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  • Ball Corporation Debuts Three New Aluminium Beverage Can Sizes

    EUROPE, 2017/09/16 Recognizing new trends in beverage packaging, American packaging firm Ball Corporation is debuting three new can sizes to its slate of beverage package offerings. The three new sizes, namely 25 Cl Sleek, 45 Cl Super Sleek, and 90 Cl King, will make their world debut at drinktec 2017 this week. However, both the 90 Cl and 45 Cl versions are by presently available and in use in the Russian Federation by domestic beer brewers in response to alcohol exise duties in that country. Ball sales manager Irina Dolyanovskaya said the new sizes fill a request that has emerged across several European nations.
  • Zhongwang Acquires German Alumnium Extrusion Firm ALUnna

    CHINA, 2017/09/16 The world’s second major aluminium extrusion firm China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd announced yesterday that it presently holds a controlling interest in German aluminium extrusion firm Aluminiumwerk Unna AG (ALUnna). Although no price for the purchase was given, the transaction gives all owned German subsidiary Zhongwang Aluminium Deutschland GmbH a 99.72-% equity interest in ALUnna. According to experts, the purchase enhances Zhongwang’s position in the world aviation market inclunding giving the firm a stronger foothold on the European continent.
  • Deadly Riots Again Grip Guinea’s Bauxite Hub

    GUINEA, 2017/09/16 Deadly rioting has again broken out in the Republic of Guinea’s bauxite capitol according to witnesses who spoke to the media. According to locals, over the course of two days rioters destroyed a police post and vehicle, leading to a lethal response by government forces. They say that rioters as well attempted to block bauxite miners from arriving to work at the mines, but their efforts were not entirely successful according to officials at Societe Miniere de Boke (SMB).
  • Rusal Completes US$7.6-Million Modernization Project at Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter

    RUSSIA, 2017/09/13 Russian Federation aluminium titan UC Rusal announced yesterday the completion of a US$7.6 million project to modify its Befesa-2 line at Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter (IrkAZ) in eastern Siberia. The just-completed modifications were carried out by Rusal’s Engineering and Technology Center in conjunction with Spain’s Befesa Aluminio S.L. and included the addition of a new casting wheel, a metal distribution system, a newly-designed ingot mold, improvements to the water cooling system, and a new ingot extraction and transportation unit. The firm says it plans to make similar improvements to the adjacent Befesa-1 line.
  • Aluminium Bahrain’s Line 6 Expansion Achieves 25 Percent Completion

    BAHRAIN, 2017/09/13 Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba) updated shareholders on the firm’s evolution on the US$3-billion Line 6 Expansion Project yesterday, noting that the undertaking continues to run on the scheduled timeline. According to the firm, earthworks and concrete at the site are continuing as planned, with engineering at 50 % completion, and procurement and contracts at 70 % completion. In general the project is at 25 % completion, with the erection of structural steel slated for later this month.
  • Dangote signs $450million jumbo sugar production agreement with Niger state

    NIGERIA, 2017/09/09 Yesterday, the Pan African Conglomerate, Dangote Group took an extra bold move for self-sufficiency in sugar production through the Nigerian government’s backward integration policy. The group signed a Memorandum of Considerate (MoU) with the Niger National Government for the establishment of a jumbo $450million national-of–art and fully integrated sugar complex. According to the President of the Group, Aliko Dangote, this investment was informed by his company’s firm belief in the potential of the Nigerian economy, adding that the new outlay will add price and create jobs for Nigerians. The project will generate over 15,000 jobs in the national and bring about a complete economic turn-around for the national.
  • Damac awards $953m worth of contracts so far in 2017

    CHINA, 2017/09/08 Luxury real estate developer Damac Properties has revealed it awarded over 370 contracts worth $953 million (AED3.5b) since January 2017 for construction, supplier and consultancy services across 20 of its projects. Additional than 50 % of contracts awarded, $490m, has gone towards the firm’s major master golf community, Akoya Oxygen, with major construction ongoing across the 55-million square foot development.
  • China e-car venture Future Mobility names brand Byton, eyes U.S., Europe

    CHINA, 2017/09/08 Chinese electric-car venture Next Mobility Corp, co-founded by former BMW and Nissan Motor executives, has named its brand “Byton” that it plans to launch in the United States and Europe any minute at this time next starting sales at home in 2019. Next Mobility, which recently raised $200 million from investors inclunding China’s Suning and Fullshare Holdings, is looking to launch three cars by 2022. It by presently has a premium midsize crossover sport utility vehicle ready to go into the next “critical” phase of development. The company has said the SUV will hit China during the fourth quarter of 2019.
  • 新西兰邮轮业大幅增长

    新西兰, 2017/08/30 估计邮轮业对新西兰经济的贡献将大幅增长,从2016/17年度的4.47亿增加至2018/19年度的6.4亿新西兰元,增幅为43%。邮轮在新西兰港口停泊的天数将从2016/17年度的747天增加至2018/19年度的980多天,增幅为31%。同期,乘客增长估计增长46%,从236,000人增加至超过344,000人。乘客首要来自澳大利亚,北美和欧洲。2016/17年,邮轮旅游活动带来的就业约为8000人。 新西兰邮轮协会首席执行官奥沙利文表示,2018/19年的增长动力首要来自于“海洋赞礼号”、“海洋灿烂号”、“极致号”、“盛世公主号”、“黄金公主号”和“挪威翡翠号”等六艘邮轮活动的增加。但奥沙利文也表示,港口基础设施对大型邮轮的访问至关重要,现在抵达新西兰的邮轮越来越大,奥克兰等港口现时还缺乏供这些大型邮轮停泊的基础设施。邮轮抵港后必须使用其他船只将乘客转移到岸边,这影响了游客的旅游体验。
  • 匈牙利汽车制造业今年产值有望破历史记录

    匈牙利, 2017/08/30 匈外交和对外经济部长Peter Szijjorto称匈牙利是欧洲汽车制造先锋国家之一,他表示今年汽车制造产值有望破历史纪录,将会达到80000亿福林(262亿欧元)以上。 近期在匈牙利F1方程式赛车道Gunfaroring召开的一次活动上,匈牙利物流和货运服务商Revesz集团,规模为东欧最大之一,同荷兰货车生产商DAF公布,该家道路运输公司将生产370量新达夫卡车。Revesz集团董事长参加了活动,并将一把钥匙代表了即将生产的370量货运卡车。 匈外交和贸易部长表示,该合作表明了匈牙利经济的发展前景,一个国家的物流能力改良了,表明了其经济发展前景的存在。部长还说,他并不担心匈牙利与荷兰的外交纠纷会影响匈牙利同欧洲这般重要的一个国家的经济合作。