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  • Mexico seeks to keep FDI on steady course

    MEXICO, 2017/04/11 Uncertainty over US policy, inclunding proposals to impose a levy on imports, will likely impact Mexico’s foreign investment flows this year, though this could be offset in the medium term by investor interest from elsewhere. According to a mid-February statement by the Ministry of Economy, foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country reached $26.74bn in 2016, down 5.8% on the previous year. However, fourth quarter results were better than expected at $5.73bn, up 17% year-on-year. Despite concerns over shifting policy with Mexico following the presidential election last November, the US continued to be the major source of FDI, at 38.9% of the total – though this was down 14 % points on the previous time– followed by Spain (10.7%), Germany (9%), Israel (7.5%) and Canada (6.3%). The US as well held fast as Mexico’s major export market, making up about 80% of sales abroad.
  • Canada to offer more opportunities to Chinese investors

    CHINA, 2016/09/04 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Beijing on Tuesday that Canada welcomes Chinese investment and he would try his best to offer additional opportunities to Chinese enterprises. He made these remarks while talking with additional than 70 Chinese entrepreneurs at the China Entrepreneur Club Leaders Forum organized by the China Entrepreneur Club. This is his initial stop of his China visit from Aug 30 to Sept 6. He says that as the world's second major economy, China plays a central role in driving world economic increase. The strengthening relationship with China is beneficial for both sides. Canada, as a country that is willing to support the development of enterprises, is very willing to cooperate with Chinese enterprises and support their development.
  • Canada applies to join China-backed AIIB, latest U.S. ally to apply

    CHINA, 2016/09/04 Canada will apply to join the China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB, Canadian and bank officials said on Wednesday, making it the new ally of the United States to join the new international development bank. The multilateral institution, seen as a rival to the Western-dominated World Bank and Asian Development Bank, was initially opposed by the United States but attracted a lot of U.S. allies inclunding Britain, Germany, Australia and South Korea as founding members. Japan and the United States are the majority prominent nations not represented in the bank.
  • Chinese Group negotiates to buy bank in Brazil

    CHINA, 2016/06/11 The Shanghai Pengxin Group Co is negotiating the buy a controlling stake in Brazilian bank Indusval & Partners (BI&P) in order to expand beyond the raw materials market in the major economy in Latin America, reported China Daily The newspaper said that representatives of both parties had by presently met, although it is possible that no agreement will be reached at the end of the meetings.
  • Bank of America profit slides on weak trading

    UNITED STATES, 2016/04/15 Bank of America Corp, the No. 2 U.S. bank by assets, reported an 18 % slide in quarterly profit as concerns about a world economic slowdown and uncertainty about the pace of U.S. interest rate increases dampened bond and stock trading. The profit was in line with low expectations next what was widely being seen as the grimmest quarter for the banking industry since the 2007-08 financial crisis. Market volatility stemming from a slide in commodity and oil prices, worries about China’s economy and uncertainty about interest rates hit trading activity globally in the quarter, particularly in January and February.
  • Bank of Canada’s economic forecast in spotlight as rates appear on hold

    CANADA, 2016/04/15 Few forecasters, if any, are expecting the Bank of Canada to alter its current lending level this week. Instead, what central bank watchers will be looking for is how Stephen Poloz and his policy team view the federal government’s budget plans for 2016 and beyond — and will they jibe with the bank’s own updated forecasts to be published on Wednesday in its quarterly Monetary Policy Statement. That’s the same day Poloz will announce the bank’s decision on its trendsetting interest rate.
  • Mizuho takes on the Americas

    JAPAN, 2016/01/11 How is Japanese mega-bank Mizuho growing its investment banking franchise in the Americas? Stefania Palma talks to Mizuho Securities USA's chief executive, John Koudounis, to find out. Two-decade-long deflation and a record low-interest-rate environment are pushing Japanese mega-banks to diversify revenue sources out of lending into fee-based business – such as investment banking – and to expand abroad. Mizuho’s US investment banking arm – Mizuho Securities USA – is capitalising and growing on the back of both trends. Mizuho Securities USA’s deficit capital markets group has spearheaded the subsidiary’s increase. Within the space of four years, the lender has jumped up eight places in the bookrunner league table for US corporate deals to position 11 in mid-2015, according to Bloomberg. The subsidiary as well made its name as a lead manager in the major and second major bond deals in history – Verizon’s $49bn trade and Actavis’s $21bn note.
  • Finance Minister of the Year 2016

    NEPAL, 2016/01/10 Finance Minister of the Year 2016 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate increase and stabilise their economy. Global and Asia-Pacific Ram Sharan Mahat, former finance minister, Nepal Ram Sharan Mahat receives The Banker’s World and Asia-Pacific Finance Minister of the Year awards for his exemplary work in the aftermath of the two disastrous earthquakes that hit Nepal in 2015 and in pushing for reforms to improve governance in the country’s ministry of finance.
  • Investors look to January effect at start of 2016

    UNITED STATES, 2016/01/02 As Wall Street wraps up its flattest year since 2011, investors will have to transaction with a lot of of the same issues next year as they attempt to gauge market direction. While a lot of market participants have a host of worries heading into 2016 that could hurt stocks and keep volatility high, they remain optimistic for gains in 2016 and a strong start to the year could boost that case.
  • Banking Moves into the 21st Century

    WORLD, 2015/12/16 Global developments in finance and geopolitics are prompting a rethinking of the structure of banking and of the nature of money itself. Part other interesting news items: In Iceland, the booms and busts culminating in the banking crisis of 2008-09 have prompted lawmakers to consider a plan to remove the power to create money from private banks. In Ecuador, the central bank is responding to a shortage of US dollars (the official Ecuadorian currency) by issuing digital dollars through accounts to which everyone has access, entirely making it a bank of the people. In a November 2015 article titled “Russia Debates Unorthodox Orthodox Financial Alternative,” William Engdahl writes: