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Real Estate in Nigeria

  • Improved liquidity, currency volatility can give Sub-Saharan Africa real estate markets a Boost

    KENYA, 2017/08/20 Real estate markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are seeing record levels of international capital inflow while a lot of markets in Sub-Saharan Africa are lagging behind. The new JLL Capital Markets research has identified liquidity and foreign exchange volatility as two key reasons impacting real estate capital flows into Sub-Saharan Africa real estate markets. A two-speed cycle appears to have evolved in emerging economies with some racing ahead and others lagging behind.
  • Investors spooked by Property Regulations in Africa

    CZECH, 2017/08/20 The African real estate market needs stronger regulations and a additional reliable policy of law in order to attract investment in the continent — Africa Property has learned. Various large Listed South African funds feel African real estate is a long term game hindered by weak laws. They need recourse if something goes wrong.
  • Africa property offers rich pickings for the brave

    BOTSWANA, 2017/08/20 Some property pundits believe there are major opportunities for investors or companies on the continent. While most pundits will acknowledge that the saying “Africa is not for sissies” rings authentic at the same time as it comes to property investment , some commentators believe that there are major opportunities for investors on the continent.
  • Nigeria’s property market matures

    NIGERIA, 2015/05/21 Due in part to a large housing deficit, request for residences in Nigeria looks set to remain strong, putting the real estate sector on course for a period of sustained increase. According to a January 2015 statement by CBO Capital, the sector was valued at N6.4trn ($39bn) and growing at 10% a year. Even though local and foreign developers have carried out a large number of projects in recent years, in most segments request has outpaced delivery.