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Transportation in Rwanda

  • Namibia Scraps Visas for Africans

    BOTSWANA, 2017/11/01 Namibia has gotten the ball rolling on plans to scrap visa requirements for African passport holders next Cabinet authorised the implementation of this process - to be carried out in line with diplomatic procedures. Namibia will any minute at this time start issuing African passport holders with visas on arrival at ports of entry as a initial step towards the eventual abolition of all visa requirements for all Africans.
  • Uber and African’s economic transformation

    BOTSWANA, 2017/10/16 WHEN Uber was initial established in 2009, its mission was to help people everywhere get a ride, safely, quickly and at the push of a button. Eight years later, that mission remains the same and Uber’s innovative, technology-driven business model is still fundamentally changing the way people think about conference their transport needs. For the completed four years, Uber has been delivering this same level of transformation across sub-Saharan Africa, SSA, and with additional than 1.8 million active riders using the app, Uber certainly has reason to celebrate its fourth anniversary on the continent this September. Uber And it’s not just Uber that has benefited from the stellar uptake of its convenient offering in Africa.
  • National carrier RwandAir continues to expand its fleet

    RWANDA, 2017/06/19 Regional allies show there is power in numbers as they combine forces to carry out vital energy and transport projects Rwanda may presently be a progressive African leader, but it is not alone on its journey. Mechanisms for better cooperation across African borders are at last a real possibility. Ironically, in a region of the world where foreign aid has long represented the driving force, this evolution is African-generated and inward-focused. Nations on the continent are presently looking to each other for increase, and it is working.
  • East Africa: Rwanda Targets to Be the Regional Aviation Hub

    RWANDA, 2017/02/26 This week, Rwanda hosted the Africa Aviation 2017 Summit at Kigali Conventional Center. RwandAir, the national carrier of the republic of Rwanda has attracted a lot of attention over the completed 5 years, earning a reputation of one of Africa's fastest growing airline. As the IOSA certified airline and member of IATA, RwandAir flies to about 20 destinations across the continent and the Middle East and very any minute at this time targeting the European and American market. The airline is increasing the number of its fleet and last year acquired two brand new Airbus A330s, new Boing 737-800 NG and is awaiting for additional approaching. In an exclusive interview with The New Times, John Mirenge, the CEO of RwandAir speaks about the airline next plans, the role of the airline in the country's economic increase and how it fits into the world aviation business.
  • As it expands in Africa, Uber adapts to local markets and adopts cash payments

    BOTSWANA, 2016/07/24 While Uber continues its push into Africa the company is making allowances to local markets and testing incomparable service models users wouldn’t see in other parts of the globe. Anyone can presently use the mobile app to hail a car in 12 cities across South Africa, Nigeria,Uganda, Kenya, Morocco and Egypt…. And in all of those nations users can pay drivers in hard cash. The expansion, and adaptation to the realities of doing business on-the-ground in Africa, are in line with CEO Travis Kalanick’s commitment late last year to “a large push in Africa.”
  • Routes Africa forum aims to improve African air connectivity

    BOTSWANA, 2016/05/15  An event dedicated to the development of the African aviation industry will take place next month in Tenerife (26-28 June) to encourage the launch of new air services to, from and within the African continent. Routes Africa 2016 will help to improve African connectivity by bringing together airlines, airports and tourism authorities to discuss next air services. Around 250 route development professionals are expected to attend the forum which was founded ten years ago to stimulate increase in the industry.
  • Rwanda , World's First 'Drone Airport'

    RWANDA, 2015/10/09 The government has moved to set up a regulatory framework for remotely piloted aircraft, popularly referred to as 'drones,' following investor interest to establish the world's initial drone airport (drone port) in the country beginning next year. Last month, Norman Foster, a renowned British architect, expressed interest by his firm, Foster + Partners, alongside business partners to build the world's initial drone port in the country to facilitate transport of urgent medical supplies and electronic parts to remote parts of the region using drones. In their proposition, the investors said, beginning next year, they intend to begin construction of three drone ports, which will take about four years to complete.
  • Rwanda: Kigali Transport Woes Need Urgent Attention

    RWANDA, 2015/08/06 At the same time as the City of Kigali and the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) awarded five-year deals to three firms to provide public transport in the city about two years ago, they promised initial-class services. The bus firms that won the tender - Kigali Bus Service, Rwanda Federation of Transport Co-operative (RFTC), and Royal Express - reportedly had enough capacity in terms of capital, equipment and personnel, to provide professional and timely public transport services. The move to hire the firms was in line with a Cabinet decision taken a year before that aimed at streamlining the sector. While signing the contracts, the city mayor said the transport firms had agreed to bring in additional buses to "ensure that no passenger spends over five minutes" at any bus stop waiting. The firms were to set up inspection teams to make sure operations run smoothly, part others.
  • RwandAir has just announced that it will resume flights to Mwanza, Tanzania

    RWANDA, 2014/10/09 RwandAir has just announced that it will resume flights to Mwanza, Tanzania’s lakeside city, effective November 1. Flight WB 470/1 will operate initially each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, using the airline’s Bombardier Q400NextGen, leaving Kigali at 13.30 hrs local time and arriving in Mwanza at 15.30 hrs local time (one hour time difference). The dual class cabin configuration offers passengers across the network, even at the same time as traveling on the turboprob aircraft, the choice of premium services besides economy class.
  • RwandAir would temporarily suspend flights to Kamemebe

    RWANDA, 2014/09/29 At the same time as before last week details emerged that RwandAir would temporarily suspend flights to Kamemebe, a lot of questions were asked about the reasons with much speculation involved, inspite of the mention of runway repairs. The speculation was very likely based on the closure for traffic of the Gisenyi Airport, where security reasons – the airport is very close to the border with Congo DR – were the major driver to halt flights from Kigali. The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority has reportedly signed contracts presently to have the Kamembe runway re-surfaced and even lengthened to in general 2.2 kilometres, so on completion it would be able to handle larger aircraft than the present runway length of just 1.5 kilometres permits. Emerging potholes and the top layer of tarmac influenced the decision taken to have the airport closed for fixed wing traffic and from the beginning of November the work will go underway.