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  • President Koroma with China’s president Xi Jinping. China is Sierra Leone’s leading trading partner

    CHINA, 2017/05/28 In a fast-changing world political environment, Sierra Leone’s strong relationships with both East and West set it in good stead for the next. With membership of the Commonwealth and friendly ties with China both to its chance, the country’s government presently seeks to open new avenues of collaboration and investment . As China seeks to widen its sphere of influence within Africa, its relationship with Sierra Leone, which counts the Asian powerhouse as its major trading partner, has been elevated to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Co-operation.
  • 中国驻安哥拉大使呼吁更好投资环境

    中国, 2017/01/23 中国驻安哥拉大使礼拜四在梅农盖说,安哥拉政府应努力加强该国的投资环境,并加以改良以吸引更多外国公司。 崔爱民短暂访问库班戈时说,中国将在农业、酒店、旅游和基础设施建设方面投资该省,但他没有提供数字。 据安哥拉通讯社报道,中国大使访问库班戈,与该省领导讨论合作的可能性。
  • 圣多美和普林西比与中国确定合作领域

    中国, 2017/01/23 中国访问团代表周兆明公布,圣多美和普林西比与中国周四在圣多美开始确定农业、卫生、能源和基础设施等优先领域的合作流程。 中华人民共和国商务部西亚和非洲司司长周兆明率领一个中国多部门代表团访问圣普,在与该国总理会面后公布上述事项。 中国代表团团长说,“我们已经开始确定与圣多美和普林西比合作框架的首要领域,”他谈到农业、健康、能源和基础设施是优先领域。
  • São Tomé and Príncipe and China define areas of cooperation

    CHINA, 2017/01/23 São Tomé and Príncipe and China began on Thursday in São Tomé the process of defining the areas of cooperation with priority for agriculture, health, energy and infrastructure, announced the representative of the Chinese mission in the archipelago, Zhou Zhaoming. The Director General of the Department of West Asia and Africa of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Zhou Zhaoming, who heads a multi-ministerial delegation to the archipelago, made the announcement at the end of an audience granted to him by the Prime Minister of São Tomé and Príncipe.
  • Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership Sierra Leone-China intensify relations

    CHINA, 2016/12/24 Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma’s recent trip to China to discuss intensifying relations and to express his country’s appreciation for the timely Chinese support in its fight against the Ebola virus outbreak – and against which backdrop Mr Koroma awarded President Xi Jinping the highest national honor – has resulted in various significant agreements and both sides committing to scale up cooperation at bilateral and multilateral levels.
  • 赵彦博大使赴有关中资企业承建项目调研

    中国, 2016/11/25 新任驻博茨瓦纳大使赵彦博赴正太集团承建博茨瓦纳创新中心项目、中土集团承建博茨瓦纳国防军士兵宿舍项目调研,经商处李智参赞陪同。
  • 赵彦博大使会见博茨瓦纳中资企业协会负责人

    中国, 2016/11/25 驻博茨瓦纳赵彦博大使会见博茨瓦纳中资企业协会负责人周西华、王连生等,商务参赞李智陪同。周西华向赵大使讲解了中资企业协会工作情况和打算,同时对使馆的一贯支持表示感谢。
  • Africans View China’s Presence on the Continent as Positive

    CHINA, 2016/11/04 The majority of Africans are in favor of Chinese development on the continent, according to a new statement titled “China’s Growing Presence in Africa Wins Largely Positive Popular Reviews” by the Afrobarometer Research Network. “Almost two-thirds or 63 % of Africans say China’s influence in the continent is “somewhat” or “very” positive, while only 15 % see it as somewhat or very negative,” the statement states. Trade between Africa and China has increased from $10 billion in 2000 to $220 billion in 2014. In 2000, China established the Forum on China-Africa Co-operation to drive its strategic engagement with sub-Saharan Africa. Since again, the communist country has been the go-to world economic resource for African nations in need of products and services ranging from infrastructure and telecommunication development, to food outlets, retail shops, and textiles.
  • 中非合作迈开转型升级新步伐

    亚洲, 2016/09/13  新华社广州9月8日电(记者王攀、陆芸)为期两天的第二届对非投资论坛8日落下帷幕。在本届大会上,中非企业签署了包含航空、电力、轻工制造在内的一批投资合作协议,项目金额超过25亿美元;同时也有一批合作项目进行初步洽谈,达成新的合作意向。   日益从政府主导向企业投资和融资合作为主转型,从一般商品贸易向产能合作和加工贸易升级,从工程承包日益向基础设施运营、工业园区建设经营、金融服务等中高端领域迈进,中非合作结构正出现这些转型升级新变化。
  • China Condemns Japan for Sowing Discord between China, Africa

    CHINA, 2016/09/06 A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that Japan wanted to sell its own intentions to African nations and had attempted to sow discord between China and Africa. Spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a daily news briefing that the Tokyo International Conference on African Improvment(TICAD), held in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi on August 28, should be a multilateral platform for exchanges and cooperation with the aim of supporting African development. However, Japan tried to derail the summit schedule by discussing the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) reform and maritime security issues, which caused discontent part the representatives of African nations, she said.