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Transportation in Central Africa

  • Ethiopian Airlines pilot who led all female intra-African flight happy over feat

    BOTSWANA, 2017/12/20 Amsale Gualu, the Ethiopian Airlines pilot who a led a historic an all-female inter – Africa flight last weekend has expressed joy at the feat her team chalked. She was speaking next the five-and-half hour flight from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa landed at the Lagos International airport on Saturday, December 16, 2017. She told pressmen who gathered at a short ceremony at the airport about how she developed love for flying planes: “I guess I developed my passion for flying at the same time as I was young, my father used to take my sister to the airport to see airplanes take off and land.
  • Namibia Scraps Visas for Africans

    BOTSWANA, 2017/11/01 Namibia has gotten the ball rolling on plans to scrap visa requirements for African passport holders next Cabinet authorised the implementation of this process - to be carried out in line with diplomatic procedures. Namibia will any minute at this time start issuing African passport holders with visas on arrival at ports of entry as a initial step towards the eventual abolition of all visa requirements for all Africans.
  • Cameroon: Gov’t drills driving school owners in Douala

    CAMEROON, 2017/10/16 Owners of driving schools in Douala are currently undergoing a training on how to entirely drill potential drivers. The training in Douala was organised by the Minister of Transport as part of efforts to curb the numerous road accidents that has rocked the country’s roads recently.
  • Uber and African’s economic transformation

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/16 WHEN Uber was initial established in 2009, its mission was to help people everywhere get a ride, safely, quickly and at the push of a button. Eight years later, that mission remains the same and Uber’s innovative, technology-driven business model is still fundamentally changing the way people think about conference their transport needs. For the completed four years, Uber has been delivering this same level of transformation across sub-Saharan Africa, SSA, and with additional than 1.8 million active riders using the app, Uber certainly has reason to celebrate its fourth anniversary on the continent this September. Uber And it’s not just Uber that has benefited from the stellar uptake of its convenient offering in Africa.
  • As it expands in Africa, Uber adapts to local markets and adopts cash payments

    BOTSWANA, 2016/07/24 While Uber continues its push into Africa the company is making allowances to local markets and testing incomparable service models users wouldn’t see in other parts of the globe. Anyone can presently use the mobile app to hail a car in 12 cities across South Africa, Nigeria,Uganda, Kenya, Morocco and Egypt…. And in all of those nations users can pay drivers in hard cash. The expansion, and adaptation to the realities of doing business on-the-ground in Africa, are in line with CEO Travis Kalanick’s commitment late last year to “a large push in Africa.”
  • Routes Africa forum aims to improve African air connectivity

    BOTSWANA, 2016/05/15  An event dedicated to the development of the African aviation industry will take place next month in Tenerife (26-28 June) to encourage the launch of new air services to, from and within the African continent. Routes Africa 2016 will help to improve African connectivity by bringing together airlines, airports and tourism authorities to discuss next air services. Around 250 route development professionals are expected to attend the forum which was founded ten years ago to stimulate increase in the industry.
  • New markets for Angola Integrated multimodal transport network to unlock new markets

    ANGOLA, 2016/03/01 Transport was a problem in Angola long before it became a priority, hindered by challenging terrain, centuries of neglect by Portugal’s colonial administrators and the ravages of the 1975-2002 civil war. Starting over virtually from scratch is seen by a lot of Angolans as an opportunity to create the network of technologically advanced logistical platforms that will be needed as the country continues to rebuild and modernise Aside from opening up new foreign markets for sectors such as fishing, mining and agriculture, a fully integrated network of port, rail, road and air transport-based logistical platforms is set to create jobs and reduce the country’s dependence on oil and natural gas, according to Transport Minister Augusto da Silva Tomás. It should likewise create the conditions for improved commercial ties between provinces and encourage a wider range of mobility and contact part people who share a common identity as Angolans.
  • Seizure on 11 April of the B757-200 belonging to ECAir was illegal.

    GABON, 2015/07/23 On 11 April 2015, an aircraft with registration HB-JJE belonging to ECAir was seized at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. This seizure had been deemed manifestly illegal by ECAir given that it was based on a judgment against third parties, none of which was ECAir, and the all awarded under the judgment was in any case not owed by ECAir. In the judgment handed down on 22 April 2015, the enforcing judge in Bobigny had declared the seizure of the aircraft carried out on 11 April 2015 against ECAir, to be invalid, allowing ECAir to put its HB-JJE aircraft back into service.
  • Angola's airline Aviation upgraded to first class

    ANGOLA, 2015/05/27 With a brand-new international ariport to be unveiled in 2017, and the overhaul of national carrier TAAG, Angola is on course to become a regional, if not international, centre for aviation Angola is in a hurry and in almost no other place in the country is this completely as evident as at the vast construction site some 25 miles southeast of Luanda, where thousands of workers are busily putting the finishing touches to the brand-new Angola International Airport, scheduled to open in 2017. Designed to handle 15 million passengers and 35,000 metric tons of cargo a year, the facility will channel flights to and from such far-flung destinations as Houston and Beijing, reflecting Angola’s bid to become a major regional and even international aviation transport center.
  • Aviation in the Congo 20 years carrying Congo through the clouds

    CONGO BRAZZAVILLE, 2015/05/26 One of the Republic of the Congo’s longest serving airlines, Trans Air Congo has grown from a one-flight-a-day service, to a top class travel provider for the West African region Last year Trans Air Congo marked its 20th year as one of the Republic of the Congo’s leading airlines. Set up by the El-Hage family, for over two decades the service has been carrying passengers between the country’s two major hubs, from its base at Pointe-Noire Airport to the capital city of Brazzaville.