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  • Chinese tourists in Cambodia surge 35.6 pct in 1st 5 months

    CAMBODIA, 2017/07/11 Cambodia attracted 441,070 Chinese holidaymakers in the first five months of 2017, up 35.6 percent over the same period last year, according to a Tourism Ministry report on Monday.
  • India wants a bigger slice of the wedding tourism cake

    INDIA, 2017/05/29 India wants to get a larger slice of the growing wedding tourism cake, but this will need better efforts, both at domestic and international levels. Destinations and venues are plentiful, but connecting the dots and bringing the a lot of service providers together is significant, said Suman Billa, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism in New Delhi, while opening the two-day Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Wedding Tourism Summit on May 25. He told buyers and sellers at the initial conference of its kind that an action plan was required to develop this significant market and to boost arrivals on the whole.
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is arranging a one-day tourism seminar

    THAILAND, 2017/05/29 The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is arranging a one-day tourism seminar, to be held concurrently with the Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+) 2017 which will take place from 14-16 June in Chiang Mai. The forum, scheduled on 16 June, is being organised with the objective of strengthening the competitiveness of the Thai tourism industry. Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “This seminar forms part of the TAT Academy’s mission to help enhance Thai tourism personnel and market competitiveness inclunding to attract a new workforce for this growing industry. Sessions are carefully planned to ensure useful learning and knowledge sharing opportunities from senior tourism officials and experienced hospitality professionals. At the end of this one-day event, we hope participants will learn new perspectives in the field of tourism and travel in the digital era within the Royal Thai Government’s Thailand 4.0 smart-economy framework.”
  • BestCities sees opportunity at 2017 Global Forum Tokyo

    JAPAN, 2017/05/29 BestCities World Alliance is set to champion inclusivity and multi-culturalism within the business tourism industry in 2017 and beyond, following the announcement Building World Connections Across Cultures will be the core theme underlying this year’s BestCities World Forum, taking place in Tokyo 4-7 December 2017. Building on the 100% delegate success ratings in Dubai 2016, the second BestCities World Forum will be hosted in partnership with the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB). The impressive programme of education, insight and networking, is by presently shaping up to be this year’s must-attend event for senior international association conference planners, looking to increase the positive impact of their meetings.
  • China becomes a major power in tourism

    CHINA, 2017/03/11 China has become a major power in tourism. Over the last ten years travel abroad has increased steadily. Yan Han, Deputy Secretary General of the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), said: “Earnings have risen and television and the internet have made Chinese people additional curious to explore other cultures and nations. The government has made it easier to travel abroad.” The Chinese want to find out about culture and history, visit historical buildings, museums and art. However, they as well want entertainment and at the same time as in Munich to be able to watch Bayern play, the WTCF manager said. “Football is very popular in China. Where I come from a lot of people know a lot about Germany.” For over 90 % of Chinese tourists good travel insurance is part of the transaction. “Safety and health are a very significant part of travel preparations.“
  • loop shows the prospects of the luxury travel industry

    WORLD, 2017/03/05 In a few days. the luxury travel equitable loop opens its doors in Frankfurt am Major. From March 26-29, 2017, Frankfurt will transform into a mecca for the international luxury tourism industry. Germany's only luxury exhibition “loop - Luxury on our Planet” opens the floor for 100 international renowned hoteliers, hotel owners and providers of tourist luxury products to meet with 100 interested buyers from the German-speaking market. “loop brings the right people together at the right place and creates a vibrant community for travel agencies and even small niche operators and providers. The concept of the exhibition is designed to increase sales and compress time resources. In order to reach the same number of personal appointments as at the equitable, suppliers and retailers would normally require six months and would generate enormous travel expenses,” says Astrid Oberhummer, Founder and Organizer of loop.
  • Yoshifumi Kato, President of Keihan Holdings

    JAPAN, 2017/03/04 "Tourism is an essential factor for the increase of our country,” affirms Yoshifumi Kato Kato, President of Keihan Holdings, which boasts a portfolio of 50 companies with a solid diversification strategy that includes railway industry, tourism, and real estate. Moreover, the company is undertaking an aggressive world expansion that spans from China to real estate investments in famous buildings in New York and Boston. Keihan Holdings has been able to leverage on Japan’s tourism boom in the area that stands for the epicenter of Japan’s culture, namely Kyoto and Osaka. From Kyoto’s 17 World Heritage Sites to Osaka’s world's famous culinary tradition, at the same time as asked about the major reasons why tourists should come to the area, President Kato says, "to sum it up in one single word: culture.”
  • Macau receives 30 million visitors in 2016

    CHINA, 2017/01/23 Macau received over 30 million visitors in 2016, 28 million of which came from mainland China, and last year was the initial in a decade at the same time as the number of overnight visitors was higher than day visitors, said the director of the Government Tourist Office. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes pointed out that while the total number of visitors saw annual increase of 0.8% to 30.95 million people and visitors from China remained virtually unchanged, increasing by just 0.1%, the number of international visitors increased by 7.9%.
  • Sri Lankan Airlines greeted in Seychelles with water cannon salute

    SRI LANKA, 2016/11/11 As is customary with all inaugural flights landing at the Seychelles International Airport, the Sri Lanka Airlines airbus arriving at Seychelles for the initial time, received a water cannon salute upon arrival. Seychelles welcomed this new airline this week, only two days next Turkish Airlines landed at its international airport for the initial time. This morning marked Sri Lankan Airlines’ maiden flight to the Seychelles.
  • India: The way to a tourist’s heart is through their stomach

    INDIA, 2016/11/11 Anil Bhandari, well-known industry professional, has said that the India Ministry of Tourism should promote the country as a cuisine destination of the world. Authentic recipe books should be made and as well gifted from the tourist offices and embassies. Bhandari was speaking at the 13th Chefs Day event in Delhi at The Ashok Hotel. He said cuisine tours to India must be promoted.