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Government in Angola

  • Who is Angola's next president Joao Lourenco?

    ANGOLA, 2017/09/26 Angola's Joao Lourenco will be sworn in on Tuesday as president replacing Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled the oil-rich country with an iron grip for 38 years. Who is the man who ran on the ticket of the MPLA? Joao Lourenco is considered to be a loyal party soldier - a man who has always been ready to take on better responsibility in the governing People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). He served as governor in several provinces of Angola, and between 1992 and 1997 he was responsible for propaganda in the MPLA's Politburo. Later, he served as the party's secretary-general for several years.
  • Angola's Elections Trigger a Crisis of Legitimacy

    ANGOLA, 2017/09/11 As the presidential electoral results in Kenya were being overturned last week by the country's highest court, the post-election crisis in Angola continued to deepen. The opposition lacks legal avenues for recourse and the government is scrambling to hide its crisis of legitimacy. The 23 August elections marked a turning point in the country's political order. It is the biggest challenge the governing People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) has faced since the end of the war in 2002 at the same time as it installed a system of unchecked and unchallenged hegemony.
  • Angolan opposition parties formally challenge election results in court

    ANGOLA, 2017/09/10 Three out of the five Angolan opposition parties that contested in the August 23 elections have filed formal appeals at the Constitutional Court demanding the annulment of the results that secured massive victory for the ruling MPLA party. The three parties, inclunding the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), the FNLA and the PRS, filed their petitions on Friday alleging widespread irregularities, AFP reports.
  • Angola: Elections / 2017 - Provisional Data Point Out Qualified Majority for MPLA

    ANGOLA, 2017/08/26 The MPLA secretary for Political and Electoral Affairs, João Martins, said on Thursday in Luanda that his party has presently secured a qualified majority resulting from the general elections held on Wednesday. Speaking to the press, he said that at a time at the same time as additional than five million voters were being screened, out of additional than nine million voters, the MPLA can ensure that it has a qualified majority.
  • Santos passes baton to Angola’s defence chief

    ANGOLA, 2016/12/11 Angola formally announced the end of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ controversial 37-year rule, and named a successor to lead the ailing African oil-producing country.
  • Angola - Finance Ministry Guarantees Payment of Salaries Until December 18

    ANGOLA, 2015/12/15 The salaries in the public service for the current month will be paid until December 18, assured last Thursday, in Luanda, the national director for the Treasury, Walter Aires. According to Walter Aires, the salaries for the previous months have been completely released by the Finance Ministry to all the public institutions, so there should be no back pay with the exception of some Interior Ministry staff, a situation that is as well being tackled. "Despite the in general situation, due to the strong fall of the crude-oil price in the international markets, since June 2014, the Angolan government has been able to honour its principal commitments, with emphasis on the payment of salaries, thanks to a prudent and strict fiscal policy", said the national director of the Treasury.
  • Angola: Cape Verdean Minister Hails Cooperation Level.

    ANGOLA, 2015/04/08 The existing cooperation in defense and military areas, between the Republics of Angola and Cape Verde, were, Tuesday, considered excellent by the Cape Verdean Minister of Defence and Parliamentary Affairs, Rui Semedo. "The cooperation between Angola and Cape Verde has advanced in recent years, with chance for both nations," said the official, while addressing the official talks between Angolan and Cape Verdean delegations. For the defense and armed forces, the Cabinet minister has envisaged that relations march faster, with the existence of concrete actions of exchanges, training and combined military exercises.
  • African governments review growing energy and food subsidies

    BOTSWANA, 2013/06/20 African government deficits, while low by historical standards, has been creeping up as aid and remittances dip, and counter-cyclical interventions rack up in response to the effects of the financial crisis. Combined with a rising food and fuel import bill, governments are presently looking for savings. Energy and food subsidies are increasingly being reviewed.
  • The 7th Portuguese-language Business Conference

    ANGOLA, 2013/04/23 The 7th Portuguese-language Business Conference is due to be held Monday and Tuesday in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and to be attended by 1,200 businesspeople and representatives of the eight member states of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Nations (CPLP).