Industry in Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia bags a continental first with $2.2m smart parking facility

    ETHIOPIA, 2017/11/27 A steel facility that can at once hold 90 cars in a space which could originally hold nine cars. Electronic lifts pick cars and embed them within a structure that is believed to have cost $2.2m – or 52 million birr. It is a continental initial, a facility meant to relieve vehicular parking and to keep with world trends in the area of vehicle safety. This is Africa’s initial smart parking facility located in one of the continent’s fastest growing cities. Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. A recent CGTN Africa statement showed the Smart Megenagna Parking where a modern lifting systems safely parks cars in a huge steel storey building.
  • East Africa moves to curb used car imports, boost local assembly plants

    DJIBOUTI CITY, 2016/06/13 East African states are tightening controls on used car imports in a drive to cut pollution and boost the local manufacturing industry. Kenya recently announced that it would scale up its used car emissions laws, joining Uganda which has by presently introduced related taxes. Cabinet Secretary in Kenya’s Ministry of Transport James Macharia said that the policy would any minute at this time be in place and that motorists found to be in breach of the law risk having their cars deregistered. “By the end of the year, we will require vehicles countrywide to undergo a mandatory inspection to determine their level of toxic emissions,” said Mr Macharia.
  • Which Way Should Ethiopia Industrialise?

    ETHIOPIA, 2015/07/13 Lately, the trend of discussions within my circle of friends has changed. In one way or an extra, I find myself discussing industrialisation. This may be a reflection of the change in the economic structure of our equitable country. But it may as well be just because I have friends who love to discuss what is going approaching. As much as I love discussions about Ethiopia's industrialisation, a process that is close to overwhelming us whether we like it or not, there is no clear national ambition on what type of industrialisation ought to be pursued. For starters, by type of industrialisation, I mean the source of capital, sectoral focus, size of production, use of technology, ownership, backward and forward linkages, utilisation of factors of production, location and so on.
  • EU to give Ethiopia’s industrial sector backing

    ETHIOPIA, 2012/12/17 The European Union said on Thursday that it is looking to support the efforts to modernize and expand Ethiopia’s industrial sector. The move, the EU said, “is intended to create an enabling environment to allow Ethiopia to exploit its potential for industrial development to enhance the country’s economic development which is currently founded on agriculture.” The EU added that it is committed to supporting the government as the country “draws lessons from Asia and Eastern Europe.”
  • Ethiopia: Prime Minister Hailemariam Discusses Industrial Development 2012-10-30

    ETHIOPIA, 2012/10/30 更多     Ethiopia: Prime Minister Hailemariam Discusses Industrial Development