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  • Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews and China's Vice Cultural Minister Ding We

    CHINA, 2015/09/30 Victoria struck an historic five-year cultural exchange transaction with China on Thursday, the initial Australian national to sign an agreement of any kind with the Asian economic powerhouse. Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews and China's Vice Cultural Minister Ding Wei announced the mega-transaction, which will foster the sharing of arts programs between the regions. "This will be a great exchange in terms of fine art, music, dance theater, but it's as well a great opportunity for staff, and those who are employed within the dynamic and growing industries to be able to travel to and from China," Andrews said in comments published by Australian media on Thursday.
  • Sydney Festival 2014 opens today

    AUSTRALIA, 2014/01/10 Sydney Festival 2014 opens today in an explosion of exceptional theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film and additional that will bring the harbour city to life from January 9-26. Sydney Festival 2014 is comprised of 106 events, 21 of which are free. With 372 performances across 33 indoor and outdoor venues, Sydney Festival 2014 features 722 artists from 80 companies across 17 nations, in 10 world premieres, 4 Australian premieres and 13 Australian exclusives. In Sydney's famous outdoor venue The Domain, two fantastic free events are set to delight, kicking off with Chicago's R'n'B, soul and disco diva Chaka Khan on the opening weekend, and Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing Gustav Holst's astrological suite The Planets, conducted by Hamburg National Opera Artistic Director Simone Young, in Symphony in the Domain.
  • The 13th annual festival of Eritrean community

    AUSTRALIA, 2013/01/13 The 13th annual festival of Eritrean community members in Australia and New Zealand has opened with patriotic zeal in Melbourne city. In opening remarks, Mr. Beshir Idrisnor, Eritrean Consul General in Australia, indicated that the event is being celebrated at a time at the same time as the country's development drive has gained momentum and enemy conspiracies have ended up in utter failure thanks to popular participation.
  • Fiji's Diverse Cultures

    FIJI, 2011/01/17 Cuisine The cuisine of Fiji in pre-colonial times consisted of root crops, vegetables, and fruits, inclunding various land animals such as wild pig and various birds. The coastal tribes would have had the same, but as well had a large amount of local seafood. These would have been prepared with local herbs and spices on wood fire rock ovens.
  • Fiji's Sports Culture

    FIJI, 2011/01/17 Sports in precolonial Fiji Sports in old Fiji, apart from recreation, had a practical place helping to train young warriors such practice would have the older men bring the male children a severally injured captive of war, letting the boys practicing their archery skills against this living target.
  • Fiji's Cultural Arts and Social Polity

    FIJI, 2010/01/17 Cultural Arts and Social Polity In Culture its various crafts and music give it an identity along with it traditional etiquette and varying forms of clothing attire, its unique architecture as well tells a story of a culture and its evolution, the following will discuss these aspects of culture in Fiji.