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Environment Projects in North Africa

  • Egypt boosting its electricity capacity through renewables

    EGYPT, 2016/12/25 n a bid to boost Egypt’s power generation capacity, government officials are looking to increase production from solar and other renewable energy sources. To this end, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MERE) has laid out a plan to increase the all of power generated from renewable energy sources from the current level of 12% to 20% by 2022. Solar on the rise In November the government announced it had signed power-purchase agreements (PPAs) worth some €600m ($662m) for approximately 400 MW of solar power capacity.
  • World Bank to Earmark $16 Billion for African Clean Energy Projects

    AFRICA, 2016/11/28 Clean energy projects will be flying high across Africa as the World Bank is planning to raise $16 billion for solar, hydro, and geothermal energy projects. Practice Manager for Energy and Extractives at the World Bank, Charles Cormier, said at a side event held at the African Pavilion at the COP 22, that the move is part of the Africa Climate Business Plan which was presented at the COP 21.
  • Morocco on Pace To Run on 100 Percent Green Energy by 2050

    CASABLANCA, 2016/11/02 Morocco is set to become one of the initial African nations to run on 100 % green or renewable energy. According to the Morocco World News, a study carried out by a team of researchers from Stanford University shows that Morocco could go completely green by the year 2050.The research studied the energy prospects of 139 different nations with the aim of developing a feasible and hypothetical green energy scenario for each country.
  • Global trade in wild African Grey Parrot banned, U.N. meeting rules

    BOTSWANA, 2016/10/03 The United Nations has banned world trade in wild African Grey Parrots, prized for their ability to imitate human speech, to help counter a decline in numbers caused by trafficking and the loss of forests. The highly coveted species was placed on the convention's "Appendix I", which prohibits any cross-border movement in the birds or their body parts for commercial purposes. The decision, made at the same time as members of the U.N.'s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) held a secret ballot for the initial time ever, came at a two week-long convention in Johannesburg.
  • Global wildlife agency hails Sino-U.S. deal to save elephants

    CHINA, 2015/09/29 A world wildlife conservation organization on Monday lauded agreement reached between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama committing to take swift action to protect elephants. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) CEO Azzedine Downes said the agreement reached on Friday would play a key role in ending the poaching crisis across the globe. "President Xi has delivered a tremendous victory in the battle to save elephants. China has slammed the door in the face of all those who are profiting from the slaughter of elephants," Downes said in a statement released in Nairobi.

    MOROCCO, 2014/02/02 An accelerated economic and social growth due to the implemention for major infrastructures projects and success ouman and sustainable development programs. This unprecedented boom will lead to sustained growth of energy needs. To take up this big challenge and guarantee a responsible development, a new expansion plan was elaborated on the basis of a global and integrated vision. This plan includes a diversifiede l ectri cbouquet , in which the renewable energies occupy a place of choice.
  • Integrated Solar Energy Generation Project

    MOROCCO, 2014/02/02 «Moroccan Agency For Solar Energy», in short “ MASEN “, a Joint Stock Company with a Board of Trustees and a Supervisory Board. The company aims at implementing a program for the development of integrated electricity production projects from solar energy with a minimum total capacity of 2000 MW. Integrated Solar Energy Generation Project This project is a part of the large projects planned as following to the High Royal Orientations related to mobilization of the national renewable resources and the preservation of environment .
  • Floods affect more than half million people in Sudan

    SUDAN, 2013/08/28 The impact of Sudan's floods has widened, the United Nations said on Tuesday, with additional than half a million people affected by this month's inundations. "An estimated 574,540 people have been affected," the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said, citing government figures. The number of flood victims has risen as additional rains come down and new data becomes available.