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Primary Education

Education is compulsory and free in Guinea between ages 7 and 13. Unfortunately as is the case in so a lot of third-world nations, this dream is seldom realized completely. The initial 6 years of the program take place at primary school, although in practice a lot of rural children at no time even get this far. Those who do though, are rewarded with a Certificat ďEtudes Primaires Elémentaires.

Middle Education

A far smaller number of pupils go on to secondary education. The initial 4 years of this take place at lower secondary school, and continue to be academic in nature. They culminate in an examination for the Brevet ďEtudes du Premier Cycle Certificate.

Secondary Education

The final 3 years of the Guinean 11-year sub-tertiary education system are spent at academic upper secondary schools, but only by those young people fortunate enough to have parents with the money for their fees, and who are prepared to support them voluntarily for an extra 3 years too. A lot of who make it thus far obtain passes at the final Baccalauréat Deuxième Partie examinations, that herald the end of secondary education in a poverty-stricken land.

Vocational Education

There is little formal industry in Guinea, and hence little formal vocational training either. Local crafts and trades are significant though, although skills are passed on by masters without formal skills themselves.

Tertiary Education

The primary tertiary education institution in the country is the National University of Equatorial Guinea that was founded in 1995. While its major campus is in Malabo, the School of Medicine is in Bata.

Other Schools in Malabo itself include those of Agriculture, Fishing, Education, Business & Engineering, and a Social Sciences School where Communications, Languages, Law and Political Science are taught. Education unfortunately remains a privilege reserved for the children of the urban rich, whose poorer brethren are part the lucky few, if they find a menial job there.

Education System in Guinea

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