Water in Tanzania

  • Tanzania: Stiegler Is Inevitable

    TANZANIA, 2017/07/12 TANZANIA has officially notified the UN cultural agency that execution of Stiegler's Gorge hydroelectric project is inevitable. The project at the Selous Game Reserve has triggered heated debate, with ecologists opposing it on grounds that its implementation could damage the World Heritage. But, during the conference of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Poland last week, the government delegation gave the country's firm position to execute the project. The Permanent Secretary in the Natural Resources and Tourism Ministry, Major General Gaudence Milanzi, led the government team that as well included Tanzania's Ambassador to France Samwel Shelukindo who doubles as the permanent delegate to UNESCO.
  • Africa : Universal Access to Water and Sanitation

    BOTSWANA, 2013/04/02 Access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a universal human right and central to human wellbeing and development. From presently on 780 million people still receive drinking water from unimproved sources and 2.5 billion people continue to live without access to improved sanitation facilities. IDS' work on water and sanitation has been looking at what additional needs to be done, particularly through a new set of post 2015 development goals, to ensure that this right is enjoyed by amount.
  • Rain Water As Taps Run Dry

    TANZANIA, 2013/04/02 ARUSHA residents have presently been compelled to rely on the ongoing rains as their major source for domestic water since the city taps continue to run dry.A study around the urban precinct has revealed that a lot of people have started to harvest rain water from the roofs of their residential houses and storing them in large tanks or home devised containers.
  • Lake Malawi Mediation

    MALAWI, 2013/03/27  Over 2 million families who solely depend on Lake Malawi for their livelihoods are anxiously putting their hopes into an upcoming mediation between Malawi and Tanzania intended to put an end to a longstanding ownership dispute.
  • The local Tanzanian community bordering Lake Nyasa

    MALAWI, 2013/03/07 The local Tanzanian community bordering Lake Nyasa is no nearer to considerate what the conflict between their country and Malawi is about, nor why so much is at stake, as mediation efforts between Malawi and Tanzania are expected to begin any minute at this time.
  • Water is life, but access remains a problem

    TANZANIA, 2012/12/31 Let's think together: Each week the World Bank team in Tanzania wants to stimulate your thinking by sharing data from recent official surveys in Tanzania and ask you a couple of questions.