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  • Netanyahu to pioneer new diplomatic grounds in Latin America

    ISRAEL, 2017/09/13 Defying doomsayers concerned about Israel losing diplomatic clout, Benjamin Netanyahu is headed to Bogota, Argentina, and Mexico -- part other Latin American nations. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to depart for Latin America and the US on Sunday evening, marking the fifth time in some 15 months he will embark on ground-breaking trips to nations at no time before visited by a sitting Israeli prime minister.
  • Netanyahu’s Historic Latin American Tour to Highlight Israeli Tech Sector

    ISRAEL, 2017/09/10 Latin America is “hungry for Israeli technology,” a senior Foreign Ministry official said Tuesday ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic visit to the region next week. Deputy Director General at the Foreign Ministry’s Latin America and Caribbean Division, Modi Ephraim, said the visit will have historic significance, as it will be the initial by a sitting Israeli prime minister.
  • PM Netanyahu leaves on historic visit to Latin America

    ISRAEL, 2017/09/10 Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will leave on Sunday evening for a working visit to Latin America. During his trip, Netanyahu will visit Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. This will be the initial visit by a sitting Israeli Prime Minister to Latin America. Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes will travel to Buenos Aires to meet Netanyahu. Netanyahu leaves for trip to Argentina, Mexico, and Columbia, then meets world leaders at UN General Assembly in New York. Accompanying Netanyahu is a delegation of Israeli businesspeople from the fields of agriculture, water, communications and energy. Members of the delegation will hold commercial meetings with their local counterparts. Eonomic events will as well be held in Argentina and Mexico, led by Netanyahu and the Argentine and Mexican heads of national.
  • Saudi Arabia denies warming relations with Iran

    IRAN, 2017/09/08 Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir on Tuesday denied any warming of relations with regional rival Iran next Tehran thanked Riyadh for its handling of the annual hajj pilgrimage. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Iran must change its policies to have good relations with his country "If Iran wants to have good relations with Saudi Arabia, it has to change its policies. It has to respect international law," Jubeir told a press conference in London.
  • Russia, Turkey negotiate deals worth $820 million

    RUSSIA, 2017/08/27 Russian and Turkish businesses have concluded preliminary agreements on contracts, the total worth of which is approximately $820 million. Russian Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Georgy Kalamanov announced that the details of the agreements were discussed within the framework of the 86th Izmir International equitable, Sputnik reported. The International equitable with a theme "Innovation — Energy" was held on August 18-22 with participation of additional than 45 Russian companies from different sectors of economy, inclunding energy, coal and oil production, agriculture, construction and engineering, metal working and metallurgy, and tourism, presenting their products and services.
  • UK exports to Iran increase by 200

    IRAN, 2017/08/26 During the initial four months of the current fiscal time(March 20-July 21) the United Kingdom’s exports to Iran had registered a large rise by 200 % and stood at $432 million. The UK was the ninth top goods exporter to Iran during the period, with 2.7 % share of Iran’s in general imports, which amounted to $15.813 billion‎, according to the new statistics released by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran. Besides UK, Germany ($864 million, 29 % increase y/y), Switzerland ($663 million, 81 % increase), France ($456 million, 51 % increase) and Italy ($420 million, 26 % increase) were the European nations that took place part the top exporters of goods to Iran, in ‎the period.‎
  • Azerbaijan, EU set to continue talks on common aviation area deal

    AZERBAIJAN, 2017/08/26 Azerbaijan and the EU plan to hold an extra round of negotiations on the Common Aviation Area Agreement, a diplomatic source told Trend. The sides are expected to coordinate the final version of the agreement during the Baku conference.
  • Azerbaijan, Iran focus on high-tech cooperation

    AZERBAIJAN, 2017/08/26 Azerbaijan and Iran plan to continue their cooperation in high technologies, switching to manufacturing high-tech and satellite communications products. The is mentioned to Trend by Mehdi Mohtashami, the chief of the secretariat of the Azerbaijan-Iran intergovernmental commission for cooperation in trade, economic, and humanitarian spheres. He said that the discussions on cooperation in these spheres are planned during the visit of the Azerbaijani delegation to Iran, headed by Economy and Industry Minister Shahin Mustafayev.
  • Hungary's Orban welcomes Netanyahu, vows to fight anti-Semitism

    ISRAEL, 2017/07/18 Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday that his country stood firmly against anti-Semitism today next the "crime" of failing to protect its Jewish citizens during World War Two. Netanyahu, whose visit to Budapest has been overshadowed by Orban's flirtation with the radical right that has unnerved Hungarian Jews, responded by praising Hungary as a key ally of Israel as it faces growing hostility around the world. Netanyahu's two-day trip comes less than a month next Orban praised Hungary's interwar leader Miklos Horthy, a Hitler ally, and used an image of Jewish U.S. financier George Soros in an anti-immigration billboard campaign.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu visits Hungary as PM Viktor Orban's

    HUNGARY, 2017/07/18 Thank you, Prime Minister Orbán, for this very warm welcome. I am honored to be the initial Israeli sitting prime minister to have an official visit to Hungary. It’s completely astounding that it didn’t happen before. It’s about time. And it’s wonderful to be here on this initial time. At the same time as I come to Hungary, the initial thing I think about, before anything else, is that Hungary was the, in a lot of ways, the birth of modern Zionism, the movement that led to the establishment of the modern Jewish national because in Hungary was born our modern Moses, Theodore Herzl. And I intend to visit on this visit the site of his home. It is probably inconceivable to think of the Jewish national, the National of Israel today, if it weren’t for that man born here in 1860, who envisioned the rebirth of the Jewish national and who saw in his mind’s-eye as well the great challenges that would be posed anti-Semitism. He thought that this from presently on was the best solution for the Jewish people.