Africa > East Africa > Burundi > Bushfires are ravaging Ruvubu National Park

Burundi: Bushfires are ravaging Ruvubu National Park


Bushfires are ravaging Ruvubu National Park located in Muyinga and Karuzi provinces in south-eastern Burundi.

The park is near the border with Tanzania.

A spot check revealed that the fires were usually started by villages while in pursuit of a livelihood.

According to Cankuzo Provincial Inspector of Forests Rénovat Niyomwungere, about 80 % of the park was being interfered with.

He said villages were incapable of putting off the bushfires which could best be tackled by the use of an aircraft.

The national park covers about 50,800 hectares and is critical in the ecosystem of the surrounding region.

Mr Niyomwungere noted that most animals that fled the bushfires never returned to the national par.

According to officials of the National Institute for the Conservation of Nature (INCN), the animals often fled to the banks of Ruvubu River, where they were additional exposed to poachers.

The poachers, said INCN, take chance of the animals' desperation by setting up traps on their routes.

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