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  • Green Court Tells Delhi Authorities To Discourage Roadside Parking

    INDIA, 2017/11/13 The National Green Tribunal has directed the Delhi government and the municipal corporations to ensure availability of appropriate parking facilities for cars and discourage road-side parking. A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar slammed authorities for not complying with its before orders to de-congest traffic and asked them to take steps in a holistic manner. "Why have you not created appropriate parking place for cars? You people are responsible for creating mess on roads by creating two-three lanes of parking. Why don't you cancel the agreement with contractors who abuse their terms. These parking people become officers and traffic police just watch them," the bench said.
  • Developing world says rich nations shirking on climate

    WORLD, 2017/11/13 The failure of wealthy nations to deliver on short-term climate commitments could hinder the rollout of a landmark treaty, a bloc of 134 developing nations, inclunding India and China, warned Thursday, November 9, at UN negotiations in Bonn. The diplomatic spat has underscored the difficulty of reaching a consensus at the 196-country talks.The diplomatic spat underscores the difficulty of reaching a consensus at the 196-country talks.
  • India’s Wildlife Trafficking Epidemic

    INDIA, 2017/11/02 No sooner had India wrapped up celebrations of its annual “Wildlife Week” (October 2-8) — spotlighting the richness and diversity of its flora and fauna — than the sensational conviction of a notorious group of Indian wildlife traffickers grabbed headlines. The gang was involved in smuggling the body parts of 125 tigers and 1,200 leopards. But what had animal activists up in arms was the disproportionately small punishment (four years in jail) meted out to the criminals compared to the magnitude of the crime they had committed.
  • Aluminium Capacity Cuts Announced in China’s Shanxi Province

    CHINA, 2017/10/26 The world aluminium market continues to be cautiously optimistic in the face of news from the People’s Republic of China that capacity cuts have been announced for cities outside the country’s 26+2 program. According to a notice posted Sunday on a local government website, administrators in the western Shanxi province city of Lüliang will any minute at this time be initiating mandatory seasonal alumina production cuts.
  • UN environment chief urges China to do more on climate

    CHINA, 2017/08/12 The world’s biggest polluter China has a “large job” ahead of it in the world fight against climate change, the UN’s environment chief said on Wednesday. Since US President Donald Trump’s decision in June to quit the Paris agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Beijing has proclaimed its willingness to stick to the pact. Analysts say the US move gives China an opportunity to establish its credibility and strengthen its diplomatic clout ahead of next negotiations.
  • China energy regulator raises targets for curbing coal-fired power

    CHINA, 2017/08/03 China's energy regulator on Monday said it was raising its targets for curbing coal-fired power capacity over the next few years, as the world's No.2 economy continues its drive against pollution. The National Energy Government (NEA) said in a statement on its website that the country would cut 20 gigawatts of outdated capacity between 2016 and 2020, in addition to its before goal of reining in coal-fired power projects set to be built or currently under construction by 150 GW.
  • Sri Lanka seeks international assistance as monsoon death toll reaches 113

    SRI LANKA, 2017/05/29 Death toll from recent landslides and floods, triggered by monsoon, in Sri Lanka has reached 113, as the island country has sought international assistance. The national-run disaster management center, while updating the death toll from an before figure of 91, said on Saturday that nearly 100 people were still missing next the worst torrential downpours since 2003 drenched the tropical Indian Ocean island country.
  • Dealing with the ‘loss and damage’ caused by climate change

    WORLD, 2017/05/14 Scaling down our emissions and building resilience against climate change can only take us so far. Some negative impacts and damages are now unavoidable. The inevitable consequences of human-caused climate change have collectively come to be known as “loss and damage”. First emerging decades ago as a relatively obscure plea by small island states, loss and damage has now gained recognition as the third pillar of international climate policy, after mitigation and adaptation. But turning the concept of loss and damage into something more tangible for countries bearing the brunt of extreme weather or rising seas has proved more fractious.
  • Greentech building Japan Sekisui House: Building by example with zero-energy housing

    HONG KONG, 2017/03/04 Leading the greentech building revolution is Japanese firm Sekisui Home, the world’s number one constructor of zero-energy houses, whose CEO was the only private sector representative to take part in a roundtable discussion on Low-carbon and Affordable Buildings at the COP22 U.N. Climate Change Summit in November Innovative Japanese-made products have made Japan a world leader in environmental technologies, from top selling green vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, to energy-saving paint developed by companies like NCK. Presently you may be familiar with zero emission vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, but what about zero-energy houses? As the name implies, a zero-energy home (ZEH) uses energy-saving technology and solar power to reduce net energy consumption to zero.
  • Turkmenistan intends to sign the Paris climate agreement

    FRANCE, 2016/08/28 Turkmenistan intends to sign the Paris climate agreement, the Turkmen government said August 27. According to Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s decree, Rashid Meredov, Turkmen foreign minister, deputy chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, will sign the document.