Energy in Botswana

  • How to boost private sector investment in Africa’s electricity infrastructure

    BOTSWANA, 2017/06/15 A new World Bank statement has called for increased private sector investment in Africa’s under-developed electricity transmission infrastructure, a vital ingredient for reaching Africa’s energy goals. The statement which was made available to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday by the World Bank indicated that Africa lags behind the rest of the world at the same time as it comes to electricity, with just 35 % of the people with access to power and a generation capacity of only 100 GW. According to the statement those who do have power typically consume relatively little, face frequent outages and pay high prices.
  • Botswana union blames gov’t tender process for power crisis

    BOTSWANA, 2014/03/21 The Botswana Federation of Trade Unions (BFTU) on Thursday blamed the government for the current power crisis, accusing the national of awarding the tender for a new power plant to a Chinese company that failed to deliver on its promise.BFTU said in a statement that the government had failed Batswana next it awarded the tender to construct the Morupule B Power Station to Chinese National Electric Equipment Corporation (CNEEC) whose final product is riddled by technical glitches. BFTU argued that additional players should have been sought in the tendering process, adding that the original engineers for the project resigned in large numbers because of the shoddy approach by the project manager contracted by national-owned utility Botswana Power Corporation.
  • Australian firm eyes power station project in Botswana

    BOTSWANA, 2014/03/01 Australian firm eyes power station project in Botswana - Australian mining company African Energy Resources remains upbeat to clinch the 300MaW coal-fired greenfield power project tender in Botswana, next it was shortlisted Wednesday, the company has announced in a statement. Last year, African Energy Resources and ACWA Power International formed a joint bid and submitted an expression of interest for the project. Botswana has by presently communicated an indicative time-frame (end of March) for the invitation of bids from shortlisted parties for the project tender.
  • African energy environment seems rather dynamic at present

    BOTSWANA, 2013/07/02 Cross Border Data’s African Energy Atlas 2013 has just come out. What does is tell us about the continent’s energy reserves, production and next prospects? This annual publication is largely comprised by a selection of maps detailing everything from major continental rail and road connections, patterns of political risk, energy infrastructure, country-by-country power supply, oil and gas reserves and downstream hydrocarbons markets. Maps are drawn/updated annually by ‘journalist mapmaker’ David Burles and an introductory piece describes the process of production as requiring the application of investigative techniques to obtain even the majority basic data. Data on the continent’s energy environment has been built up using “not only maps, but as well press releases, news statement and good old-fashioned journalistic legwork”.
  • Botswana eyes more electricity generation 2012-07-02

    BOTSWANA, 2012/07/02 Botswana plans to add 1,200 megawatts (MW) of electricity to its national grid in the next six years as the diamond rich country battles to address power supply shortages, a senior government official said on Tuesday.