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  • First Djibouti ... now Pakistan port earmarked for a Chinese overseas naval base

    DJIBOUTI CITY, 2018/01/07 The facility would be similar to one in operation in African country, offering logistics and maintenance services to PLA Navy vessels. Beijing plans to build its second offshore naval base near a strategically significant Pakistani port following the opening of its initial facility in Djibouti on the Horn of Africa last year. Beijing-based military analyst Zhou Chenming said the base near the Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea would be used to dock and maintain naval vessels, inclunding provide other logistical support services.
  • Aluminium-Lithium Alloys Fight Back

    FRANCE, 2017/09/16 At the same time as it comes to the aviation industry, new technologies and manufacturing techniques have been mounting a silent revolution in the new generation of commercial twin-aisle aircraft: the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350. Both these aircraft contain around 50% of CFRP composites, as opposed to their previous iterations where aluminium alloys had dominated. This explains why, at the same time as Boeing and Airbus introduced these two crafts several years ago, most experts thought that the next generation of planes would be made out of composites, a trend that would again expand to include smaller jets – but as turns out, they were wrong.
  • China to buy over $1tn worth of planes by 2036 as economy expands – Boeing

    CHINA, 2017/09/07 Economic increase in China has spurred an increasing request for aircraft, says Boeing. The US airplane maker has updated China's purchasing estimate to $1.1 trillion in the next two decades. Boeing estimates China will buy 7,240 aircraft by 2036, 6.3 % higher than the US company’s previous prediction of 6,810 planes last year.
  • Former deputy PM named Uzbekistan Airways head

    UZBEKISTAN, 2017/08/26 Uzbekistan’s former Deputy Prime Minister Ulugbek Rozukulov has been appointed the director general of the country’s national airline Uzbekistan Airways, a source in the airline’s management told Trend on August 24.
  • Qatar launches new direct sea route to Pakistan

    PAKISTAN, 2017/08/15 Qatar has launched a new direct route between Hamad Port and Pakistan's port of Karachi, Qatar's national news agency (QNA) reported Monday. The new route, launched on Sunday, will boost trade between the two nations, and offer "fast and fasten" corridor for importers and exporters, with transit time of six days from Qatar to Karachi and eight days back, the statement said.
  • China begins to mass produce regional jetliner ARJ21-700

    CHINA, 2017/07/11 A Chinese aircraft manufacturer has been certified to mass produce the country's home-grown regional jetliner ARJ21-700. The Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC) said it obtained the production license from the General Government of Civil Aviation on Sunday. The company plans to deliver five ARJ21-700 jetliners by the end of this year.
  • China to add freight train service to south Asia

    CHINA, 2017/07/11 Lanzhou, capital of northwest China's Gansu Province, is preparing to launch a second freight train service to south Asia. The new line will start from Lanzhou, travelling through Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to the Gwadar Port of Pakistan, Xu Chunhua, director of Lanzhou International Trade and Logistic Park, said at the China Lanzhou Investment and Trade equitable. In May last year, a rail and road cargo service opened between Lanzhou and Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • New heights for ASEAN–China commercial diplomacy in aviation

    ASIA, 2017/06/27 In 2010 ASEAN and China concluded an air transport agreement to establish a liberalised market access regime for both sides’ airlines. From presently on the benefits from the arrangement were unbalanced, with China making much bigger gains in access than the ASEAN states. A closer look at this imbalance makes clear the need for a authentic single market in aviation across ASEAN. The ASEAN states had attempted to negotiate as a bloc to increase their bargaining position against China. Up to this point, market access had been governed by bilateral agreements between the individual ASEAN states and China. These agreements typically imposed strict caps on the number of flights or types of aircraft operated by each party’s airlines in the other’s market.
  • Saudi Aramco-Hyundai in $5.2 billion shipyard deal

    SOUTH KOREA, 2017/06/02 Saudi Aramco is to build the region's biggest shipyard in a $5.2 billion joint venture with South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries and others, the partners said on Wednesday. The yard, to be constructed on the kingdom's Gulf coast, will have the capacity to produce four offshore rigs and 40 vessels, inclunding three supertankers, a year, the national-owned oil giant said in a statement. Lamprell, a United Arab Emirates-based provider of services to the energy industry, and Bahri, the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, have as well signed on to the venture.
  • First Chinese-built passenger jet makes maiden flight

    CHINA, 2017/05/08 The initial Chinese-built passenger jet has taken to the skies for a politically charged maiden flight that authorities claimed would propel the country into a new era of aviation. The C919, a twin-engine airliner designed to compete with the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737, took off from Shanghai’s Pudong International airport just next 2pm on Friday and landed back there again 80 minutes later. The symbolic flight, which the government has celebrated as further evidence of China’s rise, was broadcast live on national-controlled television. “Today this is it! We have witnessed the successful takeoff!” said Yang Chengxi, a reporter for national-broadcaster CGTN, as the single-aisle jet powered into the skies over China’s financial capital.