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Art / Culture in Tunisia

  • Roman "underwater ruins" discovered in Tunisia

    TUNISIA, 2017/09/10 Twenty hectares of the remains of Roman ruins under the sea have been discovered in Nabeul, Tunisia by a joint team of experts from the National Heritage Institute of Tunisia and the University of Sassari-Oristano in Italy. “We started working in Tunisia and Italy in 2010. We were searching for a port and a sub-marine that can allow us to find other remains and particularly to have the certainty that the earthquake in Neapolis really occured,” one of the mission experts said.
  • Roman ruins discovered underwater off Tunisia

    TUNISIA, 2017/09/02 Vast underwater Roman ruins have been discovered off northeast Tunisia, apparently confirming a theory that the city of Neapolis was half submerged by a tsunami in the 4th century AD.Underwater expedition has found streets, monuments and around 100 tanks used to produce fermented fish-based condiment popular in ancient Rome. "It's a major discovery," Mounir Fantar, the chief of a Tunisian-Italian archaeological mission which made the find off the coast of Nabeul, said. He said an underwater expedition had found streets, monuments and around 100 tanks used to produce garum, a fermented fish-based condiment that was a favourite of ancient Rome.
  • Africa: Crafting an African Victory for the World

    BOTSWANA, 2017/07/12 On May 25, 1963, Africans gathered in Addis Ababa to create the Organisation of African Unity, the precursor to today’s African Union. It stood tall in the minds of Africans who decided to unite for a common cause. It demonstrated our ability to set aside differences in order to make the world a better place. Presently, on 1 July 2017, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia will stand at the helm of the the World Health Organisation with the ambition to reform, transform and make world health and agile partner of economic transformation for the world.
  • Tunisia: 27th Carthage film festival

    TUNISIA, 2016/10/30 It is the opening ceremony of the 27 th Carthage Film Festival (JCC) in Tunisia, a warm festive that always speaks of its time. The festival which as well marks its 15th anniversary is reserved for Arab filmmakers and Africans, a period of showcasing major culture in Tunisia. “It is the twenty-seventh edition, but we are as well celebrating the 15th anniversary. And the number is as well a return of memory. A return on how the Carthage Film Festival have seen better and worse days in term of cinematography in the Arab African region’” said Brahim letaief, Director Carthage film festival.
  • The third anniversary of the Tunisian revolution,

    TUNISIA, 2014/01/10 A book equitable, with appropriate focus on the third anniversary of the Tunisian revolution, opened Tuesday at the Ibn Khaldoun cultural complex in Tunis, quoting organizers. The book on display are published by Tunisian publishing houses in Arab and French in 2013 Organized as part of the celebrations marking the third anniversary of the Tunisian political revolution, the equitable is featuring several books tackling various topics.