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 Tunisia Transportation Profile

Tunisia has a number of international airports to service its sizable tourist traffic. Tunis is the hub of the transport system as the largest city having the biggest port and a light transit system.

  • The state maintains 19 232 km of roads, where the A1 Tunis-Sfax, P1 Tunis-Libya and P7 Tunis-Algeria are major highways.
  • There are 30 airports in Tunisia, with Tunis Carthage International Airport and Monastir International Airport being the most vital ones. A New airport Zine El Abidine Ben Ali International Airport was accomplished at the end of October 2009, and is due to open December 2009.

Nevertheless, it appears flights are unlikely to start before the Easter season of 2010. The airport is located North of Sousse at Enfidha, and is likely to serve the resorts of Hamammet and Port El Kantoui, together with inland cities such as Kairouan. There are four airlines headquartered in Tunisia: Tunisair, Karthago Airlines, Nouvelair and Sevenair

The railway network is operated by SNCFT, and amounts to 2135 km in total.  The Tunis area is served by a tram network, named Metro Leger.

There is an extensive 20,000 km paved roads network and 360 km of freeways.
There are 2,167 kilometers of railways. Tunisian railroads carry 2.1 billion tons-km of merchandise and 39.2 million passengers every year.
Seven commercial ports in Tunis: Bizerte, Rades, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes, Zarzis and an oil terminal in Skhira.
The construction of a port in deep water to Enfidha is in progress.

Ports are entirely installed and equipped for docking and processing car ferries, cruise ships, roll-on/roll-off ships, container ships, bulk carriers and oil tankers. They can handle any kind of freight quickly, inexpensivesly and safely.
Tunisia's ports welcome approximately 8,000 ships per year carrying 31.1 million tons of merchandise.

Tunisia has a number of international airports and links to around the world especially the main business centres of Europe. However at present there are no direct services to North or South American locations.

Airports in Tunisia

Djerba Airport, Tunisia, 4180 Djerba

Tel: +216 (0)75 650.233
Fax: +216 (0)75 650.585

Gafsa – Ksar International Airport(GAF/DTTF)

Tel: +216 (0)76 273.700
Fax: +216 (0)76 273.800

Habib Bourguiba Airport see Monastir

Habib Bourguiba International Airport

Monastir – Habib Bourguiba International Airport (MIR/DTMB)
Tel: +216 (0)73 521.300
Tel: +216 (0)73 520.000
Fax: +216 (0)73 520.318

Nefta Int´l Airport see Tozeur

Nefta International Airport
Sfax – Thyna International Airport (SFA/DTTX)

Tel: +216 (0)74 278.000
Fax: +216 (0)74 278.359

Tabarka – 7 Novembre Int´l Airport (TBJ/DTKA)

Tel: +216 (0)78 680.186
Tel: +216 (0)78 680.005
Tel: +216 (0)78 680.124
Fax: +216 (0)78 680.236
Fax: +216 (0)78 680.133

Thyna see Sfax – Thyna International Airport

Tozeur – Nefta International Airport (TOE/DTTZ)

Tel: +216 (0)76 453.388
Fax: +216 (0)76 452.909

Tunis – Carthage International Airport (TUN/DTTA)

Tel: +216 (0)71 754.000
Tel: +216 (0)71 755.000
Tel: +216 (0)71 848.000
Fax: +216 (0)71 753.327

Tunisia Ports

La Goulette Port Authority : Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports (OMMP)
Address : Batiment Adminstratif
State : Tunis
Zipcode : 2060
Phone : +216 71 735300
Fax : +216 71 735812
This is the main Tunis ferry port, located at the commercial port in La Goulette, a fishing port 12km north of Tunis.
Ferries run to and from the following ports:
Genoa – 23 hours
Civitavecchia – 23 hours
Salerno – 22 hours
Palermo – 10 hours
Trapani – 8 hours
Marseille – 22 hours

Rades Port Authority : Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports (OMMP)
Address : Batiment Adminstratif
State : Tunis
Zipcode : 2060
Town : La Goulette
Phone : +216 71 735300
Fax : +216 71 735812
The Port of Rades is Tunisia’s largest commercial port serving the capital city of Tunis. Located 9 kilometers southeast of Tunisia’s capital city, much of TunSousse Port Authority : Soussse Port Authority
Address : Avenue Abdallah Ibn Zoubier
State : Sousse
Zipcode : 4000
Town :

Sfax Port Authority :Office des Ports Nationaux Tunisiens (OPNT)
Address : Rue Okbaa Ibn Nafaa
State : Sfax
Zipcode : 3029
Town : Sfax
Phone : +216 74 225644
Fax : +216 74 225107
The Port of Sfax lies on the northern shores of the Gulf of Gabes, off the Mediterranean Sea in east-central Tunisia, about 270km southeast of Tunis. The Port of Sfax is the capital of the Sfax Governorate and an important transportation hub, major port town, fishing port, and the base for ferries travelling to the nearby Kerkenah Islands. It is a growing commercial and industrial centre exporting phosphates, sponges, olive oil and esparto grass from the surrounding agricultural region

Sousse Port Authority : Soussse Port Authority
Address : Avenue Abdallah Ibn Zoubier
State : Sousse
Zipcode : 4000
Town : Sousse
Phone : +216 73 225755
Fax : +216 73 224923
Sousse is situated on the southwest shore of the Gulf of Hammamet.

Gabes Port Authority : Direction du Port de Gabes
Address : BP 65
State : Gabes
Zipcode : 6000
Town : Gabes
Phone : +216 75 272366
Fax : +216 75 274855

Zarzis Port Authority : Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports (OMMP)
Address : BP 2060
State : Tunis
Zipcode : 2060
Town : La Goulette
Phone : +216 71 735300
Fax : +216 71 735812

Tunisia Railways

SNCFT (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens)


Building 67
Farhat Rached Street
Tunisia Train Station
Tunisia 1001


+216 71-334444 +216 71-334444


+216 71-348540




This is Tunisia’s National Railway Company which operates a large network of passenger and freight trains throughout the country. Tunisian trains are punctual, clean, efficient and relatively inexpensive. Timetables are available at the stations, tourist office and in local newspapers.

Tunis Gare Centrale is located on: Place de Barcelone (tel: (071) 345 511/334 444).

Daily services depart from the centrally located railway station to major Tunisian towns including:

  • Hammamet
  • Nabeul
  • Sousse
  • Monastir
  • Sfax
  • Gabes
  • Béja
  • Tozeur
  • Bizerte.


The narrow gauge network extends from Tunis to the South and Southeast, along the coast and inland. Passenger services run from Tunis to:

  • Hammamet-Nabeul
  • Sousse
  • El Jem-Sfax-Gabe
  • El Jem-Sfax-Gafsa-Tozeur
  • Kalaa Khasba.

Commuter services are provided on Tunis-Borj Cedria and Sousse-Monastir-Mahdia (electrified, Métro léger du Sahel).

There are no international train connections with Tunis, although a connection between Annaba in Algeria and Tunis has long been announced. However there are passenger services from Tunis Ghardimaou on the Algerian border.

TGM (Tunis-Goulette-Marsa)

Tunis TGM Map

This is a 19 km railway line linking the capital, Tunis, with La Marsa via La Goulette. The TGM was the first railway in Tunisia, inaugurated in 1872. Since 1905 it has been known as the TGM.

The TGM suburban train line, starting at Tunis Marine station on Lines 1-4, connects to:

  • La Goulette (ferries)
  • Carthage
  • Sidi Bou Said
  • La Marsa (beaches)

The TGM leaves Tunis every 15-20 minutes. The trip to La Marsa takes just over half an hour.

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