for unity echo those he made throughout an election campaign in which he as well launched searing attacks on the judiciary and opposition. President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday vowed to be the leader of all Kenyans and work to unite the country next a bruising and drawn out election process that ended with his swearing-in. "I will devote my time and energy to build bridges, to unite and bring prosperity," he said as he started his second term faced with a large portion of the people that rejects his election outright.
  • Saudi Crown Prince’s purge: bold but risky

    SAUDI ARABIA, 2017/11/29 Analysts warn purge could trigger backlash particularly as Prince Mohammed seeks to consolidate his control over security services. With his sweeping royal purge, Saudi Arabia's next king has upended a decades-old system of governance adopted by previous rulers in what analysts describe as a bold but risky power play. Dozens of political and business figures were arrested at the weekend in what Saudi authorities have dubbed an anti-corruption swoop, inclunding billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, while powerful royals such as the national guard chief were sacked.
  • Queensland election: LNP preferences likely to give Rockhampton to Labor

    AUSTRALIA, 2017/11/29 Victory for Labor’s Barry O’Rourke would bring the party close to the 47 seats needed to form a majority . Labor is on course to win the central Queensland seat of Rockhampton, bringing Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government a step closer to the majority it needs to remain in power. Independent candidate Margaret Strelow on Wednesday conceded defeat, next Liberal National party preferences went to One Country and swung the seat to Labor’s Barry O’Rourke. It would bring Labor’s total confirmed seats to 45, two shy of the 47-seat majority in the new 93-seat parliament. Ms Palaszczuk does not want to have to again rely on the cross bench, which will be larger and additional varied next the election.
  • Chaos in Kenya as President Kenyatta sworn in, with police clashing with supporters and opposition groups

    KENYA, 2017/11/29 Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for a second term on Tuesday in what some hoped would be the end of months of election turmoil, which Kenyatta said stretched the country “almost to the breaking point”. But violence continued, with at least one person killed as police fired rifles and tear gas to break up a large opposition gathering. During and next Kenyatta’s inauguration, police elsewhere in the capital, Nairobi, tried to stop the opposition from holding demonstrations to mourn dozens killed by police and militia since the original election in August. A witness said one person was shot dead, and opposition leader Raila Odinga was shoved into his vehicle amid clouds of tear gas any minute at this time next he called Kenyatta’s presidency illegitimate.
  • Mugabe wept after 'chameleons' forced him to resign

    ZIMBABWE, 2017/11/27 Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe cried and lamented “betrayal by his lieutenants” at the same time as he agreed to step down last week under pressure from the military and his party next 37 years in power, the Standard newspaper said in its Sunday edition. President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former Mugabe loyalist, was sworn in on Friday and attention is focused on whether he will name a broad-based government or select figures from Mugabe’s era.
  • Italy’s new election law: a primer

    ITALY, 2017/11/25 Italians will vote for their next government in 2018 in a newly-approved electoral system, the so-called Rosatellum Bis. How will it affect the next elections in Italy? Which political party will benefit from the new electoral system? There is no other democratic country in the world which has experienced additional political instability than Italy. Compared to Lebanon, a country which has had an average of 1.1 government crises per year in the period 1970-2013, Italy has registered a figure of 1.2 per year. During the majority recent legislative period alone (2013-2018), there have been three different governments because no party or coalition has had enough seats to govern. This political instability produces uncertainty and fragility, and damages the effectiveness of the government.
  • What Game Theory can teach us about the Catalonia crisis

    SPAIN, 2017/11/25 Next the arrest of several Catalan ministers and the exile of the rest in Belgium, the situation remains tense and the ultimate outcome unclear, pending December elections in the region. Marc Hernando Santacana argues that game theory can help. Game of Chicken The escalations of events, starting from the Referendum on 1 October until the self-exile of Catalan President Carles Puigdemont in Brussels, fits the mold of the so-called Game of Chicken perfectly. According to this model, two or additional players are in a car race. Obviously, both of them want to win. However, next the finish line there is a cliff, into which neither of the players wants to fall. The players can either accelerate or to brake. If both players accelerate all the way to the finish line they will fall; if one of them accelerates and the other one brakes the former will win; and if both of them brake, they will tie. Essentially, it’s a game of escalation.
  • How Mugabe's wife became the reason for his downfall

    ZIMBABWE, 2017/11/22 President Robert Mugabe's breakdown was caused by the ambitions of his combative wife Grace, whose emergence as his likely successor proved a step too far for Zimbabwe's military, analysts say. Grace Mugabe -- 41 years younger than her husband -- was once dismissed as a lightweight shopping addict.
  • 黎巴嫩业界知识产权保护意识加强

    黎巴嫩, 2017/11/22 黎巴嫩商标法在该国独立前即有之,1946年1月31后有所修改。根据国际海关组织和国际商会等权威机构数据,全球贸易中7%~8%的商品是侵权假冒的,每年为全球贸易带来约5120亿美元的损失。 黎巴嫩中小企业居多,面临的知识产权侵权情况相应较多,为了防止商标、专利被冒用,也防止侵犯其他企业的知识产权,黎巴嫩企业界需加强保护知识产权的意识。现时,黎巴嫩法律系统正逐步加深对侵犯知识产权案件的重视及惩戒程度。
  • 中国向叙利亚提供紧急粮食援助交接仪式举行

    叙利亚, 2017/11/22 11月20日,中国驻叙利亚大使齐前进、经商参赞崔彬与叙利亚拉塔基亚省长易卜拉欣·萨利姆、叙红新月会总干事乌萨马·比塔尔共同参加在拉塔基亚港召开的中国向叙提供紧急粮食援助交接仪式。叙利亚通讯社、《十月报》、《祖国报》等叙主流媒体进行了现场采访报道。