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  • Great Trade Expectations Behind U.S.-Ethiopia Trade Relations

    ETHIOPIA, 2015/07/29 In 1903, the United States and one of the world's oldest nations, Ethiopia, established a relationship. Emperor Menelik II described the day as "... beginnings of a relationship which will have some place in history", as quoted in a paper presented by Professor Negussay Ayele of Cornell University, to mark the 100th anniversary of that occasion. The historic relationship is, in this week, to witness a rare event with the initial visit of a sitting president of the United States paying a visit to Ethiopia. President Barack Hussein Obama's visit to Ethiopia follows what happens to be his initial visit as President, to his father's homeland, Kenya.
  • Mozambique’s farmers will be given access to a US$5.3 million credit line

    MOZAMBIQUE, 2014/03/16 Mozambique’s farmers will be given access to a US$5.3 million credit line as part of Finagro, a three-year programme funded by the United States government for investments in the sector, the Mozambican press reported. The programme’s managers hope that the programme and its credit line will increase the competitiveness of Mozambique’s private sector for some cash crops and food price chains. The focus will be tropical fruits (mango, bananas and pineapples), legumes (bean varieties), oilseeds (peanuts, soy and sesame), cashew nuts and other crops such as maize, rice, potatoes and cassava.
  • Obama ready to redraw map of US relations with Africa

    SOUTH AFRICA, 2013/06/30     By their own admission US envoys to Africa tend to spend the majority of their time fighting fires – preoccupied with troubled corners of the continent at the expense of furthering commercial ties in its brighter spots.  So the focus on trade and investment that President Barack Obama plans to bring will be welcome both for the nations he is visiting this week – Senegal in the west, South Africa and Tanzania in the east – and for US companies waking up to African economic potential.