Energy in Angola

  • How to boost private sector investment in Africa’s electricity infrastructure

    BOTSWANA, 2017/06/15 A new World Bank statement has called for increased private sector investment in Africa’s under-developed electricity transmission infrastructure, a vital ingredient for reaching Africa’s energy goals. The statement which was made available to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday by the World Bank indicated that Africa lags behind the rest of the world at the same time as it comes to electricity, with just 35 % of the people with access to power and a generation capacity of only 100 GW. According to the statement those who do have power typically consume relatively little, face frequent outages and pay high prices.
  • Is Sonangol Helping Move Isabel Dos Santos Toward Angolan Presidency?

    ANGOLA, 2016/07/26 The appointment of Isabel dos Santos as CEO of the Angolan state oil company Sonangol is very much justifiable. She is Africa’s richest woman, and an astute businesswoman. The 43-year old tycoon made a go at business with the opening of Luanda’s Miami Beach restaurant. Today, she is worth $3.3 billion, and sits on the boards — and owns considerable shares — in some of the biggest companies in Angola and Portugal. All in all, the woman is the youthful, established, and market-ensuring CEO that a smart president should appoint to govern a state oil company.
  • Combined cycle power plant project in Soyo, Angola, expected to cost US$900 million

    ANGOLA, 2016/03/26 The Combined Cycle Power Plant project in Soyo, Angola, will cost an estimated US$900 million and the natural gas-fired is expected to start operating in 2017, said Angola’s Minister for Energy and Water. This project includes several substations and transmission lines and will produce 750 megawatts of electricity, which will be able to supply much of the country’s energy needs, whether household or industrial. Minister João Baptista Borges, who Monday visited the high voltage and very high voltage substations in the city of Nzeto (Zaire province), of Capari and Catete, both in Luanda, said that the substations would be completed by the end the initial half of 2016.
  • 80 municipalities will have electricity by 2017 in Angolan

    ANGOLA, 2015/06/28 By 2017 the Angolan National Rural Electrification Programme will ensure access to electricity in 86 municipal headquarters and 124 communal headquarters across the country, said Thursday in Lisbon the President of the Institute for the Regulation of Electricity Sector (IRSE). Luis Mourão da Silva, speaking at the Energy for Development Conference of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Nations, said the National Rural Electrification Programme, conducted at the same time as other social development programmes, will increase Angolan agricultural production.
  • Angola LNG supplying liquid natural gas to China’s CNOOC group

    ANGOLA, 2013/08/15 The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) will on 18 August receive the initial shipment of liquid natural gas (LNG) from Angola, transported by the ship Cubal, which is able to carry 155,000 cubic metres. The Bloomberg agency reports that the ship was loaded at the Angola LNG terminal in Soyo on 14 July and is the initial of two shipments to China.
  • United States plans to establish partnerships with Angola in energy sector

    ANGOLA, 2013/08/15 The United States Energy Department plans to establish partnerships with the Angolan government in the energy sector, the assistant secretary for international affairs, David Sandaloy said in Cabinda, northern Angola, Monday. Sandaloy, who was visiting Cabinda, noted the importance of boosting economic cooperation between Angola and the United States. “We have common interests in the energy sector and we transaction with a variety of issues about oil and gas production, and as well electricity production,” he said.
  • Luanda Distribution Company (EDEL)

    ANGOLA, 2013/08/09 An electricity substation under the Luanda Distribution Company (EDEL), with an initial capacity to supply 2,500 customers was inaugurated Wednesday by Luanda governor, Bento Sebastião Bento. Based in Ramiro commune, Belas municipality, the AKz 600.5 trillion (Usd 1,00 is Akz 100,00) project lasted one year to build. The electric substation will as well allow the construction of seven power transformation posts.
  • The Angolan Energy Secretary of National, Joaquim Ventura

    ANGOLA, 2013/07/13 The Angolan Energy Secretary of National, Joaquim Ventura, Wednesday began a working visit to Cuba, aimed at reinforcing the cooperation between the two nations in the field of energy, PANA learnt from a communiqué issued Thursday by the Angolan Energy and Water ministry. According to the communiqué, Ventura has by presently met with the Cuban Minister of Energy and Mining, Alfredo Lopez, with whom he discussed the existing agreement between the two States on energy.
  • African energy environment seems rather dynamic at present

    BOTSWANA, 2013/07/02 Cross Border Data’s African Energy Atlas 2013 has just come out. What does is tell us about the continent’s energy reserves, production and next prospects? This annual publication is largely comprised by a selection of maps detailing everything from major continental rail and road connections, patterns of political risk, energy infrastructure, country-by-country power supply, oil and gas reserves and downstream hydrocarbons markets. Maps are drawn/updated annually by ‘journalist mapmaker’ David Burles and an introductory piece describes the process of production as requiring the application of investigative techniques to obtain even the majority basic data. Data on the continent’s energy environment has been built up using “not only maps, but as well press releases, news statement and good old-fashioned journalistic legwork”.