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  • Monrovia in the spotlight: can this fragile city ever really replace 'Ma Ellen'?

    LIBERIA, 2017/10/14 Since the civil war, Liberians have known only one leader: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who helped transform the ruined capital. Presently some observers worry that this month’s election could undo Monrovia’s evolution. For nearly 30 years, the city of Monrovia has lurched from crisis to crisis. The Liberian civil war culminated in a 2003 siege that destroyed much of the city centre, while riots during the Ebola crisis – in response to an ill-conceived quarantine of West Point, one of its poorest neighbourhoods – garnered international headlines. Lost amid the bad news is the fact that the city has made a slow but impressive recovery. Today Monrovia is a fairly bustling place. The burnt-out high rises and shell-pocked roads have been substantially repaired. The streets are safer than they have been in a generation, and as the Ebola crisis recedes, the markets and cafes are returning to normal. Thriving music and food scenes suggest it is on the rise.
  • Uganda age limit repeal law referred to parliamentary committee

    UGANDA, 2017/10/05 A law amending Uganda’s constitution to allow ageing leader Yoweri Museveni to extend his policy was introduced in parliament on Tuesday, at a session where nearly all its opponents were either barred or remained away in turmoil. Museveni, 73, has ruled Uganda since 1986. He is as from presently on ineligible to seek re-election in the next polls in 2021 because the existing constitution places an age ceiling of 75 on anyone aspiring to the presidency. The bill brought to parliament would remove the age hurdle.
  • Togolese are fed up! Gnassingbe Jnr must go now – Opposition chief

    TOGO, 2017/09/09 One of the leading opposition figures in Togo, Jean-Pierre Fabre, has fired a warning to embattled president of the country imploring him to quit or face additional protests. “He has to leave presently. We will not accept him staying any longer. The Togolese are fed up,” leader of the National Alliance for Change is quoted by Reuters to have said.
  • Rwandan police arrest Diane Rwigara, family members

    RWANDA, 2017/09/05 Police in Rwanda have arrested Diane Shima Rwigara, a prominent government critic, charging her with forgery and tax evasion.
  • Africa: U.S. State Department To Get Experienced Diplomat in Key Africa Post

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/30 Donald Yamamoto, who has extensive diplomatic experience in Africa inclunding two tours as a U.S. ambassador, will take office as Acting Assistant Secretary of National for Africa on 5 September. He is the second career official tapped for a senior policy position on Africa in the Trump government.Donald Yamamoto, who has extensive diplomatic experience in Africa including two tours as a U.S. ambassador, will take office as Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Africa on 5 September. He is the second career official tapped for a senior policy position on Africa in the Trump administration. Senior CIA analyst Cyril Sartor was hired as senior director for Africa at the National Security Council earier this month Key Africa jobs at the Defense Department (DOD) and the U.S. Agency for International Development remain vacant. "Having someone with Don Yamamoto's experience in that post is very significant," Mel Foote, Constituency for Africa president, told AllAfrica. "As Africa confronts a lot of challenges, we want to see responsible U.S. engagement in partnership with African governments and civil society organizations."
  • Senegal restores its ambassador to Doha

    DAKAR CITY, 2017/08/27 Senegal has announced that it has reappointed its ambassador to Qatar, who had been recalled amid Gulf crises triggered by the cut-off of ties between Doha and four Arab states. “Senegal has decided to send its ambassador to Doha back to Qatar,” tweeted Ahmed bin Saeed Al Rumaihi, Director of the Data Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Senegal on August 22.
  • Qatar closes Chad embassy in Doha

    QATAR, 2017/08/26 Qatar’s Foreign Ministry has announced the embassy for Chad was closed in retaliation for Chad’s decision to cut diplomatic ties. Doha gave personnel 72 hours to leave the country. The emirate had decided "to close the Embassy of the Republic of Chad in Doha and to give diplomats and embassy staff 72 hours to leave the country," said Qatari Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Saeed al-Rumaihi, Daily Sabah reported.
  • The city that won't stop growing, Lagos

    NIGERIA, 2017/08/21 A thick layer of acrid, blue smoke hovers just above the waterfront slums that skirt Lagos lagoon, filtering out sunrise and sunset.This man-made mist that clings to the rusted shack rooftops comes from the countless fish-smoking cabins that drive the slum economy. There’s an uninterrupted view of the city’s dramatic sprawl of poverty from the road bridges that carry daily commuters between the islands and the mainland.Fishing and sand-dredging boats drift to work, heading deep into the lagoon. A lot of of the slums’ wooden huts are on stilts, others are just basic shacks shoddily built on the unstable ground of trodden-down rubbish dumps.
  • Italy to send new ambassador to Egypt year after recalling ex-envoy

    ITALY, 2017/08/15 Italy will send a new ambassador to Cairo next recalling its former envoy additional than a year ago following the death of an Italian student found in Egypt's capital, spokesman for Egypt's foreign ministry said on Monday. In a phone call, the Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano told his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry that Italy was willing to send Ambassador Giampaolo Cantini to Cairo, Ahmed Abu Zaid, Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement.
  • Ethiopia Lifts State of Emergency Imposed in October

    ETHIOPIA, 2017/08/07 Ethiopia's government has lifted a national of emergency imposed in October next hundreds of people were killed in anti-government protests demanding wider political freedoms. Politicians voted to end the measure on Friday, with officials saying the country has fewer security issues.