Government in Lesotho

  • Election Results Expected Soon in Lesotho

    LESOTHO, 2015/03/02 Lesotho's early elections went smoothly on Saturday and it is hoped results will be declared on Sunday, news agencies statement. The Lesotho News Agency (LENA) said any minute at this time next polls closed on Saturday that counting had begun in various constituencies around the capital, Maseru. Despite the late opening of some polling stations, isolated issues with ballot papers and disruption of voting by rain in at least one area, Public Eye Online reported election commission chief Justice Mahapela Lehohla as saying that voting proceeded peacefully.
  • Lesotho: Zuma Pushes Lesotho Coalition to Open Parly

    LESOTHO, 2014/09/11 Lesotho coalition leaders have been given two days to acknowledge on a date to open Parliament by South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, SABC News reported on Wednesday. Next conference with coalition leaders on Tuesday, Zuma told the broadcaster talks went well. He said leaders had reached a point where they would presently "have to do further consultations" on their own over the next few days. "There would be further consultations part parties," he said, next which an announcement would be made.
  • African governments review growing energy and food subsidies

    BOTSWANA, 2013/06/20 African government deficits, while low by historical standards, has been creeping up as aid and remittances dip, and counter-cyclical interventions rack up in response to the effects of the financial crisis. Combined with a rising food and fuel import bill, governments are presently looking for savings. Energy and food subsidies are increasingly being reviewed.