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  • It’s going to take 217 years to close the global economic gender gap

    WORLD, 2017/11/03 For the initial time since the World Economic Forum’s records began in 2006, the world gender gap is widening again. The data make for depressing reading. Each year, the WEF ranks 144 nations in its World Gender Gap Index to see how they compare on four “pillars”: economic participation and opportunity, education, political empowerment, and health and survival. The WEF crunches numbers from the world’s most respected institutions, such as the International Labour Organization, the UN Development Program and the World Health Organization, inclunding WEF’s own perceptions survey.
  • Thailand's Royal Funeral

    THAILAND, 2017/11/02 Last week, hundreds of thousands of people from around the country came to pay their last respects to beloved late King Bhumibol in Bangkok. The country’s longest-reigning monarch — whom a lot of consider to be a father figure — was bid farewell in a lavish ceremony in the country’s capital on Thursday, marking an end to the year of mourning and additional than a year since his passing on October 13, 2016. In the days leading up to, and instantly following, the Royal Cremation of Thailand’s late King Bhumibol, it is estimated that additional than 350,000 people from around the country made their way to Sanam Luang (the Royal Palace) in Bangkok. Due to the size of the crowds expected, some of those wishing to pay their respects to the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history came days in advance in order to fasten access to areas closest to the Royal crematorium.
  • How to protect your portfolio in times of crisis

    NORTH KOREA, 2017/08/21 Last week, everyone held their breath while U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un traded verbal fireworks. The president threatened to rain fire and fury the like of which the world has at no time seen onto the rogue national. Not to be outdone, the North Korean leader took the unprecedented step of unveiling a plan to launch missiles to within a few kilometres of Guam, a major U.S. military outpost in the western Pacific. Markets shuddered as the war of words escalated. Stocks from Wall Street to Hong Kong tumbled while gold ratcheted higher, as it always does in times of high drama. Was this to be the Cuban missile crisis of our generation?
  • Singapore launches new strategy for human resource industry

    SINGAPORE, 2017/07/11 Singapore launched a new manpower plan for the human resource industry on Monday, to help strengthen the human resource profession and better support businesses to transform and grow, the Straits Times reported. The new strategy covers three areas, namely training and internship programmes for human resource professionals; mentorship programmes, free advisory services and an online resource portal for businesses and employers; and an outsourcing scheme for the human resource industry.
  • The Macau people

    MACAU, 2014/05/15 The Macau people totalled 614,500 people at the end of the initial quarter of 2014, which was a rise of 7,000 people compared to the same period of 2013, the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau said. In the initial three months of the year Macau registered 1,637 births and 543 deaths. At the end of the initial quarter of 2014 there were 145,600 non-resident workers in Macau, which was a quarterly increase of 7,800 people.
  • Census figures show Philippines failing to tackle rampant poverty

    PHILIPPINES, 2013/04/29 The Philippines has failed to make headway in cutting rampant poverty, with additional than one in four citizens deemed poor despite the country's economic increase, according to census figures released Tuesday. The July 2012 poverty rate of 27.9 % is practically unchanged from 2006 and 2009 data, according to the National Statistical Coordination Board.
  • Macau’s population totals 582,000 people at end of 2012

    MACAU, 2013/03/07 The estimated people of Macau at the end of 2012 was 582,000 people, an increase of 4.4 % against 2011, the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC) said.