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  • Improved liquidity, currency volatility can give Sub-Saharan Africa real estate markets a Boost

    KENYA, 2017/08/20 Real estate markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are seeing record levels of international capital inflow while a lot of markets in Sub-Saharan Africa are lagging behind. The new JLL Capital Markets research has identified liquidity and foreign exchange volatility as two key reasons impacting real estate capital flows into Sub-Saharan Africa real estate markets. A two-speed cycle appears to have evolved in emerging economies with some racing ahead and others lagging behind.
  • African real estate market still standing after tough 2016

    CASABLANCA, 2017/08/20 African real estate has had a tough year navigating diffcult economic conditions. Most investors on the continent remain private equity groups as opposed to long term investors or Real Estate Investment Trust ( Reit) investors. There have as well been currency problems in the likes of Nigeria and Zimbabwe. But 2017 could be better if commodity prices rise globally. "The continent gained traction last year, notably in the Hotel, Retail and Residential sectors. One hopes that, in 2017, there will be fewer economic and structural difficulties for African real estate," said Ortneil Kutama, Africa Property News Media Director.
  • Investors spooked by Property Regulations in Africa

    CZECH, 2017/08/20 The African real estate market needs stronger regulations and a additional reliable policy of law in order to attract investment in the continent — Africa Property has learned. Various large Listed South African funds feel African real estate is a long term game hindered by weak laws. They need recourse if something goes wrong.
  • Africa property offers rich pickings for the brave

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/20 Some property pundits believe there are major opportunities for investors or companies on the continent. While most pundits will acknowledge that the saying “Africa is not for sissies” rings authentic at the same time as it comes to property investment , some commentators believe that there are major opportunities for investors on the continent.
  • Moves afoot to facilitate home ownership in Ghana

    GHANA, 2017/04/06 Home-ownership drive Speaking to local media in January, Samuel Atta Akyea, the minister for housing and works, said the government planned to set up a fund to subsidise the cost of housing for low-gain earners. Atta Akyea as well announced that the Ministry of Housing and Works (MoHW) is considering setting up a bank for the housing sector to help with the government of the fund, which itself will support the restructuring of the existing home loan system to ensure that mortgage repayments are affordable. With a new proposal to fund affordable housing on the table, along with a previously mooted abolition of the value-added tax (VAT) on property sales, the 2017 outlook for Ghana’s housing market has brightened.
  • Real estate: Although real estate in Ghana has slowed down, REITs hold potential

    GHANA, 2017/01/14 Ghana’s emerging real estate sector contributes significantly to the development of the economy as far as housing is concerned. The government has helped to establish the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association as an initiative for public and private sector participation in housing investment and delivery. The association was formally inaugurated on October 28, 1998 under the laws of the country as a private company limited by guarantee.
  • Nigeria’s property market matures

    NIGERIA, 2015/05/21 Due in part to a large housing deficit, request for residences in Nigeria looks set to remain strong, putting the real estate sector on course for a period of sustained increase. According to a January 2015 statement by CBO Capital, the sector was valued at N6.4trn ($39bn) and growing at 10% a year. Even though local and foreign developers have carried out a large number of projects in recent years, in most segments request has outpaced delivery.
  • Global Commercial Investments Exceeding Forecasts

    EUROPE, 2013/10/08 World commercial real estate volumes were 16 % higher during the initial three quarters of 2013 compared to the same period last year, as the market continues to surpass expectations. Direct commercial world real estate investments reached $125 billion during the third quarter, increasing three % from the previous quarter and 25 % from last year, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, which tracks 60 nations and additional than 130 world cities. World transaction volumes have been higher than $100 billion for six consecutive quarters, prompting JLL to increase its 2013 projected transaction volumes from $450-$500 billion to $475-$500 billion.
  • World Habitat Day: UN officials call for improved urban resilience, mobility

    WESTERN ASIA, 2013/10/08 Un officials have stressed the need to ensure that cities become additional resilient to natural disasters inclunding provide their citizens with methods of alternative transportation to thrive. The PANA Correspondent in New York reported that the officials made the call in messages to mark the World Habitat Day, observed annually on the initial Monday of October. In his message, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated: 'As the effects of climate change increase, urban resilience becomes ever additional necessary.' He said: 'All actors need to work together to save lives, protect assets and guarantee services at the same time as disasters strike', saying that, 'planning is essential to boost the resilience of cities.'
  • Accra’s biggest Shopping Mall ready by 2014

    GHANA, 2013/03/26 West Hills Mall, the major comprehensive shopping centre is being constructed in Ghana’s capital Accra by South African property investment and development company Atterbury. Construction has begun, with WBHO Ghana appointed as major contractor. Atterbury, in conjunction with the Social Security National Insurance Trust of Ghana (SSNIT) and Nasec, a local Ghanaian developer, on Thursday said it is developing the 30 000sqm West Hills Mall, to open in October 2014.