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Construction projects in Asia

  • Chinese developer to launch Indonesia's 1st int'l new industry city

    CHINA, 2017/04/07 A subsidiary of a Chinese developer in Indonesia will launch its integrated real-estate project of the country's initial international new industry city on April 6, an executive of the company said on Friday. China Fortune Land Improvment(CFLD) Indonesia's vice president Imelda Adhisaputra said the project, located in Tangerang city around 50 km west of Jakarta, offers 2,800 houses on the 60-hectare land.
  • Port co-built with China fuels Pakistan's economic engine

    CHINA, 2017/04/07 Gwadar, an poorly-known port town before in Pakistan has been becoming a new economic engine for the country with the construction of a free zone co-built with China. "We have finished 60 % of the initial-phase construction for the port's free zone, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year, one year before than we planned," Hu Yaozong, deputy general manager of the Gwadar Free Zone Company, told Xinhua in a recent interview. Chinese engineers and their Pakistani counterparts are working around clock in the construction site with the hope of seeing the free zone is open to operation as early as possible.
  • China-Pak Economic Corridor: Why Gwadar Is An Overrated Port

    CHINA, 2016/07/14 Having served in the Merchant Navy before joining the IAS, I can claim to have visited almost all the ports in the Persian Gulf, specially the oil terminals. At the height of Iran-Iraq conflict, we were picking up crude from Kharg, an Iranian island in the upper reaches of the Gulf, which is its major oil export point, just as Ras Tanura is for Saudi Arabia. So I claim an expertise in the area of analysing ports, specially from the point of view of logistics, and through my present calling, I can as well presently lay claim to considerate a bit of the strategic compass.
  • China's Factory Owners Hunt for Energy Savings

    CHINA, 2013/09/06 Kevin Chang, general manager of Concord Ceramics, is a member of a younger generation of factory bosses in China trying to survive leaner times. That quest led him to examine the power use at his factories. He didn’t like what he found. For decades next China started trading with the U.S. in 1979, most factory managers didn’t focus on electricity prices. Request from abroad was expanding, labor was cheap, and the exchange rate favored China’s exporters. But conditions have changed since request softened in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Chang says his labor costs have doubled, and the exchange rate is less favorable. Increasing energy efficiency is one way to shore up the bottom line.
  • Reviving Japan’s ‘construction state’ politics

    JAPAN, 2013/03/03