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  • UAE's Bloom hires new chief to drive education growth

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 2018/01/17 Bloom Education, the education division of Bloom Holding, has announced the appointment of Susie Ballantyne, a former senior executive with Dubai-based GEMS Education, as director of educational development. Starting in December, Ballantyne will oversee Bloom Education's new initiatives inclunding delivery of new schools and nurseries. Ballantyne has before worked in public and private education domains, inclunding with education ministries and curriculum developers.
  • UAE's Bloom inks deal to seek locations for new Saudi schools

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 2018/01/17 Bloom Education, a division of UAE-based Bloom Holding, has signed an agreement to seek possible locations for schools in Saudi Arabia. The memorandum of considerate with AlKifah Holding will identify business development opportunities in the Gulf kingdom, the company said in a statement.
  • Why children’s savings accounts should be America’s next wealth transfer program

    UNITED STATES, 2018/01/13 At a time of great wealth inequality and dramatically unequal chances between the rich and the poor of getting a college education, there is perhaps no better time for a new wealth transfer initiative. Great wealth transfers are nothing new. In the 19th century, the Homestead Act provided public land to Western settlers. In the 20th century, the GI Bill provided tuition benefits to veterans. As an expert on investment -building and student loan deficit, if it were up to me, children’s savings account programs – a policy innovation springing up around the country – would become the great wealth transfer program of the 21st century. Currently, there are approximately 42 children’s saving account programs serving 313,000 children in additional than 30 states. Children’s savings accounts are long-range investments typically started at birth or kindergarten and meant to pay for college. Families’ contributions to the accounts are leveraged with an initial deposit by a public entity and matching funds usually provided at a one-to-one ratio.
  • Investment where profit means better schools

    INDIA, 2017/12/30 The worlds of bonds, investors and the financial markets may seem like a long way from the millions of the world's poor who at no time even get to see their children going to school. But a project is trying to harness the money and energy of the financial markets to the delivery of higher standards of education.
  • 安哥拉天主教大学在非洲排名上升

    安哥拉, 2017/10/18  根据世界大学排名评分网站Unirank对非洲200所大学进行的排名,安哥拉天主教大学( Universidade Católica de Angola)位列第78位,较去年上升23位。 此外,安哥拉卫理公会大学(Universidade Metodista de Angola)由去年的第177位上升暨今年的第132位,而去年排名第175位的安哥拉内图大学(Universidade Agostinho Neto)今年则未能进入该排名。
  • World Teacher’s day: Gov’t urged to improve teachers’ productivity

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/16 Cameroonian teachers nationwide have exhorted the Cameroonian government to empower teachers with the requisite tools to be able to deliver their best in the present fast-paced world. While commemorating the 23rd edition of world teacher’s day today, the teachers noted that the theme for this year’s celebration, “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers,” reaffirms that peace and security are needed for the development of any country.
  • 刚果(布)总统萨苏出席姆皮拉中学开学典礼并剪彩

    刚果布, 2017/10/15 刚果(布)总统萨苏参加姆皮拉中学开学典礼并剪彩。刚果(布)上、下议院议长、总理、多名部长、我驻刚果(布)大使夏煌、刚果(布)正威公司总经理王力钧及姆皮拉学校全体师生等约6000多人参加活动。 在中方人员陪同下,萨苏总统依次参观了姆皮拉中学行政办公楼、教学楼、教师公寓楼和室内体育馆,对姆皮拉中学项目工程质量给予了高度赞扬。萨苏总统在活动中谈到,在刚(布)建立这样一所教育机构,是学生之幸、家长之幸、教师之幸,更是全民之幸,刚(布)以后完全有条件也有能力,为恩古瓦比大学和金德勒大学等本土学校培养优秀的学生。
  • Islamic school's gender segregation is unlawful, court of appeal rules

    UNITED KINGDOM, 2017/10/14 Schools in Britain will no longer be able to substantially segregate boys and girls, next the court of appeal ruled that a co-educational faith school in Birmingham had caused unlawful discrimination by separating the two sexes. The court overturned a ruling by the high court last year involving Al-Hijrah school, a voluntary-aided mixed-sex national school that had been strongly criticised by Ofsted school inspectors for failing to uphold British values.
  • Student loans: Former education secretary Morgan to lead inquiry

    UNITED KINGDOM, 2017/10/14 Nicky Morgan, the former education secretary, is to lead an inquiry into the rising costs of the controversial student loans system in England and its possible replacement by a graduate tax. The Home of Commons’ Treasury select committee, which Morgan chairs, will next week launch an investigation into the system of student loans, a subject transformed into a major political issue by the steeply rising levels of deficit carried by graduates next leaving university.Morgan’s inquiry comes next Theresa May announced changes to funding and repayments for undergraduates in England, by freezing tuition fees at their full-time level of £9,250 a year and raising the gain level that triggers graduate repayments from £21,000 a year to £25,000.
  • The downsides to Singapore’s education system: streaming, stress and suicides

    CHINA, 2017/09/23 Singapore’s education system is reputed for producing children who top the world rankings in standardised tests. The city national took initial place in the last Pisa (world education rankings. The country’s school system is geared towards high succcess in exams, but the emphasis on rote learning and memorisation, combined with pressure to succeed, affects children’s social skills, health and in general happiness .Run by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Pisa tests, conducted each three years, are intended as a measure of problem-solving and cognition. From presently on Singapore’s superiority in the rankings may be coming at an equally high price.