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Agriculture in Mali

  • Africa's Economic Future Depends on Its Farms

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/16 At the same time as the economies of Nigeria and South Africa recently rebounded, it wasn't oil or minerals that did the trick. It was agriculture. Faster and additional sustainable agricultural increase is crucial not only to the continent's economy, but as well to its ability to feed and employ its surging people. Agriculture still accounts for a quarter of gross domestic product and as much as two-thirds of employment in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, agricultural increase has the biggest impact on non-farm gain and reducing poverty.
  • Avian flu in West Africa / FAO , prevent spread across region of 330 million

    BENIN, 2015/07/23 Fears are growing that without timely intervention to stem outbreaks of the highly virulent avian flu virus H5N1 across West Africa, further spread across the region and beyond is inevitable, FAO said today. To this end, the agency is calling for $20 million for prevention and response activities. The call follows outbreaks of the virus in poultry farms, markets and family holdings in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. The outbreak comes as nations across West Africa are still recovering from, and in some cases still battling, Ebola. Avian flu could trigger a mass die-off of chicken – a nutritious and inexpensive source of food for a lot of people– with detrimental impacts on diets and on the economy of the region, exacerbating an by presently difficult situation.
  • Mali's Farmers Count On National Fund to Expand Climate Insurance

    MALI, 2015/04/25 A lack of rain among last season caused Seydou Diarassouba's sorghum crop to fail. Presently the emaciated 43-year old farmer must wait for the next rains, due in late June, to start growing a new crop in his impoverished village of Dialakoroba in southern Mali. Climate-linked agriculture risks like these should be covered by a national fund being set up by Mali's government and due to start operating this year, according to Ibrahima Coulibaly of the CNOP, a federation of Malian farmers' organisations. The fund was initial mooted under Mali's 2005 Agriculture Orientation Law, aimed at improving production and helping small-scale farmers modernise.
  • Sub-regional workshop on rice growing ends in Bamako

    MALI, 2014/06/06 A two-day workshop on rice growing in the Sahel region, jointly organized by the NGO -- World Water Initiative (GWI) in West Africa, the International Union for nature preservation (UICN) and the regional association for irrigation and drainage (ARID), ended here Wednesday. Participants were from Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Chad. The workshop, whose theme was 'Towards land securization for peasant in wide-scale rice growing in the Sahel', afforded the participants the opportunity to share experiences and identify the good practices in the domain of rice growing with a view to strengthening considerate of the legal status and size of land within the framework of land securization in rice growing in the Sahel.
  • Mali expects 14% increase in grain production

    MALI, 2013/06/25  Mali is expecting a 14% increase in grain production this year over the 7,590,690 tons produced last year, PANA learned at the launch of the 2013/2014 crop year here on Sunday. As well, the West African country, which has been hit by rebels and Islamists-led war, expects the production of seed cotton to increase by 15% over last year's figure.
  • Africa: Can Africa Satisfy Its Hunger?

    BOTSWANA, 2013/04/02 Africa frequently experiences food shortages, although its 900 million farmers could feed the continent, inclunding supplying other parts of the world. But for this to happen they need the support of politicians.
  • Malian Farmers Want Their Land Back 2012-09-13

    MALI, 2012/09/13