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  • Bahrain wins $200m boost to manufacturing sector

    BAHRAIN, 2017/10/21 Additional than $200 million worth of investment into Bahrain’s manufacturing and logistics sector was attracted in the initial half of this year, according to the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB). Bahrain Economic Development Board says investment to create 1,000 jobs over three years. It said the investments are expected to create approximately 1,000 jobs over the next three years in the Gulf kingdom. The increase follows a substantial increase in the number of international businesses looking to use Bahrain as a hub to access and seize the regional opportunities offered in the GCC market and beyond, the EDB said in a statement.
  • Amazon Considering Delivering Stuff To Your Car Trunk

    UNITED STATES, 2017/10/12 Online retailing behemoth Inc. (AMZN) is looking at ways to solve problems related to unattended delivery by considering delivering items due to a customer's home or car. As customers increasingly shop online, retailers are grappling with the growing headache of dealing with delivered products getting damaged by bad weather or being stolen by so-called "porch pirates," people who specialize in stealing packages from people's porches. CNBC reported, citing a person familiar with the transaction, that Amazon is in advanced talks for a partnership with Phrame, a maker of "smart" license plates that will allow items to be delivered to a customer's car trunk.
  • 新加坡6月份制造业产值大涨13.1%

    新加坡, 2017/07/27 新加坡6月份制造业产值比去年同期大涨13.1%,这也是制造业产值连续第11个月扩张。而且,与前一个月相较,6月份制造业产值涨幅较5月份的5%有所扩大。 新加坡经济发展局今天发布的数据指出,若不包含波动性较大的生物医药业,制造业产值增长11.9%。经季节性调整后,制造业产值环比上扬9.7%;若不包含生物医药业,产值则是增长4%。在各个领域中,电子业的增幅最明显,同比增长25.5%。这首要由半导体业推动,产值同比增加37.4%。精密工程业增长5.3%,其中半导体相关器材的出口需求提升,提振机械与系统行业增长。生物医药业增长18.3%。部分是来自医药业产值增加21.4%。 其他领域方面,化学领域增长9.4%,首要是由其他化学和化工业所带动。交通工程则增长4.6%,首要增长来自航空和陆地交通业。一般制造业下跌5.3%,这领域所有行业所呈下滑,包含餐饮和烟草业下滑3.2%。
  • 越南美资光伏设备生产基地重启

    越南, 2017/07/27 由美国FIRST SOLAR集团投资、位于胡志明市古芝县东南工业区的光伏生产基地在停顿多年后重启。该项目2011年1月获越南政府颁发投资许可证,投资额12亿美元,占地44公顷,同年3月开工建设。开工8个月后,投资商因全球光伏设备供求失衡而公布暂停施工建设并寻求转让未果。 两个月前,FIRST SOLAR集团重新启动该项目,可望不久安装设备,投资3亿美元的首期生产线将投入运营,太阳能板年产能250兆瓦量,产品首要供出口。待许可投资额全部完成并达产后,该基地年出口额可达20亿美元。近期,与该项目配套的投资项目已陆续提交投资申请,可望带动一批相关产业和设施投资。FIRST SOLAR集团以后在越南的产品被视作与全球对手在多晶硅光伏设备领域竞争的首要武器。
  • U.S. Manufacturing Index Drops More Than Expected In April

    UNITED STATES, 2017/05/03 Increase in U.S. manufacturing activity slowed additional than expected in the month of April, the Institute for Supply Management revealed in a statement released on Monday. The ISM said its purchasing managers index dropped to 54.8 in April from 57.2 in March, although a reading above 50 still indicates increase in the manufacturing sector. Economists had expected the index to dip to 56.5.
  • 欧盟自行车行业2015年数据发布

    白俄罗斯, 2017/01/02 根据欧洲自行车行业联合会的报道,2015年,欧盟自行车产量为1315万辆,其中产量较大的几个国家依次为意大利(234万)、德国(218万)、葡萄牙(121万)、波兰(94万)、保加利亚(94万)、罗马尼亚(90万)。2015年欧盟汽车零部件市场总值16.9亿欧元,占据较大市场份额的分别是意大利(4.7亿欧元)、罗马尼亚(3亿欧元)、德国(2.98亿欧元)、法国(1.7亿欧元)、葡萄牙(0.93亿欧元)。自行车销量方面,总销量为2075万辆,销量较大的国家依次有德国(435万)、英国(351万)、法国(300万)、意大利(165万)、波兰(119万),罗马尼亚销量只有40万辆。电动自行车方面,总销量为135万辆,首要销售国家为德国(53万)、荷兰(28万)、比利时(14万)、法国(10万),罗马尼亚仅1000辆左右。欧盟自行车行业就业人口约3万人,其中罗马尼亚从业人员约1600人。
  • Namibia: Donkey Meat Abattoir Planned for Okahandja

    NAMIBIA, 2016/10/19 Local company Agrinature plans to set up a donkey meat abattoir at Okahandja, documents released as part of the environmental impact assessment showed yesterday. The company is owned by Namibian and Chinese investors. Agrinature said it intends to open an abattoir at Okahandja's northern industrial area, and activities which will take place at the abattoir include the slaughtering inclunding processing of donkey meat. "The intended abattoir will be operated in a warehouse that is readily available," the company said.
  • Iran manufactures its first VTOL drone

    IRAN, 2016/08/28 Iranian army unveiled the country’s initial homemade vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone on August 27, during a ceremony attended by Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan. The drone dubbed "Roham", which is capable of photogrammetric data acquisition, does not require a runway for take-off and landing, Tasnim news agency reported on August 27. It can be used in hard areas in mountainous and jungle terrain inclunding maritime missions to conduct aerial surveys.
  • Iranian, French carmakers enter joint venture deal

    IRAN, 2016/07/24 Iranian automaker SAIPA on Thursday signed a joint venture transaction with French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroën to build and sell vehicles for its Citroen brand in the country, IRNA reported. Chief Executive Officer of SAIPA Mehdi Jamali and Seyyed Mohmmad Ali Seyyed Abrishami an official from the Iranian automotive group inked the transaction in the presence of Iran's Minister of Industries, Mines, and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh.
  • 德国5月制造业营业额环比下降0.8%

    德国, 2016/07/11 据德国联邦统计局数据指出,2016年5月经过季节和工作天数调整后的德国制造业营业额环比降低1.3%,4月该数据环比增长0.8%。5月,德国国内制造业营业额环比降低0.9%,与外国客户营业额环比降低0.8%。