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  • Uzbekistan to construct new mining and metallurgical complex

    UZBEKISTAN, 2018/01/15 Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has approved the plan of measures in connection with the construction of a mining and metallurgical complex based on the Tebinbulak deposit. The new complex will be built by 2024. Its capacity will be up to one million tons of steel products per year.
  • Official Numbers Show Another Drop in China’s Aluminium Production in November

    ASIA, 2018/01/07 According to numbers released late last week, aluminium production by smelters in the People’s Republic of China fell from presently on again in the year’s penultimate month from last year. The National Development and Reform Commission said on Thursday that November’s total aluminium output came to 2.35 million metric tons, which was a drop of 16.8 % from the country’s total aluminium output in November 2016. Perhaps contributing to aluminium’s fall off was that of alumina, production of which the Middle Kingdom lagged in as well. Refiners churned out 4.86 million metric tons, which was off by 22.1 % from last year. November’s production total was a 19-month low, dipping to depths not plumbed since the country refined 4.87 million metric tons of the aluminium precursor in April 2016.
  • Altech Raises A$17 Million for High-Purity Alumina Project via Successful Share Placement

    MALAYSIA, 2017/11/01 Australian innovator Altech Chemicals Ltd. announced yesterday the successful placement of A$17 million in shares. The firm says that it garnered US$17.2 million in commitments for approximately 122.9 million fully-paid ordinary shares. Altech says the share placement featured an issue price of US$0.14 per share and would be used to continue work on its flagship project, the pursuit of high-purity alumina.
  • United States Government Assesses Duties of Up To 162% on Chinese Aluminium Foil Imports

    CHINA, 2017/11/01 United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced on Friday that the Commerce Department came to a preliminary determination that aluminium foil exports from the People’s Republic of China sold their wares in the U.S. that resulted in preliminary dumping margins of between 97 % and 162 %. The Commerce Department says that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will any minute at this time be collecting cash deposits from Chinese importers at the preliminary dumping margins described. The preliminary determination handed down Friday is the result of a petition filed by the Aluminum Association Trade Enforcement Working Group several months ago.
  • Norsk Hydro Mulling Ramp Up of Capacity at Husnes Aluminium Smelter

    CHINA, 2017/11/01 Citing efforts by the People’s Republic of China to clamp down on runaway aluminium capacity, Norwegian aluminium smelter Norsk Hydro A.S.A. is considering firing up aluminium smelting capacity that has been shuttered since 2009. In an interview with Reuters, Hydro’s Chief Executive Svein Richard Brandtzæg revealed that his firm is weighing the possibility of ramping up output at its aluminium smelter in the western Norwegian city of Husnes by 95 thousand metric tons per annum. The plant’s capacity upon ramp up would again total around 185 thousand metric tons per annum he said.
  • Hyundai reveals next generation green vehicle

    SOUTH KOREA, 2017/10/15 Hyundai Motor Group unveiled its next generation fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) on Aug. 17 at a clean energy concept home built on the banks of Seoul's Hangang River. This new electric vehicle technology uses compressed hydrogen and a fuel cell to produce electricity that powers an onboard motor. Most of these vehicles are classified as zero emission cars that only emit water and heat. As such, they are seen as the next generation of environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • Global Chemicals Production Continues On Solid Pace

    UNITED STATES, 2017/10/06 The American Chemistry Council’s World Chemical Production Regional Index (World CPRI) shows that increase in world chemistry during August continued on a solid pace but was weighed down by effects of Hurricane Harvey. World chemicals production rose 0.4 % in August, easing from a 0.5 % gain in July, as measured on a three-month moving average (3MMA) basis. During August, production increased in Western Europe, Africa & the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region but was soft elsewhere. The World CPRI was up 3.1 % year-over-time(Y/Y) on a 3MMA basis and stood at 111.5 % of its average 2012 levels in August.
  • Smartphones made in India? Manufacturing ambition hits hurdles

    INDIA, 2017/10/03 India's ambitions to become a smartphone-making powerhouse are foundering over a lack of skilled labor and part suppliers along with a complex tax regime, industry executives say. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has championed a manufacturing drive, under the slogan 'Make in India', to boost the sluggish economy and create millions of jobs. Part the headline-grabbing details was a plan to from presently on make Apple (APPL.O) iPhones in India. Three years on, as executives and bureaucrats crowded into a Delhi convention center for an inaugural mobile congress last week, India has managed only to assemble phones from imported components.
  • Analysts Say China-Backed Aluminium Recovery May Soon Slow

    CHINA, 2017/09/29 A study released this week by a China-based private analyst predicts that the recovery in the aluminium market fostered by Beijing’s attempts at supply-side reform may any minute at this time wane. The China Beige Book, which is a quarterly survey of over three thousand Chinese businesses and 160 banks in almost three dozen different industries, reports that commodities firms in the Middle Kingdom are greeting the Chinese government’s campaign to clamp down on rampant overcapacity with a healthy dose of skepticism. The study notes that, despite numbers released by Beijing, in general capacity in the aluminium market has experienced a net rise for the last six consecutive quarters.
  • China embraces smart factory technology in manufacturing arms race with Germany, Japan

    CHINA, 2017/09/23 Faced with rising labour costs owing to its shrinking labour force, China has by presently overtaken Japan as the world’s major industrial robot market. Industrial robot sales in China this year are estimated to reach US$4.2 billion, according to the Chinese Institute of Electronics. But a lack of core technology means the country has been highly dependent on foreign supply. Imports from well established overseas major producers such as Swedish-Swiss firm ABB, Germany’s Kuka, and Japan’s Fanuc and Yaskawa Electric account for additional than 60 % of all robots bought by Chinese manufacturers.