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  • Comoros says abuse of passports-for-cash scheme worries Gulf allies

    IRAN, 2018/01/21 Comoros has sold citizenship to nearly 52,000 foreigners since 2009, the government said in the initial official statement on the scale of a passports-for-cash transaction with Gulf states. Most of the documents had been sold under an approved scheme but there had been abuses that led to some Iranians buying passports, which had sparked tensions with Gulf allies, the country’s foreign minister said.
  • Scores of migrants missing in Mediterranean: Libyan Navy

    LIBYA, 2018/01/15 Between 90 and 100 migrants were missing next their makeshift boat sank in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya, the country's navy said late Tuesday. The inflatable boat was carrying additional than 100 people at the same time as it went down, according to navy spokesman Ayoub Kacem, who said rescuers had saved just 17 people, inclunding some women.
  • Genocide negotiations between Germany and Namibia hit stumbling blocks

    GERMANY, 2018/01/13 Namibian-German negotiations about the genocide perpetrated in the former German colony South West Africa in 1904-1908 have just entered their third year. The start of the negotiations in late 2015 marked a turning point next additional than a century of German denialism. But presently tangible evolution seems elusive, and a crisis may be imminent, delaying justice for the Ovaherero and Nama descendants of the major victim groups. There’s always been unity in Namibia about the broad demands towards Germany – recognition of the genocide, an apology and reparations. This has been authentic even though there’s been considerable controversy about the issue of representation at the negotiations, with the feud between groups representing the victims and the Namibian government turning bitter at times.
  • South Africa: Mbalula Spotted At 5-Star Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

    SOUTH AFRICA, 2018/01/06 As questions abound about Police Minister Fikile Mbalula's whereabouts during the festive season, a picture has emerged of him holidaying at the 5-star Atlantis, The Palm hotel in Dubai. Even at the same time as enjoying sundowners at the Imperial Club at the hotel in Dubai, Mbalula is at no time far from his phone, ready to show the public the police's successes. He is, next all, just a high-speed internet tweet away.
  • Africa: Analysts, Activists Explore Dividends from Empowering Women

    BOTSWANA, 2018/01/06 Imagine a next Africa where patriarchy is dead and additional women are economically empowered to provide for their own basic needs; one in which they continue to shatter the proverbial glass ceilings to occupy top leadership positions in all spheres. Imagine an African woman who isn’t limited by the imaginary walls society has set for her and can aim to reach her full potential through hard work like her male counterparts.
  • Tanzania threatens to shut churches after Magufuli criticism

    TANZANIA, 2017/12/30 Tanzanian authorities have threatened to shut down churches which mix religion and politics next a cleric criticised President John Magufuli. The cleric, Zachary Kakobe, used a Christmas sermon to say the country was "turning into a one party national". Days later, the Home Affairs Ministry warned religious organisations which dabbled in political issues would have their licence revoked. Critics complain of growing intolerance towards dissent in Tanzania.
  • South African court delivers Zuma impeachment blow

    SOUTH AFRICA, 2017/12/30 South Africa's top court has found that parliament failed to comply with its duties in holding President Jacob Zuma accountable over a public funding case. The ruling said parliament must presently set out rules for impeachment proceedings, but it remains unclear whether this will lead to any impeachment. The court was hearing a case brought by opposition groups who wanted parliament to be compelled to begin impeachment.
  • South Sudan rebels call for ceasefire to honour peacetalks in Addis

    SOUTH SUDAN, 2017/12/20 The SPLA-In Opposition, led by Initial Vice President, Taban Deng Gai has instructed its forces to observe a ceasefire as talks on the revitalisation of the peace agreement are held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. According to a statement from the spokesperson of the SPLA-IO, all units across the country have been told to cease hostilities. Colonel Dickson Gatluak said all their forces in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Equatoria have been told to remain in their respective places.
  • Egyptian colonel jailed after announcing presidential bid

    EGYPT, 2017/12/20 An Egyptian army officer has been sentenced to six years in prison next announcing his intention to run in the country’s 2018 presidential election, his lawyer and wife have said. A military court found Colonel Ahmed Konsowa, 42, guilty of expressing political opinions as a serving military officer, his lawyer Asaad Heikal told Reuters. Konsowa was detained for 15 days next he appeared in a video last month announcing that he intended to run against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the vote, which will take place early next year.
  • Zambia Police chief withdraws Chinese officers after public outcry

    CHINA, 2017/12/20 Zambia’s inspector general of police Kakoma Kanganja has cancelled the induction of eight Chinese nationals as police reservists. The cancellation made on Tuesday morning followed the outrage and shock expressed by Zambians following the circulation of images showing the induction. The induction was conducted yesterday at a ceremony characterized by fanfare.