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Botswana: Bostwana Investment Opportunities


Investment Opportunities 

Investment opportunities are being actively promoted in the non-mineral sector so as to broaden the industrial base of the economy. At present, a lot of opportunities are available in textiles and garments; assembly of cars and production of parts and components for the automobile industry; polishing of diamonds and precious stones; jewellery; engineering products, including assembly of motorcycles, bicycles, concrete mixers, gas cylinders, fans, dies and kitchen utensils; leather products; printing and publishing; engineering plastics products; ceramics and sanitary ware products; glass products; pharmaceuticals; electrical household and industrial goods.

All machinery and equipment imported for manufacturing purposes is duty- free, and raw materials imported for the manufacture of products destined for export will not attract sales tax. If a company pays sales tax on imported raw materials and the finished product is exported outside the Southern Africa Customs Union, the company can apply for duty draw-back. Companies that produce for local market can hold a deferred payment facility with the Customs Department, which can be paid a month after the sale of goods. In addition, Botswana welcomes investment in all areas of modern manufacturing technology and supporting services. The establishment of call centres and voice operations, pre-press and imaging activities, data capture and processing, using the state-of-the-art telecommunications facilities, can also be supported. The establishment of the International Financial Services Centre in Botswana has provided not only a good investment avenue, but also an excellent facility to conduct business flexibly.

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