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  • Water and power: Mega-dams, mega-damage?

    WORLD, 2017/04/30
  • Recycled Sewage Boosts Sydney Water Supply

    INDONESIA, 2015/02/20 Part the majority urgent concerns for the next is to have enough water to sustain a human people projected to reach 9.6 billion people by 2050.[1] The UN Millennium Development Goals recognize that access to water and sanitation is essential to economic development and poverty alleviation.[2] However, world consumption patterns indicate that we are becoming additional water profligate, and the waste that pollutes water supplies generally remains an unmitigated hazard. According to some estimates, 70 % of drinking water in India is contaminated by sewage, which is a significant impediment to equitable development that occurs in a lot of lower-gain nations.[3] The UN estimated that if water consumption trends continue unabated, 1.8 billion people will experience water shortages as any minute at this time as 2025.[4] Part solutions with great potential are the development and deployment of technologies that use wastewater as a resource, which can generate incentives for industries and municipalities to treat waste that is otherwise discharged into vital waterways.
  • Venezuela will invest 16bn Venezuelan bolívares to improve and expand water services

    VENEZUELA, 2013/11/10 Venezuela will invest 16bn Venezuelan bolívares (US$2.54bn) until 2015 to improve and expand water services across the country, President Nicolas Maduro said. In a speech at the general assembly, Maduro approved 1bn bolívares in a initial round of investment to start the so-called national water plan, which will extend drinking water and sanitation services to poor areas. The plan will be linked to social programs to provide housing and public services.
  • LatAm could double water investment

    AMERICAS, 2013/11/10 Latin America could additional than double its much-needed investment in drinking water and sanitation services simply by controlling the widespread inefficiency in the industry, development bank CAF said in a statement. CAF estimated that Latin American nations lose US$5.78bn a year due to delinquencies, over employment in the industry and water lost due to misused or broken pipes. That all additional than doubles Latin America's US$4.4bn a year investment in the industry and could help close the gap with the US$12.5bn a year CAF estimated the region needs to expand sanitation services and provide universal drinking water access.
  • Brazil's Varzea Grande water utility may privatize if not awarded PAC funds

    BRAZIL, 2012/12/29 Varzea Grande mayor-elect Wallace Guimarães of mid-western Brazil's Mato Grosso national will consider a concession for the city's sanitation services if it is not awarded some 300mn reais (US$145mn) in funding through the federal government's increase acceleration plan, PAC.
  • Brazil's govt working toward US$206bn sanitation plan Plansab

    BRAZIL, 2012/12/29 Brazil's federal government is working toward the approval of a 421bn-real (US$206bn) national sanitation plan called Plansab, which will involve universalizing the country's basic sanitation services by 2030. Originally scheduled to kick off in 2011, Plansab has from presently on to get off the ground. In the meantime, public hearings regarding possible changes have taken place, receiving additional than 500 suggestions, which are currently being evaluated, according to a federal government release.
  • Chilean water utility Aguas Antofagasta

    CHILE, 2012/12/29 Chilean water utility Aguas Antofagasta expects to make the call to prequalify amount companies interested in building its US$120mn Desaladora Sur desalination plant on Sunday (Dec 23), Patricio Mártiz, Aguas Antofagasta's planning and development manager. "We expect to make the prequalification this Sunday, so that in some 60 days we can have a short inventory of the best qualified companies for this project."
  • Brazil plans US$681mn drought prevention, water supply works

    BRAZIL, 2012/12/29 Brazil's federal government is planning some 1.48bn reais (US$681mn) in work to combat drought and increase water supply throughout the country, according to a national integration ministry release. Prime, a total of 1.4bn reais in financing agreements have been signed with federal savings bank Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), according to national integration minister Fernando Bezerra Coelho.
  • São Paulo state's DAEE to launch waterworks tender for US$2.1bn PPP

    BRAZIL, 2012/12/29 Brazil's São Paulo national water and electricity department DAEE is planning to launch a tender in 1Q13 for a 4.52bn-real (US$2.10bn) public-private partnership (PPP) to maintain reservoirs throughout the national "The project has by presently been submitted to the national government's PPP management council and is currently being analyzed. With this, we are expecting to call bids by March," the spokesperson said. The PPP, which entails expanding, operating and maintaining a total of 45 water reservoirs in the São Paulo metropolitan region, is set to last 20 years.
  • Desalination plant at Cerro Lindo is good model

    PERU, 2010/08/10 The desalination plant at Peruvian miner Milpo's Cerro Lindo polymetallic mine in Ica region is a good model for next mining operations in the country's arid coastal region, chief of corporate affairs Francisco Ismodes. The construction of the plant helped to avoid conflicts over water with nearby communities and local farmers, Ismodes said.