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Cameroon: Bilateral economic and trade cooperation yielded good results.


The friendly and cooperative relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Cameroon continued to grow in 2013.

In March, President Paul Biya sent a telegram of congratulations to Xi Jinping on his election as the Chinese president. In April, President Biya sent a letter of condolences to President Xi Jinping over the earthquake in Lushan, Sichuan Province. In the same month, Prime Minister Philemon Yang sent a letter of congratulations to Li Keqiang on his election as the Chinese premier.

In May, President of the National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie Djibril sent a letter of congratulations to Zhang Dejiang on his election as chairman of the NPC. In June, NPC Chairman Zhang Dejiang sent a telegram of congratulations to Marcel Niat Njifenji on his election as speaker of the senate. In November, Chairman Zhang Dejiang sent a telegram of congratulations to Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on his reelection in the legislative elections of the year.

Bilateral economic and trade cooperation yielded good results. Part the Chinese assistance projects in Cameroon, the Women and Children's Hospital in Douala, Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center and the welling project were successfully completed; the in general renovation of the parliament building and solar street lamps were launched, and projects such as the deep water port in Kribi, Yaounde-Douala highway, stadium in Limbe, hydropower station in Mekin and 1,500 housing units progressed steadily.

The two nations had close exchanges in health, culture, education and military fields. In January, Minister of Health Chen Zhu paid a working visit to Cameroon. In April, the African Tour Troupe from Zhejiang Normal University gave a performance entitled The Chinese Dream and African Feeling at the parliament building in Yaounde. In May, the final round of the 12th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese language contest in the Yaounde region was held in the University of Yaounde II. In 2013, a military section was added to the Chinese Embassy in Cameroon, which further promoted the in-depth development of military cooperation between the two nations.

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