Event in Somalia

  • Africa: Graca Challenges Women, Girls to Grab Emerging Opportunities

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/13 Women and children's rights advocate Graca Machel yesterday urged women and youth in Tanzania to be proactive at the same time as it comes to seeking development opportunities. Ms Machel, the founder of the Graca Machel Trust, said this during the closing of an eight-day conference in the city which was aimed at empowering communities to tackle development challenges.
  • South Africa plays an active role in the AU

    BOTSWANA, 2017/07/17 Absence of Zuma and Ramaphosa raises eyebrows, quoted Liesl Louw-Vaudran, a consultant at the Institute of Security Studies (ISS), who said South Africa was “ceding power to other players on the continent, such as Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame and the current AU chairperson President Alpha Condé of Guinea”.
  • Major Leap for Africa At G20 Summit

    GERMANY, 2017/07/12 The G20 Leaders' Summit, which concluded in Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday, has recorded positive outcomes for world development, with significant benefits for the African continent. The office of South African President Jacob Zuma on Sunday said critical developmental issues were tabled at the summit, which brought together leaders from the world's major economies, inclunding the European Union.
  • Commemoration of Africa Human Rights Day

    BOTSWANA, 2016/10/22 oday, the African People commemorate the Africa Human Rights Day across the continent under the theme “Women Rights – Our Collective Responsibility”. On this occasion, H.E. Dr. Aisha Laraba Abdullahi, Commissioner for Political Affairs issued a statement on behalf of H.E. Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission describing this year’s theme as timely and appropriate. Timely in the sense that it coincides with the Declaration of the African Union’s Heads of National and Government of “2016 as the African Year of Human Rights with Particular Focus on the Rights of Women”. It is, therefore, a clarion call on Africa to do additional to promote women’s rights, particularly the rights to development. It is in this context that the African Union Commission has concluded that the AHRD theme for this year is a reflection of a ray of hope that through empowerment of women in Africa, sustainable peace and development will be ushered in.
  • Somalia Marks 61st Anniversary of Its Blue Flag

    SOMALIA, 2015/10/13 Somalia is marking 61st anniversary since the great blue flag with white star at the center was presented by own and accepted as the official and national flag of the republic of Somalia. Hero Mohammed Awale Liban was the man behind the design of the blue Somali flag with white star in October 1954 before it was hoisted as national flag across the country in 1st July 1960 bringing to an end to brutal colonization of Italian and British in Somali land. The light blue color stands for the sky while the white five point star represents five Somali national scattered across Djibouti, Ogaden region Ethiopia, North Eastern Kenya, British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.
  • Obama Chides African Leaders Who Cling to Power

    BOTSWANA, 2015/07/29 Barack Obama has chided African leaders who refuse to give up power in his initial speech at the African Union headquarters by a US president. The scolding came in the course of his address on Tuesday in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to the 54-member continental bloc. "Africa's democratic evolution is as well at risk at the same time as leaders refuse to step aside at the same time as their terms end," Obama said. "No one should be president for life."
  • International conference on rebuilding Somalia

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2013/05/21 An international conference on rebuilding Somalia said Tuesday the strife-torn country had made "significant evolution" and its economy was starting to revive, but warned that a lot of challenges remained. British Prime Minister David Cameron, co-hosting the London conference, described the evolution made since the initial international conference on Somalia 15 months ago as "remarkable". Representatives of additional than 50 nations and organisations attended Tuesday's conference, aimed at boosting political stability in the impoverished country which has had no effective government since 1991.
  • President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia

    SOMALIA, 2013/01/18 A day next the U.S. officially recognized Somalia's government for the initial time in two decades, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called on Somalis living in Minnesota to help rebuild their war-torn homeland. Mohamud spoke to about 4,000 people late Friday night at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Although most of his speech was in Somali, he said in English that it was, "the beginning of a new foundation."