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Infrastructure Projects in Côte d'Ivoire

  • Development of New Slaughterhouse

    ABIDJAN, 2012/12/30 COUNTRY: Ivory Coast Category: Sanitary and urban Equipment TIME: To be determined PRESENTATION The slaughterhouse of Port-Bouet achieved in 1957 is outdated and overused. He no longer meets current needs of the population. The need to build a new plant in a more conducive environment is needed. Studies of different siting of new Abattoir Abidjan have chosen a field of 50 ha, located north of the town of Anyama, 25 km from Abidjan.
  • Train Project City of Abidjan

    ABIDJAN, 2012/12/30 PROJECT TITLE Grant funding for the implementation and operation of a train urban passenger in Abidjan. SECTOR Urban Transport ENVIRONMENT AND PROJECT BACKGROUND Abidjan, the economic capital is developed according to the Western model with a central business district located in the Plateau.