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  • Developing world says rich nations shirking on climate

    WORLD, 2017/11/13 The failure of wealthy nations to deliver on short-term climate commitments could hinder the rollout of a landmark treaty, a bloc of 134 developing nations, inclunding India and China, warned Thursday, November 9, at UN negotiations in Bonn. The diplomatic spat has underscored the difficulty of reaching a consensus at the 196-country talks.The diplomatic spat underscores the difficulty of reaching a consensus at the 196-country talks.
  • Tanzania: 128 poachers arrested in one year

    TANZANIA, 2017/10/15 Tanzanian anti-poaching unit has arrested 128 poachers in central parts of the east African country for the completed one year, an official said on Saturday. Keneth Sanga, chief of central Tanzania’s anti-poaching unit, said that the suspected poachers were arrested in different parts of central Tanzania’s regions of Singida and Dodoma between 2016 and this year, according to Xinhua News agency.
  • 'If the land isn't worked, it decays': Tunisia's battle to keep the desert at bay

    TUNISIA, 2017/10/14 The dusty Peugeot rumbles along the road, parallel to the ancient aqueduct that once delivered water from the springs of Zaghouan in Tunisia’s Dorsal mountains to ancient Carthage, about 57km north. However, the waters around Zaghouan have long run dry and, if action is not taken any minute at this time, so may much of the land around it. It is not just Zaghouan. “Ninety-five % of the [arable] land is in the process of desertification,” explains Sarah Toumi, president and founder of Acacias for All, a social enterprise aimed at checking the descent of Tunisia’s countryside into arid desert. “There is less than 1% of fertile organic material left in the soil, meaning it’s really poor and can easily become desert. By 2030, it will all become a desert if we do nothing.”
  • Rwanda: RDB's Good Problem - More Gorillas, Less Habitat

    RWANDA, 2017/09/11 Next a decade of conservation efforts, the people of the endangered rare mountain gorillas has grown by 26.6 %. But the size of their abode has at best remained the same with growing concerns that their habitat is actually getting smaller and smaller due to destructive human activity. Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the agency that leads the conservation efforts, is presently looking for sufficient accommodation for the mighty primates.
  • Why Flooding in Nigeria Is an Increasingly Serious Problem in Nigeria

    NIGERIA, 2017/08/18 Before this year heavy rains and thunderstorms caused havoc in Lagos, Nigeria's economic nerve centre and one of Africa's most populous cities. Residents woke up in a lot of parts of the city to find their streets and homes flooded and their property, inclunding cars and other valuables, submerged. Pictures and videos later posted online showed dramatic and even bizarre scenes of flooding in the city, inclunding the capture of a crocodile in the floodwater. An extra video, which went viral, was one of a man kayaking in floodwater on one of the streets.
  • Sierra Leone Declares Seven-Day Mourning After Mudslide Tragedy

    SIERRA LEONE, 2017/08/18 Sierra Leone's government has declared seven days of mourning for victims of Monday's deadly flooding and mudslide tragedy. The country's national flag will fly at half-mast from today to Tuesday (Aug 16 - 22), the government said in a statement in which it as well called for a minute of silence at midday on Wednesday in honour of the 300 people who died in the capital Freetown. According to government figures, the death toll stands at 297 and includes 109 children, 83 women and 105 men. Data deputy minister Cornelius Deveaux said the figure is based on a body count at the city's major morgue at Connaught hospital.
  • "Deaths and devastation" in Sierra Leone mudslide saddens UN chief

    SIERRA LEONE, 2017/08/15 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was "saddened" on Monday by the mudslide and flooding in and near Freetown, Sierra Leone, where officials say at least 300 people have died and at least 2,000 people left homeless. "The Secretary-General is saddened by the deaths and devastation caused by the mudslide and flooding in the town of Regent, Sierra Leone, and throughout Freetown," the capital, said Farhan Haq, Guterres' deputy spokesman. "The Secretary-General extends his condolences to the people and Government of Sierra Leone for the loss of life and destruction caused by this natural disaster."
  • Farmers pushed off their land to save Tanzania's Great Ruaha River

    TANZANIA, 2017/07/18 Gazing at the exposed, rocky bottom of the Great Ruaha River, known as the jewel of Tanzania, Rosemary Kasenza ponders what the next holds for her family presently that there is no longer enough water for her crops. "I am worried because it's the dry season and I don't have enough food to feed my children," she said. Kasenza grows potatoes, maize, onions and bananas on 3 hectares (7 acres) of land in the fertile Ruaha basin in southern Tanzania. She says she used to have no problem irrigating her crops but presently the river flow slows to a trickle in the dry season.
  • Men and Women Farmers in Benin Are Responding Differently to Climate Change

    BENIN, 2017/07/17 As climate change brings with it increased extreme weather events, one of the pressing issues for Africa's farmers will be how to address these challenges. One dimension to be factored in is that men and women farmers are responding to the pressures differently. The Conversation Africa's Samantha Spooner asked Grace Villamor about her research on gender-specific responses by farmers in Benin. How are extreme weather events affecting farmers in Benin? Volatile climatic conditions and dwindling natural resources have been cited as the reason for persistent emigration from Benin to other West African nations.
  • Nigeria: 30 States Could Experience Flooding, Govt Warns

    NIGERIA, 2017/07/14 The Federal Government has commiserated with all Nigerians on the damage caused by recent floods across the country, particularly in Niger and Lagos States. The Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu, conveyed the government's sympathy at a news conference on Wednesday in Abuja. He said that about 30 states and over 100 local government areas, which had been categorised as high flood risk areas, could expect flooding this year.