Water in Mozambique

  • Mozambique: Water Restrictions in Maputo Lifted

    MAPUTO CITY, 2017/07/07 The restrictions on the supply of water to the Better Maputo Metropolitan Area, imposed in January, have been lifted. Speaking to a session of the Maputo City government on Tuesday, Jose Barata, the technical director of the Maputo Regional Water Company (AdM), said that enough rain had fallen before in the year to allow AdeM to resume normal supplies of water.
  • Mozambique: Severe Water Restrictions for Maputo

    MAPUTO CITY, 2017/01/13 The Maputo Regional Water Company (AdeM) has announced drastic restrictions in the water supply to the Better Maputo Metropolitan Sector(Maputo and Matola cities, and Boane district) as from Tuesday. There is simply not enough water in the Umbeluzi river and the reservoir at the Pequenos Libombos dam to continue normal supplies to Maputo. AdeM has therefore announced that water will only be pumped to Maputo, Matola and Boane on alternate days. “Top priority” will be given to water for human consumption, said the AdeM statement. The company promised to indicate specific points where building companies can send tanker trucks to pick up water for construction purposes.
  • Africa : Universal Access to Water and Sanitation

    BOTSWANA, 2013/04/02 Access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a universal human right and central to human wellbeing and development. From presently on 780 million people still receive drinking water from unimproved sources and 2.5 billion people continue to live without access to improved sanitation facilities. IDS' work on water and sanitation has been looking at what additional needs to be done, particularly through a new set of post 2015 development goals, to ensure that this right is enjoyed by amount.
  • Mozambican government approves loan from Brazil to build dam

    MOZAMBIQUE, 2013/02/08 The Mozambican government has ratified a credit convention signed with Brazil, worth US$8.5 million, to finance studies for construction of the Moamba Major dam, in Maputo province, southern Mozambique, said the spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Alberto Nkutumula.