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Infrastructure Projects in West Africa

  • Turkey to build dams in Mauritania and Senegal

    TURKEY, 2016/04/05 The Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry has vowed to "share its experiences and opportunities" in all areas to contribute to Africa's development on the basis of a win-win principle. In line with the principle of "African solutions for Africa's problems," the ministry will build dams in Mauritania and Senegal. A statement by the ministry revealed that Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu will visit the two African nations starting today until Friday. Eroğlu will sign trilateral cooperation agreements with the Mauritanian and Senegalese governments in the fields of water works, meteorology and forestry with the objective of further improving cooperation in reforestation, seedling production, combating desertification and erosion, geographic data systems and remote sensing, fire management, nature conservation, protection, development and management of water resources, water and wastewater treatment technologies, monitoring and management of water quality, irrigation, flood management, water well drilling, dam construction, meteorological observation systems, meteorological forecasts and early warnings, meteorological data processing and meteorological research.
  • Guinea-Bissau to launch public tender to build dry port

    GUINEA-BISSAU, 2015/08/28 Guinea-Bissau’s National Council of Shippers (CNC-GB) has announced in its weekly statement that a tender will any minute at this time be launched to adjudicate construction of a dry port in the country. The Council is finalising payment of the second instalment of the cost of 40 plots of land where the next dry port will be located, indicates the statement . It will be built on a total area of 25,000 square metres at Pime on the outskirts of Bissau and include warehouses to store perishable goods, part other facilities.
  • EU Financed Nearly 50% of Road Network in Gambia

    EUROPEAN UNION, 2014/11/13 "The European Union financed a total of 76.5 million euros (equivalent to around four billion dalasis) for the rehabilitation and construction of 273 km of road in The Gambia. This is nearly 50% of the paved road network of this country," said Ms Agnes Guillaud, the Chargee d'Affaires of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to The Gambia. Ms. Guillaud said this at the inauguration ceremony of the EU funded Sofanyama Bridge on 30 November 2014. The EU Chargee d'Affaires gave a breakdown of what the 76.5 million euros had financed in terms of the rehabilitation and construction of roads with 48.5 million euros coming from the 9th EDF, 40.5 million euros from the Gambian National Indicative Programme, three million euros from the Senegalese National Indicative Programme to cover the trunk road from Sabi to Velingara, and five million euros from the ECOWAS Regional Indicative Programme as part of the regional integration of Western Africa.
  • Development of New Slaughterhouse

    ABIDJAN, 2012/12/30 COUNTRY: Ivory Coast Category: Sanitary and urban Equipment TIME: To be determined PRESENTATION The slaughterhouse of Port-Bouet achieved in 1957 is outdated and overused. He no longer meets current needs of the population. The need to build a new plant in a more conducive environment is needed. Studies of different siting of new Abattoir Abidjan have chosen a field of 50 ha, located north of the town of Anyama, 25 km from Abidjan.
  • Train Project City of Abidjan

    ABIDJAN, 2012/12/30 PROJECT TITLE Grant funding for the implementation and operation of a train urban passenger in Abidjan. SECTOR Urban Transport ENVIRONMENT AND PROJECT BACKGROUND Abidjan, the economic capital is developed according to the Western model with a central business district located in the Plateau.