Energy in Mozambique

  • How to boost private sector investment in Africa’s electricity infrastructure

    BOTSWANA, 2017/06/15 A new World Bank statement has called for increased private sector investment in Africa’s under-developed electricity transmission infrastructure, a vital ingredient for reaching Africa’s energy goals. The statement which was made available to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday by the World Bank indicated that Africa lags behind the rest of the world at the same time as it comes to electricity, with just 35 % of the people with access to power and a generation capacity of only 100 GW. According to the statement those who do have power typically consume relatively little, face frequent outages and pay high prices.
  • China grants loan to Mozambique for power transmission line

    CHINA, 2015/07/23 China will grant a loan of US$400 million to Mozambique, the all outstanding for the construction of a second power line for energy transmission from the centre to the north of the country, a government spokesman said Tuesday in Maputo. Mouzinho Saide, who is as well Mozambique’s deputy health minister, said next a Cabinet conference that the US$400 million loan had been secured but according to daily newspaper Notícias, he did not mention either the date on which the loan will be granted or its conditions. At the conference the government of Mozambique analysed ratified, part other things, the loan agreement concluded on 11 June, by which the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) offered to provide US$200 million dollars for the transmission line that will link Chimuara, in Zambézia province, and Nacala, in Nampula province, over a route of just over 600 kilometres.
  • Mozambique’s port of Nacala, Mozambique to start exporting coal

    MOZAMBIQUE, 2015/07/21 The new Nacala-a-Velha coal terminal, in Mozambique’s Nampula province, has received 50 tons of coal, and this is the initial time coal will be exported from this port, said the director of the Nacala Integrated Logistics Corridor. This corridor includes a 900-kilometre railway between Moatize and Nacala-a-Velha, crossing through part of Malawi, costing an estimated US$4.4 billion and is the result of a partnership between Brazilian group Vale and Mozambican national port and railway company CFM. José Ottoni, director of the Nacala Integrated Logistics Corridor, said the Interior Minister Jaime Basilio Monteiro, visiting Nampula province, said legal procedures were underway to bring the initial ship to Nacala, because the vessel is licensed to load from the port of Beira.
  • Dam in Mozambique produces more electricity in the 2nd quarter

    MOZAMBIQUE, 2015/07/19 The production of electricity in Mozambique by the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam in the second quarter totalled 4,245 gigawatts hours (Gwh), exceeding by 6 % the target set of 4,002 Gwh, Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) said in a statement. HCB as well said the good performance of generating and power transmission equipment as a result of implementing the annual maintenance plans had as well contributed to the better-than-expected production level.
  • Mozambique’s energy resources with a high potential

    MAPUTO CITY, 2015/05/14 Opportunities for exploring natural gas and other energy resources will continue to appear in Mozambique and the growing interest in energy seems to still “have a lot to give,” according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. In its new statement on Mozambique, the EIU noted that the 12 new blocks for natural gas exploration that the authorities plan to auction off at the beginning of next year are adjacent to those in which “world class” discoveries were made estimated to total 130 trillion cubic feet. This round, it said, was an extra significant step in the development of the new and prolific Mozambican energy sector and the blocks on offer may contain new and larger resources.
  • Mozambique: All District Capitals Electrified By End of Year

    MAPUTO CITY, 2014/12/14 The capitals of all of Mozambique's 128 districts will be electrified by 31 December, according to Energy Minister Salvador Namburete, cited in Friday's issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”. He was speaking in Macossa, in the central province of Manica, on Thursday, during the ceremony at which this district capital was connected to the national grid. An identical ceremony took place before in the day in Nhacolo, capital of Tambara district. Namburete said that only four districts remain to be electrified - Massangena and Chicualacuala in Gaza province, Maringue in Sofala and Nipepe in Niassa. Work is under way in all four of these small towns, and it is expected that the electrification projects will be completed by the end of the year.
  • The power production capacity of the Temane thermal power plant

    MAPUTO CITY, 2014/02/13 The power production capacity of the Temane thermal power plant, in Mozambique’s Inhambane province, is due to increase from 6.6 megawatts to 11.6 megawatts to meet request in the northern part of the province, according to a statement in Mozambican newspaper Notícias. The work, which began in mid 2013, is due to end in April and includes installation of a further two generator groups by power company Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM), using funding of US$9 million from Sweden. According to the chairman of EdM, Augusto de Sousa Fernando, the work will ensure that the power plant will continue to provide electricity to districts in the north of Inhambane province inclunding one district in Sofala province over the next five years.
  • Power Restored to Most Nampula Districts Mozambique

    MOZAMBIQUE, 2014/01/14 The Mozambican electricity company, EDM, has announced the restoration of power supplies to most of the areas in the northern province of Nampula where torrential rains and high winds knocked down pylons on Tuesday and Wednesday. The areas plunged into darkness were the districts of Angoche, Mogincual, Murrupula, Moma and Lalaua, and the Larde and Chalaua administrative posts. An EDM press release said that on Wednesday its brigades repaired the Angoche line, where two pylons had been downed. Later the same day the line to Moma and Larde, where three pylons were knocked down was repaired, and power was as well restored to Morrupula. On this line the storm had knocked out five pylons.
  • United States interested in supporting Mozambican energy sector

    UNITED STATES, 2013/08/15 The United States may be interested in supporting expansion of Mozambique’s electric power network, said Carlos Pascual, the US Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, reports the Maputo-based daily Notícias. Pascual, who is as well an ambassador and US Department of National appropriate envoy, made his comments on Tuesday in Maputo, indicating that business organisations from his country were interested in Mozambique’s gas discoveries and development of the Mozambican energy sector.
  • African energy environment seems rather dynamic at present

    BOTSWANA, 2013/07/02 Cross Border Data’s African Energy Atlas 2013 has just come out. What does is tell us about the continent’s energy reserves, production and next prospects? This annual publication is largely comprised by a selection of maps detailing everything from major continental rail and road connections, patterns of political risk, energy infrastructure, country-by-country power supply, oil and gas reserves and downstream hydrocarbons markets. Maps are drawn/updated annually by ‘journalist mapmaker’ David Burles and an introductory piece describes the process of production as requiring the application of investigative techniques to obtain even the majority basic data. Data on the continent’s energy environment has been built up using “not only maps, but as well press releases, news statement and good old-fashioned journalistic legwork”.