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  • AfDB to Participate At 5th African Union - European Union Summit

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2017/11/30 The African Development Bank (AfDB) will participate at the 5th African Union Commission (AUC) and European Union (EU) Summit taking place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, from November 29-30, 2017. The Summit is organized by the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission, the President of the African Union and the Chairperson of the African Union Commission. This year's theme is "Investing in youth for a sustainable next." The AU-EU Summit brings together key decision-makers to deliberate the next relations and deepen connections between the two continents. The Summit, which takes place each three years, allows the AU and the EU to manage aspects of their partnership, monitor evolution in the implementation of commitments, and provide guidance for further work. The 2017 edition includes several key events, inclunding the EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF) and a focus on the new work programme for 2018-2020.
  • EAC Council of Ministers meeting underway in Kampala

    UGANDA, 2017/11/30 The 36th conference of the East African Community Council of Ministers is underway in Kampala. The conference that started yesterday will go on until December 2. It is being held under the theme: “Enhancing Socio - Economic Development for Deeper Integration of the Community”. The conference is considering several matters geared towards deepening and widening the regional integration schedule that include the statement on the implementation of previous decisions of the Council, statement of the office of the secretary general, statement on planning and infrastructure, and the statement on productive and social sectors.
  • Slavery scandal overshadows EU-Africa summit

    ABIDJAN, 2017/11/30 Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara demanded action Wednesday to combat migrant slave trading in Libya, as the issue dominated a Europe-Africa summit meant to focus on long-term increase and stability. The summit comes just two weeks after US network CNN aired footage of black Africans sold as slaves in Libya, sparking outrage from political leaders and street protests in African and European capitals.   Summit host Ouattara lashed slavery as a "wretched drama which recalls the worst hours of human history." "I would like to appeal to our sense of responsibility to take all urgent measures to put an end to that practice, which belongs to an extra age," he said, opening the gathering of 55 African Union and 28 European Union nations in Ivory Coast's economic capital.
  • World’s eyes on Asian summits

    PHILIPPINES, 2017/11/15
  • 迪拜航展首日成交额达188亿美元

    中东, 2017/11/14 斥资151亿美元订购40架波音787-10,使其拥有的宽体飞机总数达到204架,总价值900亿美元。阿塞拜疆航空斥资19亿美元订购5架787-8还有2架运输机。此外,阿联酋国防部也花费17.7亿美元,其中向洛克希德公司支付16.3亿美元用于80架F-16战机的升级。 本届迪拜航空展系1989年举办以来的最大规模,共有1200家军用和民用公司参展,260家官方代表团和7.2万航空专家参加。据统计,上一届2015年航展总成交额为372亿美元。
  • COP23: Is the Bonn summit worth the trouble?

    GERMANY, 2017/11/13 In the initial part of our COP Secret series, we take a look at how UN climate summits have become mammoth events with high carbon emissions - which is why there's some grumbling that the yearly ritual has become a circus. In 1995, at the initial UN climate "conference of the parties" (COP) in Berlin, about 4,000 people gathered in a small venue to begin hashing out the rules of the Kyoto Protocol, which would be agreed two years later. This week, 23,000 people are flooding into the small city of Bonn, Germany for what has become an incredibly complex, expensive and emissions-intensive yearly event. It's costing Germany €117 million ($135.5 million). Bonn has built two tent cities along the river Rhine the size of eight football fields. Participants must take a shuttle bus to travel between them.
  • Trudeau pulls brakes on TPP trade pact in APEC sideline drama

    PHILIPPINES, 2017/11/13 Ministers save the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement next Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accused of 'sabotaging' the trade transaction that the US has by presently abandoned. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was accused of "sabotaging" a trade transaction next his no-show at a planned conference on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit on Friday, November 10, to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade transaction meant to counter China's growing dominance in the region.
  • Duterte opens ASEAN Summit with calls vs terrorism

    PHILIPPINES, 2017/11/13 Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte formally opened the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and Related Summits on Monday, November 13. The opening ceremony, held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, formally begins rounds of talks part Southeast Asian leaders and leaders of the region's dialogue partners on a variety of pressing issues. The Philippine President opens the summit by raising the Marawi crisis as an example of how ASEAN can unite to solve regional security problems.
  • Malawi to Host Meeting On Access to Health Technology

    MALAWI, 2017/11/01 Malawi will from Wednesday host a three-day high level conference on promoting policy coherence on health technology innovation and access for the African Regional intellectual Property Office (ARIPO). The high level conference brings together a range of leaders, policymakers and institutions inclunding representatives from Ministry of Trade, Health and Justice; regional and intellectual property offices; regional economic communities; civil society; international experts and academic part others. Briefing the press in Lilongwe on Monday, Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi said Malawi and a lot of of the 18 Members States of the ARIPO have made great strides both in improving public health and by consequence, human development outcomes in recent years.
  • 东京车展因业界丑闻气氛凝重

    日本, 2017/10/26 东京车展25日领先向媒体开放。汽车业界原本计划大力宣传电动汽车(EV)和自动驾驶将开启新时代,但在EV领域处于领先的日产汽车和神户制钢所接连曝出丑闻给车展造成负面影响。 ▽被泼冷水 本田当天发布报道称,将于2020年向国内市场投放电动汽车。会场上丰田汽车、三菱汽车、铃木等多家厂商都展示了EV样车,营造出“EV时代”全面到来的印象。然而汽车业界气氛十分凝重。“希翼类似事态绝不要再发生。”对于无资格检查问题在最糟糕时机曝光,日产副社长丹尼尔・斯基拉奇在演讲伊始深深鞠躬致歉。 车展主办方日本汽车工业会决定暂停主席、日产社长西川广人的活动,由副主席、丰田社长丰田章男作为代理主席负责车展工作。这为两年曾经的业界最大规模活动泼了冷水,该会一名干部坦言称:“在向全球发布信息的时机,西川并不适合。” 此外,神户制钢所篡改数据问题也令业界蒙上阴影。采用神钢制品的各企业原本希翼车展前能作出“100%安全的宣言”,但随着篡改涉及范围逐步扩大,最终仅确认了铝板安全。 本田社长八乡隆弘25日在现场召开记者会,批评日产与神钢称“是非常严峻的问题,深感遗憾”。八乡还表示:“日本制造业的优势在于现场能力。希翼铭记需亲自前往一线,边确认实际情况边开展工作。” ▽固步自封 车展的人气降低并未终止。东京车展观展人数在1991年达到巅峰,约为202万人次,之后逐年下滑,2015年上届仅为81万,降至四成左右。车展的衰退折射出少子老龄化导致市场规模缩小,还有年轻人远离汽车的现状。东京车展与德国法兰克福等车展并称“全球五大车展”,但近年来被成长为全球最大市场的中国的车展夺去主角光芒。某大型车商高层对东京车展的固步自封反省称:“东京车展一成不变。不融入IT企业等显现出以后性就没有出路。”