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  • Painted huts offer Congo Kinshasa village a tourism lifeline

    CONGO KINSHASA, 2017/07/01 There’s no electricity and only 500 residents in the Congolese village of Makwatsha, but a longstanding tradition by its womenfolk has turned it almost by accident into a star attraction for Chinese tourists. The outside walls of the huts are decorated with paintings of local life, flowers and butterflies, making “the village of the women painters” a draw as well for tourists from France and Belgium. “For the colour, we use only the earth,” says Prosperine Mwelma, 60, dressed in a bright blue and yellow wrap and holding a paint brush.
  • Peru pursues tourism revenue growth both at home and abroad

    PERU, 2017/07/01 An effort to fasten new aviation deals and invest in marketing campaigns seems to be paying off for Peru’s tourism sector, with sizeable increase in gain and foreign arrivals recorded. In mid-May the Lima Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio de Lima, CCL) reported that revenues from tourism in Peru rose by 3.9% to $4.3bn last time– of which $3.5bn was from goods and services, and $802m was from transport services. The rising revenue stream, marking a fourth consecutive year of increase, was driven by a higher volume of foreign tourists, which climbed 8.4% in 2016 to reach 4.6m, a trend that looks set to continue.
  • Djibouti’s tourism ambitions garner overseas support

    DJIBOUTI CITY, 2017/06/24 A spate of new capital projects should help Djibouti increase overseas visits in the coming years, as the government continues to prioritise spending on tourism development. Among the biggest developments under way is a new $200m airport, which is currently under construction at Ras Siyyan in the Obock region of north Djibouti. The Ahmed Dini Ahmed International Airport is being financed via a Chinese development loan agreement and built by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. Construction started in January 2015, and the facility is expected to accommodate 350,000 passengers at the same time as it opens by the end of this year, with that number rising to 767,000 by 2021.
  • 驻宋卡总领馆提醒暑期赴泰南普吉等地中国游客注意安全

    泰国, 2017/06/16 鉴于今年以来赴泰国南部游客频频发生溺水事故,且现时泰南已进入雨季,中国驻宋卡总领馆14日发布公告,提醒暑期赴泰南中国游客注意涉水安全。  公告说,2017年初以来,赴泰南普吉、甲米、苏梅的中国游客迅速增加,游客意外受伤、溺亡事故频发,1至5月已有30名中国游客不幸死亡。本月12日至13日,有9名中国游客不听劝阻,无视红旗警示和安全提醒,强行下海游泳,被大浪卷入深海,导致1名18岁游客溺亡,4名游客被送入医院抢救。如遇意外紧急情况,可及时电话报警、联系当地游客协助中心,也可拨打领保电话寻求帮助。 为此,驻宋卡总领馆发出提醒:     一、非经系统性专业培训切勿参加浮潜。浮潜项意图死亡率是游泳项目死亡率的几十倍。年初以来,每个月都有中国游客在普吉、甲米等地浮潜溺亡。近年来,每年夏季均有考上名校的学生涉水溺亡,乐极生悲,教训极其深刻。     二、普吉、甲米、苏梅等地海况复杂多变,在这些还将游泳是一项危险运动,所有涉水项目须全程穿戴救生衣。当海滩插有红色警示旗帜时,严禁下海游泳。     三、异国他乡游,安全最重要。据泰国气象部门公告公布,普吉、攀牙、甲米、丽贝岛等安达曼还将自5月16日正式进入雨季,天气多变,海风强盛,海浪汹涌,整个雨季都不适合下海游泳。     四、遵守当地法律法规。泰国当地法律严禁游客在海边乱扔垃圾,抓捕、喂食海洋生物,捡拾或踩踏珊瑚;参加深潜、浮潜等水上项目时,不得破坏海洋生态环境。     五、注意防范毒水母。普吉、苏梅等地海滩时有毒性很强的僧帽水母、箱型水母,不慎触碰可能危险生命。请留意海岸边的指示牌并仔细观察是否有水母出现,一旦被毒水母蛰伤,需立刻用海水冲洗并尽快前往就近医院治疗。     六、增强交通安全意识。泰南多山,路窄且弯道多,路况复杂,交通事故多发。行车时,要注意安全,勿酒驾、醉驾或超速行驶,尽量防止夜间或恶劣天气下行车。无泰国驾照或国际驾照者,请勿租驾。 如遇意外紧急情况,可联系以下电话寻求帮助:   泰国报警电话:191   旅游警察热线:1155   急救电话:1669   普吉游客协助中心:0066-76-327-100   攀牙游客协助中心:0066-62-341-9699   甲米游客协助中心:0066-75-701-493   苏梅岛游客协助中心:0066-77-953105 0066-87-8889068   丽贝岛旅游局志愿者中心:0066-87-9043556   领保电话:0066-81-766-5560(驻宋卡总领馆);0066-94-5956158(驻普吉领事办公室)   外交部全球领保服务应急呼叫中心24小时热线0086-10-12308、0086-10-59913991
  • Tourism as the cornerstone of Bahrain’s diversification plans

    BAHRAIN, 2017/06/15 “This is the time to look at Bahrain,” Jarad Bachar, Executive Director, Bahrain Economic Development Board [EDB], had his agenda sorted when I caught up with him at the bustling Arabian Travel Market last week. True to his role, Jarad brought more than just his skills and experience to the table. He has been in the region for nine years, having worked with Dubai’s tourism body and as strategic advisor to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Abu Dhabi Commission for Tourism.
  • Twelve Maltese beaches awarded Blue Flag status

    MALTA, 2017/05/29
  • Jamaica Tourism Minister urges more tourism investment

    JAMAICA, 2017/05/29 Financial institutions, inclunding the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), are being urged by Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, to better establish a window of opportunity for Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises (SMTEs) and to invest additional in tourism in the region. Bartlett argued that a additional significant contribution to national economies and its citizens can only come through improving the capacity of people to provide an enhanced visitor experience. Bartlett’s analysis came out his participation in a high-level panel discussion Thursday at the 47th Annual Conference of the Board of Governors of the CDB in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • Wahiawa: Delicious tourist destination at North Shore’s gateway

    UNITED STATES, 2017/05/29 On the island of Oahu in the Aloha National, besides Waikiki, the North Shore is the next most popular place to visit. Known to locals for its variety of beaches and to tourists who have seen this side of the island’s shoreline in TV shows such as Hawaii Five-O, and in movies from the Descendants to Soul Surfer, to 50 Initial Dates to Pearl Harbor, from Elvis in Blue Hawaii to the classic From Here to Eternity, and, of course, from Jurassic Park to, what else, North Shore, this is worth the trip to the “other side” of the island.
  • India wants a bigger slice of the wedding tourism cake

    INDIA, 2017/05/29 India wants to get a larger slice of the growing wedding tourism cake, but this will need better efforts, both at domestic and international levels. Destinations and venues are plentiful, but connecting the dots and bringing the a lot of service providers together is significant, said Suman Billa, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism in New Delhi, while opening the two-day Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Wedding Tourism Summit on May 25. He told buyers and sellers at the initial conference of its kind that an action plan was required to develop this significant market and to boost arrivals on the whole.
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is arranging a one-day tourism seminar

    THAILAND, 2017/05/29 The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is arranging a one-day tourism seminar, to be held concurrently with the Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+) 2017 which will take place from 14-16 June in Chiang Mai. The forum, scheduled on 16 June, is being organised with the objective of strengthening the competitiveness of the Thai tourism industry. Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “This seminar forms part of the TAT Academy’s mission to help enhance Thai tourism personnel and market competitiveness inclunding to attract a new workforce for this growing industry. Sessions are carefully planned to ensure useful learning and knowledge sharing opportunities from senior tourism officials and experienced hospitality professionals. At the end of this one-day event, we hope participants will learn new perspectives in the field of tourism and travel in the digital era within the Royal Thai Government’s Thailand 4.0 smart-economy framework.”