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  • Ghana Brighter times ahead for Ghana’s banks

    GHANA, 2017/07/02 The rapid deceleration of economic increase in Ghana in 2015 and 2016, mainly the result of the plunge in prices of gold, cocoa and oil, had a major impact on the country’s banks. But with a new reform-minded president in charge and improving macroeconomic conditions, 2017 has so far been a better year for the banking sector. Between April, 2016 and April, 2017, the country’s total banking assets increased 30.9 %, from 64.6 billion cedis to 84.5 billion cedis. The major driver of strong investment increase has been the increase in client deposits, which shot up 28.4 % over the same period, as banks have increased their customer base and brought additional Ghanaians into the formal banking system.
  • Does India get the credit it deserves?

    INDIA, 2017/07/02
  • First-quarter figures show increase in money supply at Oman’s banks

    OMAN, 2017/06/30 Central Bank of Oman (CBO) statistics show an upswing in money supply part the country’s banks in the initial quarter of 2017, with total deposits to conventional banks rising by 4.2% to OR19.02bn ($49.4bn), compared to increase of 2% in quarter one 2016. The increase was supported by a 6.9% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) rise in government deposits to commercial banks between January and March, inclunding q-o-q expansion of 5.7% and 3% in public enterprise deposits and private sector deposits, respectively. In a June statement, ratings agency Moody’s said that 34% of banking system deposits were made by the government and related entities over the period, citing higher oil prices as behind improved national revenues and deposit increase.
  • Shaken but not stirred: Mozambique's banks look forward with optimism

    MAPUTO CITY, 2017/06/24 At the same time as Société Générale Moçambique (SGM) opened a gleaming new headquarters in Maputo in March, the ceremony marked not only a new phase in the French group’s expansion in sub-Saharan Africa, but as well a demonstration of confidence in a country that has been battered over the completed two years by an economic downturn, a deficit crisis and two bank failures. The 'tuna bond' scandal, donor suspensions, a sharp rise in inflation rates and slower economic growth have made for a difficult operating environment for Mozambique's banks in the past couple of years. However, Peter Wise discovers a sector where optimism very much prevails.   Speaking at the inauguration, Alexandre Maymat, the chief of African operations at Société Générale, said SGM planned to grow through a two-pronged strategy of mobile banking and extending its retail franchise across Mozambique, adding that Africa could become a model for additional mature, developed economies in the deployment of mobile banking technologies.
  • ECB sticks with stimulus and low interest rates

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2017/06/20 THE European Central Bank made a small step toward phasing out its extraordinary support for the economy yesterday — but left its stimulus programs and record low interest rates unchanged despite a spreading recovery in the 19 nations that use the euro. In its statement announcing its policy decision, the central bank dropped wording that it could lower interest rates further, a sign of better confidence in the economy, which is growing at a two-year high. The ECB did not otherwise change its views in its statement, and all eyes will turn to the news conference by its president, Mario Draghi, for further hints about next policy moves.
  • 尼银行业在糟糕经济状况下仍有巨额收益和利润

    尼日利亚, 2017/06/16   尽管经济状况不佳,银行利率高,但尼银行业盈利和利润仍然巨大,截至2017年3月31日前,尼银行税前利润(PBT)大幅上涨151.02%,达186.155万亿奈拉,而在2016年12月,该数字为74.16万亿奈拉,这些巨额利润首要来自对无危及的政府债券、国库券等投资。
  • 世界银行将向阿富汗提供5.2亿美元无偿援助

    阿富汗, 2017/06/16 6月13日,世界银行批准向阿提供5.2亿美元援助,其中2.054亿用于帮助从巴返阿难民,1亿为支持阿政府改革和经济发展,2000万为提升阿5个省会城市的公共服务能力,2940万为建设小麦和粮食仓库,6000万为加强赫拉特省电力供应。
  • Citi shows appetite for Egypt remains healthy

    EGYPT, 2017/05/07 Political unrest, high public deficit and a drop in tourism have hit Egypt’s fortunes in recent years. But as a successful $4bn deficit-raising transaction has shown, investor appetite is recovering. Edward Russell-Walling spoke to the team from joint lead manager Citi. Emerging market exposure may have been sold off next last year’s US presidential election, but it was not long before those markets were back in favour. That was vividly illustrated by the success this year of a $4bn triple-tranche international bond offering from the Arab Republic of Egypt. Citi was a joint lead manager on the transaction.
  • Saving face on the Korean Peninsula

    CHINA, 2017/05/07 Kim Jong-un sees nuclear capability as almost his sole source of regime security and he is not going to give it up, no matter how strong the pressure. He is not stupid. All he has to do is to look at the history of Iraq and Libya, where neither dictator had nuclear weapons. So if the United States insists on de-nuclearisation of the peninsula, presumably that would require regime change, and regime change is unlikely without the use of force. War in the area would be hugely destabilising and potentially disastrous. No one in their right mind should want that. China is right to urge negotiations, but what is to be negotiated? Kim is not going to negotiate away his own security by giving up his nuclear capability. But if China exerts sufficient pressure, he may acknowledge to stop testing.
  • Bond issuances set to continue in Sharjah this year

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 2017/04/15 Corporate and sovereign offerings of both conventional and Islamic bonds are expected to maintain their momentum in Sharjah next a strong showing last year.