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Infrastructure Projects in Equatorial guinea

  • Developed infrastructure and regional links lead to 300 million consumers

    EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 2015/05/24 Good relations and investments in infrastructure have created an ideal route into Central and West African markets Buoyed by the funds from oil exports inclunding the prestige of its newly discovered resources, Equatorial Guinea has begun to leverage its additional prominent place on the world map to improve itself in ways that are not purely economic. Well aware that no country can thrive by oil alone, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is determined to ensure that his country optimizes an extra of its finest assets: its privileged location as a gateway to Africa. With the Atlantic Ocean running along its western coast, Cameroon to its north, and Gabon running along its eastern and southern borders, Equatorial Guinea is a self-proclaimed “Singapore of Africa” – a strategically placed portal to a market of over 300 million consumers from nearby nations.